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Author Topic: Phantasy... a garbled mesh of Crowleykins  (Read 2625 times)
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« on: October 04, 2012, 23:15:59 »

I am writing this document to serve it up as a reminder of the ways of small children and those esteemed among the astral.  For here we have a great chance with today's technology, to inspire others as we have been inspired in ourselves.
   I have been preaching 'phantasy', 'phaentia', and 'the shadows of reality' for about ten years.  In my time spent preaching and developing the solid theory for the practice, there is nothing new to add or to say concerning it, except, the rectification of 'becoming a phaentia'.  The theory and method to this point has been developed in text on computer to as far as I am able.  Now, to begin the proper instruction on the matters important to the sustaining of your own, verily, "Astral Kingdom".
   Now, I will say things that I have said many times before, if only to compile them to one space where any who look at it can see it for a certainty.
   "Phantasy" with the 'ph' at the front rather than "fantasy" is chosen to distinguish the ordinary fantasy from the devoted religious practice.  Often, when one devotes themself fully to the phantasy practice, it can become more real than any other reality, and so, one becomes subject to the laws and instrumentation of that reality over and yet within the existence which already is.  A normal fantasy can have more power than the most devoted of the religiously applied phantasy mind, simply due to it's spontaneous, free forming and generative nature.
   Some people seem to prefer to believe that 'phantasy' is nothing more than convincing the mind of something childish and delusional.  Yet, as one expands their mind through phantasy, you become capable of magick by the existence of an idea held in the focus of the mind.  This is basic telemetery, and involves the 'prescence' of the idea in harmony with your own existential charge.  It is not much different than holding a visualization in your imagination until it solidifies into a stable energy charge.  In that way, existence is "Creation", by the virtue of the mind capable of imagination to create anything that it requires for absolution of it's own multiversal prescence.
   Now, when we consider a normal fantasy, it is seen that it is truly a thing of the desires of the heart.  You will sit and envision pretty girls or handsome boys, perhaps fighting with superior speed and power, with backflips!  You have the types of fantasies that you want to have, and these, prepare you for the next step of your daily routine.  In that way, normal fantasy is the exertion of will to generate the existence of ideas which effect the flow of events.  A religious phantasy, in comparison to the normal fantasy, can seem to defy all natural orders of existence, and again, seem to be something which leads only to deluded thoughts and poorly developed functions.
   That, however, is not the case.  The more that you use your visualization, your memory to patch characters together, and your own self-stimulation of emotional energies, the greater mental capacity you will have.  Through fantasy, you reveal your soul to your own soul, through phantasy, you begin to manifest it!
   Here is where belief becomes an important tool to the phantasy based mage.  When you believe in something concerning phantasy, it is assumed that you are believing it to exist at the fulcrum of the nexus of the phantasy world that you are engaging.  There, it is a shadow of reality, like an alternate universe where thought, emotion, and belief construct the template and our minds are the buffer which catch and organize the abundance of the multiversal plane.  True enough!  Yet, when we are busy within the phantasy, some people like to think that we will suffer losses on the side of the material Universe.  Well, to sum that up, material Universe is only vibrations of light, some fast, some slow.  That is when you can pierce the viel of understanding any difference to reality... it is all simply a variation of kinetic/ animatory energy in a state of flux.
   There is so much to say when we get down to the demolishing of Duality!  For it seems that phantasy divides the consciousness between aspects of itself, yet, things which are presented in phantasy are the substance of the self, they are generated out of the soul.  There is no 'alternate reality', for if in terms of kinetic vibration, then there is only the intensity of the focus and it's density in comparison to the density which is already focused around it.  The law of phantasy, if such a law can be invented by any mind, would then be, 'focus of reality'.  It makes no difference that some child's dog died yesterday, only that if it were our dog, we would be in the process of mourning.  Events such as the death of a family member do not effect the entire world, moreso, if a man can transcend his sicknesses or beliefs by having a normal fantasy and enjoying the energies of it, so be it, it does not effect the wind or the weather.
   Well, honestly, in my experience with phantasy, the more violent and destructive and menacing your phantasy is, the more likely it is that the weather will be stormy or the wind will blow, even power outages can occur, blowing apart those poor transformers who are simply focusing their existence for the greater good of man.  Perhaps, phantasy is a way to cast incredible magicks, yet, in the mind of phantasy, we have only to look to the stars with wonder, and the existence of the stars in their certain existence should not be doubted.  In saying that, phantasy is not intended to defy reality, rather, it is to work in unision.
   It is not a delusion to think that the pencil or pen you are writing with is a phallic symbol.  Perhaps, you are writing a love poem or some form of erotica.  In that case, the pen could be seen more accurately to truly be a phallic symbol.  Yet in the passage of a day, the pen could be seen to be a weapon, as you write out the battle of some long forgotten fortress and it's inevitable seige.  The perception of reality as is visibly apparent does not have to coincide in one person's mind exactly as it does in another's.  The mind is capable of many things, yet, the mind itself is only the focal point for the convergance of events which transpire greatly in the total sum of accumulated flux of any density.
   Why would anyone want to understand these things?  Well, to put it in a quaint way, 'we don't have potatoes but we have an old goat, the goat has tobacco'.  Some people understand reality through thought, some through vision, others are emotional (much to the detriment of those who come against their fury when aroused), and yet others see reality through memory.  It does occur in the process of identifying reality that the mind itself is never the same, even within one man in the course of a day.  As the Star shines forth it's light, we can perhaps glean some understanding of hot, bright, blinding light.  The reality which exists is only one template, and when we, in phantasy, try to defy that reality, phantasy actually becomes an intensity of energy that leads to the Astral, the Ethereal and the Nether.  Did you know that you can 'go astral' directly from a phantasy?  You can!
   The realm of dreams and the astral contained within it is easily accessed at any given moment by the action of phantasy.  When you phantasy, here, used as a verb, an action, then you are already patching into the Omniversal Energy from which all things have come.  That Omniverse is the infinite and the absolute, call it "God Mind" or "God Force".  It is the potential for any existence to exist.  You access the astral every time that you make up a visualization, so therefore, taking that same visualization to a greater intensity will manifest it's reality in accordance with the achievement of it's own potential.  In basic form!
   The Astral is the possibilities that come from our own activity at the lesser intensity of our body.  It can be considered a pure spiritual realm, yet, due to the interference of the mind's manipulations, the spiritual realm of the astral is corrupted by our delving into it.  In meditation, free of any visualization or emblem of phantasy, we can rise or sink to any depth, even to take into ourselves the purity of the Spirit.  It is as simple as petting goats.  You must first have 1. a hand connected to elaborate apparatus, 2. a loving, gentle goat.  The full sum is always indicated by it's arrangement of parts, so that in the eventuality of existence, all things are wrapped up in the simplicity of appearance.  Thereby, there are ways of understanding that we can not seperate ourselves from Creation Itself, only that we can choose our vantage and make ready the things of which we need.

