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Author Topic: Water  (Read 1692 times)
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« on: February 28, 2005, 22:57:13 »


Desrael and the Angelic Transformation Team (Special Guest "The Scientist")

(Note: This is a two part channel)

February 27, 2005

Let me tell you a little bit about water. Water is a magical substance. How often you are told and you have learned in school about water. You learned that your body is mostly made up of water, You learned that your beautiful Earth planet is mostly made up of water. And yet you go about your days and your lives, not struck by the significance of this fact.

Let me ask you, what would things be like if you thought of water as complete abundance?

My goodness, then you would certainly be abundant, wouldn’t you? Suddenly the majority of everything in the world would be abundance.

Let me tell you that you are indeed this abundant – you are even more abundant than the presence of water!

Water has many secrets. Water in itself is currently a secret to you on this planet. It is a bit amusing – one of what your scientists consider the simplest ingredient, the basic solvent, and it is indeed a mystery. They think that water is neutral. They think that water is boring even!

One of the things that is becoming apparent on your planet is that water responds. It responds to the energies around it. Water learns, even. Water knows but it doesn’t necessarily tell.

Why do you think we are spending so much time talking about water? Because a deeper understanding of water can lead to a deeper understanding of the shifting energy on your planet. Is it no surprise that water has been the instrument in some of your recent calamities? Yes, it enlisted the earth’s help just a bit, but we know that it was the main instigator if you will.

Water is alive. Water absorbs energies. If you direct energies into water, it will contain and hold that pattern for a period of time, depending on how strong and clear the communication is. This is something to think about as you look around your planet and see all the signs of water contamination and pollution. Your scientific methods of unpolluting water are quite old energy-intensive and tedious. How would it be if you know that you could purify and clear your polluted waters merely by your thoughts about it and your intentions? Perhaps that is too much or too out there for you to absorb right now, but we tell you that there are even now molecules in your body that are responding to this and resonating with it.

We would put out there that it may be beneficial to you on your joyful paths to stop and develop more of a relationship with water. Surely a good relationship with the water in your body would do it well. There are so many times we see you on your planet, furiously drinking water out of your bottles. And then you run to the bathroom! Where does the water go? Does it hydrate you? No! It flows through you because it is not resonating with the water in your body.
It does not resonate with the water in your body because the water in your body is resonating at a different level. It is resonating at a different message. Talk to your bodies and ask them what message their water is sending. They will tell you if you listen.

My beloved friends, I know that some of you are reading this and wondering where the “spiritual” message is here. We tell you that this is a spiritual message. We tell you that there are so many of you wishing to understand the energy on your planet as it is changing. We are here to offer you something that you have requested – practical guidance. Perhaps what you would call more of the “nuts and bolts” of the ascension process.

Let us give you another example from your own colloquy: Do you know the saying regarding “getting so mad it makes your blood boil”? That is one of the ways you can affect the energetic pattern of the water in your body. What this does, however, is it distances your body’s water from the more neutral water around you, and again, your body has difficulty in absorbing the water that it consumes.

As you know, thoughts create form. Thought create matter. This is something your quantum physicists are well aware of. If this is the case, and you are working on a molecular level, and understanding that water is in everything – the air, the walls, the floor – you may want to consider working energetically with the essence of water in your development of your new energy skills.

Water shares similar qualities to the infinite field of possibilities. In fact, you can say that you are even now swimming in a sea of possibilities. How exciting is that? Very!

Dear ones, even the flow of water creates a certain energy. In the old days, we had many fountains that were set about specifically for directing currents of energy. You think that fountains are decorative, but this is more true to their origin.

If you bless water – that is to say, if you honor it and are grateful for it – what do you think happens to the water in your body? Do you know that it gets blessed too? Do you know that it begins to resonate more closely to the frequency of love? Do you know that when that happens, it brings you closer to the energy of your true divine self and to the All That Is?

We could go on and on about water. It is a beautiful love affair that you have yet to fully discover, and yet you are just about to discover its magic.

Let us leave you now and recommend to you that you take a second look at water. That you perhaps think about it more often and that you notice it more.

