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Author Topic: "The Japanese are Coming" =/ (sleepwalking)  (Read 1411 times)
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« on: May 24, 2003, 00:21:06 »

Hey everyone! It's been a long time.... RL has been busy and whatnot, and I sort of got sidetracked from the whole AP business and moved towards my interest in drugs. After revealing some of my AP activities with my friends (like being able to experience "trips" without drugs) it made me realise that in the long run I dont want to rely on drugs for these experiences as there is no question that they do damage your brain in some way or another. Anyway, this post has nothing to do about that....

I had an experience about a month back where I was staying in an apartment in Sydney and, after about a quarter of a bottle of tequila, had a really frightening experience.

I cant remember the very end of the night, but I am told I went to bed around 1am and here is what I remember from that moment onwards....

I had a dream that I was with my gf in a battleship in Pearl Harbor, and suddenly had a realisation that I knew something wrong was happening - I knew the Japanese were coming but they hadnt arrived yet. Realising this I took the steps that you would think rational -> Try to find the general and let him know. There's one problem. I woke up. Sort of.

As far as I can work out I woke up about the time I was leaving the battleship and left the apartment I was staying in, saw the exit sign in the corridor and figured that's how I'd get out of the battleship. As a sidenote, before I saw the exit sign I looked in a door and saw a munitions cupboard - upon inspection the next morning the cupboard in that exact same place was a broom/cleaning cupboard.

 At this point I was completely immersed in the dream... I didn't see the real world, only my minds interpretation of what the real world would look like in a battleship - if that makes sense... Like the corridors were made of steel, not wallpaper, and it seems as if only the very necessary of my sensory inputs were being taken notice of by my brain - as in, there is a corridor here, but apart from that make of it what you will. As my dream progressed my sensory input heightened until the end when everything was pretty close to normal, but this increase in "realism" I can only ascribe as linear.... In no way shape or form did I suddnely "wake up" during this whole experience.

Anyhow, I ran to the exit and was soon on top of the apartment complex running around buzzing all the apartments trying to find the general. My voice was frenetic and to anyone but myself it must have looked like I was tripping my head off. I was completely self absorbed in this belief that I was in Pearl Harbor and the Japs were coming... at this point there was not even an inkling that this might be some sort of extreme sleepwalking.

So, after running around a while and hiding round bushes staying out of the "Military Police" (aka security guards) way I found myself - for no reason at all - jumping onto someones balcony. By now I thought I was a spy in Japan getting intelligence for the American forces. I thought I had jumped onto the balcony of a Japanese general and was going to photocopy some things.

I knocked on the sliding doors. Dont ask why. And, as if by the hand of God, a Japanese man appeared at the doors. I was totally bonking freaked. I have never been more scared in my life.... I realised it was up - I was caught and, being not in uniform, could be taken as a spy. Ever wonder how scared spys being caught must have felt? I now know.

I held my hands up to show I had no weapons and quickly looked around the balcony and seriously considered jumping the 3 stories to the ground. Scary excrement. Luckily I didn't and after a few minutes a security guard appeared, took a look at me - a 16yr old with no shoes on, just a pair of wet dirty pants and shirt and promtly called the cops.

The cops did the whole "bloody stupid kids on drugs" talk to my old man when we got back to my apartment and the typical power tripping "we can send him back to New Zealand for this" business. They asked to see my passport and all sorts of stupid things... and apparently I told the cops that I was on my way to a peace protest in the middle of Sydney.... nevermind the fact the apartment is like a 3hour walk away... and this was at about 2:30am in the morning.

By this point I was slowly.. waking? I dont know.... Slowly coming round to understanding what had happened. That's about it... I know some of you people are quite experience in the dreamworld and perhaps this belongs more to the Lucid Dreaming board (if it still exists) but the post also serves as a bit of a catch up for anyone who might still be here.

Any thoughts, ideas, insights are really welcome.... I'm kinda scared it could happen again and I might jump off a cliff thinking im bungee jumping or something, although I'm fairly certain it was a one off thing.

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