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Song I heard while traveling to the higher planes

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A few years back, while reaching the higher planes in an OBE, I heard a song chorus sung by what sounded like several people. The concept was/is foreign to me, but the tune is catchy. I've been singing it over and over again in real life, so much so, that my 4 yr old son started singing it too. I figured this must be a sign to put it out there.



very very nice! powerful song...  I felt very connected to consciousness while listening to it... thanks


Thank you NoY and gallianoj for your compliments.


I made a fractal video to this song.
If only I could make a video that visually represented the core ideas...


majour ka


Awww this is so beautiful! I enjoyed listening to it so much!
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Mendel: Wooo you are so good, I'm totally a fan now :O



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This almost reflects the feeling I get every time im out of my body. Strange that I always feel so good when out of body..


Listening now -- lovely song and message! I left you a comment on Youtube. :)

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11 Years later, song still has a great message.  I love it!!

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