One thing more – we ask you to take another look at the concept of baptism. Why do you think it was so significant? There was already anointing with oil, so why didn’t oil become the one and only anointing substance? How was baptism different from that and what was the big deal? We tell you there is more to baptism than symbolism. We tell you that every act can be one of baptism. Every bath, every shower, every café latte. What do you suppose the energy of the world would be like if you humans treated water in this way?

We bless you now with etheric angel water, and let me tell you this is potent stuff!

Remember – you are love and you are loved,

Desrael and the Angelic Ascension Team

Magical Human Water

Desrael and the Angelic Transformation Team

February 27, 2005

My Dear Hearts,

We stand here behind you in an arc, in readiness, in love. Know that there are things and events heading your way that will change much. But we are always in readiness throughout time, there is not a moment when we are not here behind your shoulders. And so we are here and so it is that we are able to watch your wings unfurl.

Know this: know that although you are aware of us for comfort and support, there are but many more of us in human form who are standing next to you disguised as humans. Know that as your wings expand and stretch, they brush other, newly opening wings.

We speak to you again of wings because this rather new appendage is quite significant in your evolution. Let us take it away from just the meaning that you are human angels. Let us add to the explanation that you are developing new senses.

These senses are unlike what you have heretofore known as your sixth senses. They are different, they are expanded. Please do not let yourselves get stuck in the chrysalis of that thinking. Your awareness and your perception is expanding. For many things that will be happening in the coming months and years, it must.

There is a calmness about now. It is much like a lull. We know what you are thinking, it is the proverbial calm before the storm but we tell you that this is not quite so. We would assist you in expanding your understanding of the change and arrival of new energy.

Our dear friend the Scientist has just told you much about water, and left much mystery about it for you to discover that latent secrets in water. Is it too much to ask you to envision a world where water is your main energy source?

We would like to lovingly add some more information about water, and it may be information that shifts your perceptions. How much have your perceptions shifted in this last little while? How much more they will be shifting if you allow.

There is a magic to water. There is a magic to salt. When you combine the two elements, you have what is called saline. And oh, dear hearts, do you know the most beautiful expression of water magic? It is tears, human tears. Human tears shed for any number of reasons: happiness, sadness, frustration, anger, sorrow, desolation.

Do you know, beloved ones, and we quote a dear writer friend of ours, CS Lewis when we say that one of your human tears, just one single tear, is more precious than the entire world would be if it were a single solid diamond? We tell you that it is indeed so.

And so, as you look to your futures with some worry, fear, and trepidation, know that all is more than well – it is simply beautiful! Think of a time in the future then when you may shed a tear for something or someone. Do you know the magic and the exquisiteness in your tears? Do you see the beauty?

We tell you that one tear has the power to transform much, much indeed. Tears are a magical energetic solvent for many types of healing. So often you dismiss them. So often you hide them or are embarrassed or try not to shed them at all.

We tell you that there is so much beauty in your world, and that sometimes what you see in the world is not pain, suffering or “wrongness”, but pure beauty. Beauty which is love. Dear hearts, there will be much beauty in all your lives in ever increasing amounts and expressions.

There will come a day when you may say to yourself, “How could I not have believed?”

With much love and honor,

Desrael and the Angelic Ascension Team

The Angelic Transformation Team and Desrael are channeled by Alison Paulson and Allison Elton. The text of these channels may be copied or shared, as long as the entire message with attribution is included. For more information please go to If you have any questions or comments, please contact

Astral Energy 1
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« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2005, 21:37:51 »


I enjoyed your readings,

has the "Scientist" conducted research on water, why didn't you introduce the guest better, bio/background etc.

His knowledge on water is very good, I have read Masaru Emoto's books and he also talks about the mysterious properties and magic of water.

I have noticed when i become upset about something and cry, this aroma of bliss that is hard to describe in words comes down on me. Where does this happiness originate? it can't be tears alone.

another question, why do you say "you humans" "your quantum physicts" etc as if you are not human yourself, I understand you wish to ascend, but so do alot of people.  Don't feel too haughty to be human, your not angels.  Angels are a different creation, but you do have a higher self that is powerful and eternal.

And be careful about who you communicate to in the other dimensions, don't take everything you hear as truth, there are deceiving things out there.

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« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2005, 21:37:51 »

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