Moving on from that drivel, we see that phantasy is greatly concerned with visualization.  Now, here is a trick of phantasy... when you begin to animate your visualizations as though these were of the reality of choice.  Then, you give each character a specific voice, attitude, a general personality with seeming wounding traits, and it's own history in the world of shadows which you have tapped into.  Then, you gain a servitor almost automatically.  In my experience, you can actually detach from one social reality and enter into another, more intense one by means of organizing your own personality by dividing it between your Host.

The Host is of particular importance.  Before we can speak of the Host, we should speak of the Avatar.  The Host is not the same thing as the Avatar, yet, in the becoming of a Phaentia itself, the Host and Avatar are somewhat degraded to the same position, in favor of the celestial density that is achieved by that rite.

The Avatar
   Your avatar in the shadow world is known as a Silver.  It is called a Silver because it is like a mirror.  You imbue it with your entire consciousness, it manifests in the nethereal plane.  It could have already existed, having once been someone's servitor or even their avatar, long ago abandoned.  Yet, in saying that, it all depends on how you connect to your avatar, and the powers that you give to it.
   The Silver shines chromically in the brilliance of the night.  Does that make sense?  Yet!  If you look to your avatar in the shadow world as being a Pure Silver, then it becomes something other than a humanoid appearance.  It actually becomes a source of energy!  By projecting your astral consciousness into the avatar, it contains and reflects all other realities, and in the event that you manage a singularity of consciousness within the Silver itself, it can lead to a rebirth of reality.  From there, this world of Earth in Universe would probably become the object of your phantasy... smoking cigs, drinking coffee, typing our genius, pure genius man!!  Driving cars, and things like that would become the obsession of the phantasy inclination.

