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A Brush with Evil

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Your story reminds me of things that happened at my parent's house when I was a teenager.
I would only go to a place like the one you are talking about if every single guardian angel and guardian spirit I now know was there to protect me. Even then I would only enter a place like that after I used various symbols of protection, and placed a spell of protection or blessing around such an evironment
I have encountered many types of negative spirits,and the best way to deal with them is to deafeat them.
If I were you I would stay as far away from that area as I possibly could.


Heres an interesting story from

A Brush with Evil?
by Dave Shotten

As I spell check this article. I realize how unbelievable it sounds. Without wishing to begin like a pulp-fictional ghost story, I have to begin by saying, "Believe it or disbelieve it as you like, this actually did happen to me."
About eighteen months ago I started taking spiritual healing at Durham Spiritualist Church, which happens to be situated near a Civil War battlefield. Quite close to the Church there is a lane called Redhills Lane, so-called because it is said that on the day of the Battle of Neville's Cross, that part of the hillside ran red with streams of blood.

I found the healing the church provided very helpful, and in return I offered to build them an Internet website. During this procedure I posed for some photographs with the leader of the healing group, a lady called Mary Lowes. These were taken on a digital camera by the President of the church, Val Pattison, a very good clairvoyant, who at the time had just returned from a tour of Japan. When we came to download the photographs of that session onto the computer, one of the healing photographs showed a very obvious ball of blue light above my head. As a scientist, or ex-scientist (depending upon your viewpoint) I was fascinated by this. A little bit of research indicated that this sort of photograph was becoming increasingly common in the Spiritualist press, but at this time I was totally unaware of the "Riddle of the Orbs" controversy. (See Winter 2000 newsletter)

I was so intrigued by the whole business that I started a group, the Durham Paranormal Research Group, to investigate paranormal activity in the area. This came to the attention of the local press, and articles appeared in a few local newspapers. Before long I was absolutely inundated with telephone calls from people wanting to talk about their paranormal experiences. Within a few weeks I had interviewed 39 people.

Most of the accounts were fairly standard reports of minor poltergeist activity, a common theme seeming to be natural psychic ability passed down through families which seem to attract spirits to them. I have a collection of about 60 photographs of orbs, vortices and misting on photographs which have been passed on to me, and a few I have taken myself. The idea of writing a book occurred to me.

The prize of my collection was two floppy discs of scans of photographs taken by a girl of about 20 who had told me a story about an entity which she believed lived in her bedroom. She described this as looking like the creature in the film Predator, dark but translucent, moving like a man. It sometimes pinned her to the bed, and she felt very frightened. She showed me her photograph collection, and on a lot of her photos there was a pronounced glow, often but not always at the bottom right hand side. In the middle of one of these glowing areas was a very distinct face. In another photograph there was a picture of the girl dressed in a beautiful red woollen fleece, and sitting on her shoulder was what could best be described as a will-o'-the-wisp, with the glow actually interacting with the material of her sleeve. I am not saying that it could not have been forged, but I do know that I could not have done it.

During this interview she also described an incident when her parents were almost killed in a car & caravan accident. She went on to relate that the ghost of her grandmother appeared to her at home at exactly the time when her parents were involved in the accident about 100 miles away. The next day, after the wrecked caravan had been towed back home, the whole family had seen the ghost of the grandmother in or through the caravan windows. They went inside to photograph the damage, and when the photographs were developed all of them showed very pronounced vortices and one had extreme misting effects on it. I asked her to scan the photographs, and phone me when they were done.

It is at this point that strange things started to happen. I got into my car, and drove about half a mile. As I was driving down a hill opposite the local hospital, something seemed to grab the steering wheel of my car, and turned it violently. My car swerved to the left and hit the kerb. I was shaken by this, and the story of the caravan incident I had been told immediately came to mind.

It was when I took possession of the discs of photographs that things really started to go wrong. I took a photograph of the girl myself, hoping to see something "extra" on it. Nothing showed up, but the next day the camera broke down. It was away for repair for five weeks. When it came back it broke again within 24 hours. I then claimed refund on it from Charles Eagles in Maritime Road, Sunderland, and picked up a speeding violation fine on the way home.

I copied the photographs onto the hard drive of the computer in Durham Spiritualist Church, and gave the original discs to Val Pattison, the president of the Church. I attempted to copy them for myself onto floppies, but all of the floppies I had at the time developed disc errors. A couple of days later I bought a new box of discs from Durham Computer centre and eventually managed to copy the discs, although four of the new box of discs developed errors.
Within minutes of copying these photos onto my hard drive, I started to feel very unwell, with intense pain in the solar plexus area, and nausea. My computer hard-drive crashed, had to be repaired professionally, and crashed again when I got it back. Things started to go missing from my house, turning up days later in unusual places. I started to suffer from feelings of hopelessness, despair and anger. At one time my fifteen-year-old son and I had the same inexplicable feelings, starting and ending at the same time although we were in quite different locations. He also started to suffer abdominal pain at the same time as myself. Objects in the house started moving around by themselves, taps and electrical appliances turning themselves on, and on Sunday afternoon I watched as drawing pins from my notice board popped out and flew two metres into the centre of the room.
It was then that I phoned Connie Lee. Connie is one of the most respected mediums in the North East, and one of the few people willing and able to carry out "rescue work." I feel it is inappropriate to reveal what she did, but it seems to have helped to some extent. She did warn me that what I was doing was foolish, and that the estate where I had obtained the "caravan photographs" is a psychically difficult area, having been built on what used to be an old lunatic asylum. I was told that there is one particularly intractable haunting in that area that she has visited, and she warned me in no uncertain terms not to go to that particular house.

Others I spoke to said that getting rid of malignant spirits is not an instant thing, and that the best thing to do is forget about all ghost related things, and adopt a mainstream religious lifestyle.

That then, is the story. Believe it or believe it not, as you choose.
From my personal experience, I would recommend:
• The best attitude to attend a haunting is one of complete scepticism. Disbelieve in the existence of the entity robs it of power.
• Do not, as I foolishly did, invite the entity into your aura for a cozy chat, as you are taught to do in spiritualist development groups. This may be all right within a properly sanctified group and environment, but is not recommended in the middle of a graveyard at midnight.
• Consider some sort of psychic protection, even if you do not totally convinced of its value. Since you are defending yourself against spiritual thought-forms, the power built up over the centuries by the symbols associated with the mainstream religions should theoretically have strength against them A good reference book is "Psychic Self-Defence" by Dionne Fortune, ISBN 1 899585 40 0. I wish I had read it earlier.
• Look for sudden adverse changes in your physical or mental health. The borderlines between illness and malign spiritual activity seem ill-defined.

The symptoms I experienced were lassitude, bouts of anger/frustration/hopelessness and intense pain in the solar plexus region. All of these began to abate after my "cure." I wonder what might have happened if I had treated it with orthodox medicine. Would it have resolved, or would it have hung on for years with the sort of "a little bit under the weather" feeling that so many people have?

On advice I am suspending my paranormal research for a while, perhaps forever. The scientist in me is dying to investigate this whole business further, but my intuition tells me that I am about to go out of my depth. The caravan photographs remain isolated on the hard drive of the computer at Durham Spiritualist Church. I have destroyed all traces of them in my house, as has Val Pattison my co-worker. She also experienced computer hardware problems and other incidents of bad luck after coming into contact with them, but being an experienced clairvoyant her personal protection seems to have prevented further problems in her life.

She tells me that the spirit, which invaded me, was not evil, just sad and misguided. In my opinion, however, a relationship with even a moderately misguided discarnate entity seems to have very little to offer in terms of entertainment value or enlightenment.