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This topic is hilarious. In fact any topic about sex and where the discussions lean towards demonstrate how tide up we are to our physical primal instincts. They carry over to our NP experiences, but will keep us very close to the physical if they dominate and will distract us from having more exciting experiences related to the higher planes. I totally agree with Lu that typically sex in the NP comes out of lust and not love. The urges carry over and our minds create these opportunities. But sex out of lust no matter where does it take place to me is degrading. But that is my opinion. To make love is to know very well your partner and to realize WHY do you love them. I am not sure if you just meet a hot person in the astral, how do you love them? Have you known them to consciously know that you love them? So, the bottom like is if you describe sex as a merge of energies out of love and you don't experience physical like sensations then that really does not fall into the sex category. Perhaps we can come up with another term. But if you have physical like sensations and don't know that person, then you cant possibly consciously love them, so the urges have come out of lust. And that is very different than making love.
Bottom line, you can test out all kinds of fun in the NP, but if that becomes dominant then you are getting yourself trapped into a cycle of physical addiction like attachments.


Thank you both for your replies. I don't disagree. I apologize because I am going to go off on a bit of a tangent from here. I have had very "detached" experiences that have definitely opened me up to other worldly realities- and I've had very attached experiences that bring out the animal in me and create suffering. Not just in the non-physical realm, and I think, practicing detachment and a strict lifestyle in my waking life causes me to rebound back into the lower realms. I get rather rebellious with myself. There are bouts of spiritual amnesia too. Our family tree seems to propagate addictive personalities. My Father says the same thing, that moderation is the key. Now that is the most challenging test I struggle with even today- and my Father, his Brother and their Father. I wonder if, whether we reside in the lower realms or the higher spheres- we will arrive at the same destination. I feel an urge to create harmony between the two aspects- maybe they can't be merged, but I get caught up in these universal definitions that keep our dual nature in war with each other- when I'd rather keep them acknowledged and respected. I see it like Mother Earth has her unique relationship with Spirit, and these two lovers don't need to fight. And yet, it is common and hard to escape.

Well. I really do appreciate the help.

Kind regards~


In my experience, two totally different things.

You meet someone you actually know and recognize, there can be a merging of energies that is beyond description; it kind of feels sexual in some manner, but becomes something greater very quickly. This has only happened a couple times for me, so is rare. The best one, most recently, I was stupidly unaware...except that I definitely initiated it and I knew something had happened, but I didn't know what.

The vast majority of sexual NP encounters for me have been recognized as tests. Again, as others have said, this is to teach us balance among the various human impulses, everything in moderation. This is what is required to navigate the NP. A person simply doesn't understand it until they have worked through the experiences on their own; it's probably that simple and, it can't be read in a book, it has to be learned through trial and error.
It's how things work.
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
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Wonderful quotes in this thread;

Beth- "When we stop trying to make our gods in human likenesses, then we might actually be able to better understand what the divine/astral realms are all about.  There is a power that permeates the universe, no doubt in my mind, but the chances of that power being "male or female" (as we understand the distinctions) is not even worth calculating."

"So, as you can imagine, just the word "sex" is a 'trip-word' and lordy, well...the word "ORGIE" would throw many of them into spasms of evil suspicion." 

NickJW - "...remember not to let personal biases cloud your argument, when you don't need them when dealing with pseudoscience in the first place.

Oh this thread is such a trip and those lines could not have been said better. :-D

But moving on.

Sex = Union.

In the physical it produces pleasure, heart and head aches and babies.
In the mental it produces expansion of the mind.
In the spiritual it produces a balance between male/female aspects.

I can only give my own experiences as examples. I too have fallen for the lusty astral sex that serves mostly as a distraction, a test or a way to vent some very earthly physical needs.

On a mental level sex is not physical although it may start out that way. It entwines and expands our understanding of both the female and male aspects above and below.

On a spiritual level it is to experience completeness, totality = the perfect union.

For Tides2Dust and anyone else, don't beat yourself up for these experiences but do ask yourself what your own motivation is if you find yourself repeatedly drawn to sex in the astral.

As far as beliefs about Christians or Pagans or any other religious sect know this, there is not a single paint brush in all the known universe capable of brushing every soul in existence. There are many many fine Christians and Pagans and others. MANY!

Remember Pagans did not exist till the church came along, the word was simply a description for "them'. And Jesus was not a Christian or a Pagan. Just saying...

"Men (and women) need to be humiliated fairly regularly to keep their souls pure... Tucker Carlson"


Thank you all for such wonderful contributions- this thread is a delight.


I think I know what you mean (the starter of the thread) but I come from a different perspective which is from past life memories and then seeing what my spirit supposedly went through back then (seeing, experiencing others as well as myself in a situation) is far from when you in these modern days read about it. I think lots of things go wrong when modern eyes look at a situation, people etc back in the day, we're too alienated and should have more respect and humbleness to us before judging with our eyes. We weren't there (unless we were, like me and supposedly remembering). Also one must understand through history of time there has been power-games going on, manipulation, bending of the truth (who's truth again?) and I'm afraid that will always be the case. The receiver of this "information" has to think for one self and judge for one self, why so important to teach that too in school I think, to question what is information exactly and what is left out, what is judged, opinionated and why. There's much ignorance.