   So the avatar is a silver.  What does that mean to you?  You could call it a Gold, a Red, any color type.  I chose to call it a silver due to the fact that it can reflect any energy used against it, and in fact, cause that energy to imbalance itself and become erratic, consuming itself in flames of fury.  This does not apply to you, of course, being the 'wielder' of the avatar.  When you engage your avatar, you must first
-summate your memories and experiences
-transcend reality to your Sanctum or Nirvana beyond all human comprehension
-return to reality with the full weight of the depths of the Nether within you

   Then!  You are ready to phantasy, not as a weak minded deluded person, but to phantasy, truthfully, as a god defending his whole reality.  It is not dissimilar to becoming a god, for, if you can, 1. summate your whole memory and experience of life... then, after that, you have a full materia within your brain.  Remember, materia is not just in video games!  It is a real substance, also known as being located in the medula oblongata.  It is materia.  It is also a way to gain incredible psychic density, and from that, your whole aura can grow.  Sadly, in today's world, only the Japanese admit that such a thing as materia exists.  The rest of the world is banished and confused from knowing of it, for, the Anti-Christ Kingdom has risen, and they steal materia and add it to their own, to cause astral kingdoms to rise in the midst of whoredom.

   That is true.
Now.  More on the avatar.
The avatar is your specialized vehicle within the Nether.  The Nether is a place that exists just out of range of the current multiversal system.  The deeper that you go into the nether, the less physical you become and will likely begin worshiping the Sun and Moon and Nature.  There is nothing especially wrong with doing that.  If you have 2. reached the Sanctum or Nirvana.. then you have already transcended the entire ethereal, astral, and nethereal to the point that you have stopped time and entered the Eternal realm.  Beyond that, you are 'singing hymns on Rainbow Road, ever the lucky one'... which means, that you have ascended or returned to Divinity, and are now moving so fast that nothing that 'exists' can actually take form within your mind or as a portion of your being.  You transcend completely.  This, suprisingly, also occurs in true death.  A false death means that you are alive within your materia, and your head is reanimated and added to a newborn child as part of the degeneration and destruction of the soul.  In that instance, Life is seen as the enemy, and the rite of "Omniverse Liveth" is seen as the ultimate betrayal.  Death has more power than Life, some would say, for in death, all spiritual reality and all things open up, and if you still have a spirit, you become ever more spiritual, until, at last, at least! you return to Divinity.

   Your avatar is a special equipped unit.  You yourself will equip it.  Be warned!  The items, technology, and powers that you grant to your avatar can easily manifest in reality.  It depends on the extent of the intensity of your focus on the equipment of the forces which are aligned with the avatar.
   Now this is where we must, finally, admit the portion of phantasy which is similar to VooDoo.  Here, we see that there is a being within the fringe of reality, a spirit, whom you, 'mount' and begin to manifest within it's own space.  You become as a god to it, and eventually, it becomes as a god to you!  This is why Silvers of the shadows are also known as 'shadow brothers/sisters'.  You are his father, and he is your son, yet in the same instance, you are his son, and he is your father.  He is also your brother, and you are his.  People who already know what I'm talking about will take this very seriously.  They know that I am speaking or writing the truth, solid facts concerning VooDoo.  If you care to investigate, games like Final Fantasy actually teach magick, sorcery, necromancy, voodoo, and all such things as that.  Interesting to see the relationships in Final Fantasy 8.  Perhaps that is why parents used to warn and forbid their children to play D&D, Dungeons and Dragons.  There is definitely a lot of voodoo and necromancy involved in all of those role playing games, hence, the reason that, as Chad, I had set about to liberate as many minds as I could, knowing that anti christ whoredom and dark future loomed on the brink.  I gave to them the keys of Divinity, Enmity, and Genesis, only that they might become more full in their godship.  It was a hard fight, and having my background, I did not give up easily.  That, however, is a story for another time.

   The avatar that you choose can be exactly what you want, need, or require.  Use your imagination!  You could have a Silver with Silver skin and a surf board, and all it ever does is ride around space on it's surf board.  Silver Surfer right?  Again, there is a grandiose warning, do not ultimately take an existing character as Spider Man or Wolverine or BatMan as your avatar.  If that, then first try to become Santa Clause.  True enough, preliminary to the actual phantasy, you could have been a child and actively used voodoo types of role playing things to model your consciousness.  So before 1. summation, firstly, try acting like a kitten, a dolphin, a living flame, any such thing.  Try it out, see what you like, see what you are capable of.  For in time, you can become very bogged down and go very insane on one avatar.  Perhaps that is where freedom of imagination enters the picture, so that, actually, you have the ability to use your Host as different avatars.  That brings us back to the host aspect.

   The Host are archetypical characters which are readily available at any vantage into your own consciousness.  We have mother, father, brother, sister, lover, mistress, pet, slave, enemy, grand boss enemy, and all things like that.  Be very careful.  As children, we often create enemies so that we can destroy them.  In a phantasy, you can give such immense power to your enemy that it actually manifests in the physical level, warps space-time, and begins to feed parasitically on your own phaentian system of belief and inspiration.  So watch out for that.  Perhaps try and avoid scenarios in which you are fighting enemies, or try to have an ultimate power basis that means no enemy astral or otherwise can enter into your shadow space.
   The host is the people, the civilians, the soldiers of your armies, the droids, yet, more importantly, the host becomes the primary characters with which you associate the avatar with during the course of a session.  They are always active, and can be peiced together from random spirits, concentrations of psychic energy, it is known that they can even appear to other people in the midst of living Earth society.  That is a direct manifestation, though not always exactly as your visualization would dictate.
   The host lives in the nether, yet, also lives on the lower end of the astral.  They begin as being part of the reason that you are defending your shadow of reality, for forming yourself according to the will for a phaentian energy to exist.  You put faith in them, you keep believing in them, you keep thinking and visualizing them until, at last, they either incarnate or ascend back to Divinity.  It can depend on where you got them from, such as a movie inspiring you to create smooth looking red people with big boobs, a twist on Avatar.  Perhaps you have invented your own race, that is acceptable.  Certainly, 'there is nothing new under the sun'... you can not create what already exists, remember that, it is key.
I say it again in large type text,

   Now, on that note, phantasy seems to be a wrong doers course of action.  The path of a lowly Seer, an oracle caught in the herald of doom.  Those of us who have had instruction are told 'make nothing real'.  In saying that, we are to aspire unto Divinity and go about our way, conquering the Universe and all of Heaven, if, you consider Heaven to be the Astral and beyond.  That, after all, is the goal of spirituality, to ascend and have the rip roar of a lifetime within the Divinity of Spirit.  It means infinite speed, and, once you have gone past phantasy, beyond the land of dreams, the astral, the shadows beneath them, then, you will see that the Absolute of which you are capable is the extent to which you can not actually exist in this reality.  You transcend it completely, leaving nothing of your materia or flesh to this world, you leave, vanish, poof, gone.  In doing that, you have achieved Heaven, and Heaven only becomes brighter and more expansive.  For, verily, as the nether lies beneath the astral, yet is woven through it, the nether is darkness, black, pure containment of energies, a harnessing of the soul.  And as soon as you reach the Eternal realm, the choice is up to you, yet, once you have reached the Eternal Soul Sanctum based level, you will always arrive back at that point, no matter what happens in the Divinity.  All that is required is that you slow down, relax a little more, stop thinking, stop energizing your soul, and sure enough, you will come against the likes of The Master Therion himself, summoned to provide a service should he reap you that you might, in fact, be saved to become one like him, greater than He, for all the portent of the Eternity that awaits the deadened hearts.

1-summate whole life memory, gain universal experience
2- transcend completely with every moment of your being
3- return to reality of choice

- there is basic Spirit Energy.  This is the supportive mechanism for the Baseline of Psionic Potential.
- Spirit Energy is formed by the emanation of Divinity into existence.  It only has to do this once per existence.  The existence created is exactly what this "Jehovah" wants it to be.  It will live and thrive and go on until there is another heaven, meanwhile, it creates everything and gives all beings a reason for life, fun, happiness, pleasure, and redemption.  We can Blame God for anything and everything that happens.  Yet, if we, being calm enough to see, and wise enough to listen, will see that it is actually peace and a single star of hope, within it, infinite peace, freedom, and harmony.


   We have the teaching of Jesus Christ to instruct us on the proper attitude of a god and the abilities that can manifest as a result.  Do you think that Christ did everything that he did under his own power?  It even clearly states in the Bible that everything Jesus did was due to the instruction and will of the Heavenly Father.  So in phantasy, there are certain factors that must be considered.  These are...
- the time line as an actual template for event occurence
- the godship with which you wield your 'phaentia'
- the capacity for complete transcendence into your own phantasy world
- the faith in God that you have that means that God is supporting the existence when you are not entirely conscious of it
- the facts concerning the phantasy reality as they have appeared to you
- the order of events which compose the authenticity of the phantasy world
- the energy that, through faith, you put into the phantasy characters
- external reality and how it effects the construction of your internal dimension
- manifesting the phantasy world in the external reality
- the strength, clarity, and completeness of your visualizations concerning your world
- that world as considered a source of knowledge from which you derive a sense of reality
- the truth of the external world and your own power to effect it through phantasy activity
- your base of operations for the phantasy world to actually manifest to your perception as a self control of imagination
- the truth of the phantasy as an existential charge devoted to God that it transcend completely only to return to you as it's originator in the greater sum of temporal flow

Strength. Endurance. Speed. Resistance. Stamina. -these are dimensional, at density and frequency.
Will. Courage. Faith. Love. - these are spiritual, the power to effect Life Force.
Balance. Peace. Focus. Charge. Awareness. -mentally active self control
The Astral Pulse

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