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Author Topic: Discussion about how others perceive you/things  (Read 3681 times)
Karxx Gxx
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« on: July 21, 2018, 07:59:22 »

Hey, just a discussion for fun. Indeed this site does talk about mostly ap and such as last topic stated so here's something that I thought about.

People talk about alternate realities. timelines. All that. Ill try to ask some questions and answer it in my own perspective.
In everything I answer, i will state it as at least 80% true as I dont think anything is really ever 100% true. Except maybe RARELY. perhaps only 1 thing.

But who is being effected by what?

I understand on mass of consciousness deciding how reality is. Like WW3 is experienced with a group of people together.
Do you think it's possible to escape what you have agreed upon? To somehow REALLY change realities?

If you are friends with someone and you decide to slightly change reality, are they being effected? Do they also switch because there is some agreed upon connection to stay tethered? or perhaps 90% tethered?

And your friend, are they experiencing what you are? It all seems everyone has the same perception of things, but it's strange to assume everyone you see is actually experiencing what they seem to be.

I guess if I had to give my opinion of it
hmmm... let's say there are realities
A - Z  with a scale 1-9
Essentially the closer the numbers and letters reside to one another, the closer you connect with people near your placement on the number/letter scale.
And the it is also easier to co-create. You can say that a certain aspect of someones soul is easier connect to. (adding some complexity)

Let's say my soul is within all parts of the scale. Im simply focusing on a certain part in group at any moment. It resides in A1 and has easy time traveling through A1-A1.999
 That is where my actual awareness exist as we do not operate multidimensionaly in this group  cheesy

Now, whatever I do in A1 can be translated into anypart of the scale so others can see it. Perhaps the further down the scale the less it becomes translated. 
So in Reality Z9, they will have a .01 connection with me, and they will only see .01 of my intention/action translated.
Everyone in A1 can easily see 90+% of what I do.

So what about people exactly sharing a section? Perhaps you and a friend agreed upon sharing the same reality/space/timeline. So how will this work out if it is possible? It is harder to explain with numbers/letters. We have to perhaps start thinking about wavelengths.

1. way is they simply can connect to eachothers awareness location perfectly.

More complications coming.  We will just call my awareness wavelength Karxx. WK
WK is a human that only experienced WW2 which falls in Group A.
It is a combination of many numbers within Group A1 because WK  shifts moment to moment from A1-1.9    (although it can always go beyond. this is generally where it resides)

So in one moment, I was born in A1.01  then the next moment is actually in 1.012  Then after a while it goes back to A1.01   The awareness that stays consistent is the culmination of experiences that have been in the Group A1-1.9 timeline in this case.     WK is the unique signature you experience at all times. Your awareness.

This is stated because perhaps in Group Z I am an angel. That part of my soul can never be WK SPECIFICALLY.    WK can merge into the angel but then it is no longer exclusively WK

So anyone in 1-1.9 I can really have an easy time connecting with them as I can shift close to their reality or be exactly on their reality.

Lets say everyone In A1-1.9 shares the same space. Or the same Earth. Same presidents, same what have you.
I dont experience what someone else does but it is in the same space. We have different wavelengths but same space. Just like how reality seems to be today. The twist is when something outside of A1-1.9 comes in. Thats when things are not as connected or as 'fully' translated.

Now as stated before, somehow everything IS connected so there arnt 'fake' people. Everything is real but when the Awareness is on different parts of the scale then co-creation becomes either more/less effective. I havnt fully went through with everything but I will give a explanation of how thing can be with all these added up. And feel free to simplify and tidy it up  grin

So my awareness (wk) is in A1 currently. My friend J is in A1 but not their awareness. They are in WJB2
Over time I really get to know this aspect of his soul and the connection becomes greater and greater. BUT it isnt where he is currently at. This means that if I decide to manipulate my reality, he can be changed to a certain extent too. 
   So I was reading this story where A lady moved into a neighborhood and all the neighbors said to not go to the old grumpy mans house. She still goes, gives cookies, says high, and she perceives him differently. He isnt grumpy at all. Not sure what exactly he starts to do (like go outside more) but eventually the neighbors start to have a different view of him. Or another 1 where this guy would go through documents of these imprisoned people in his prison. He would wish them well or meditate on it or what have you. The people in his prison start behaving better and start being happier.
   So back to WKA1 who is friends with JA1. I can change a certain aspect of him, or rather simply percieve a part of him that perhaps I couldnt perceive before due to my own perception.  Like in the story. They say a part of his soul that others didnt, and once that connection was made others where able to see it as well. Kinda muddle explanation with wholes but the idea is that is also how co-creation can work fluidly.

   And with strangers perhaps it is easier to change them as you havnt labled them to be a certain way yet. But let's say it is easier to change an aspect of the soul the further the awareness is away from a timeline. or vice versa.

I could and will go on later or in anther post, but this is enough to take in for now. Want to hear others thoughts about it.


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« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2018, 08:45:32 »

 I have been shown that "all the World's a stage and we are all the performers". There are many ways to create a "script", per se, that will end up with the exact same outcome or "finale". Think about that and this will all make sense to you!  smiley

 In most scripts we find a "good guy/hero" figure and a bad guy/"villain". Someone has to play the villain. Now a game of cause and effect, action reaction is set in play. The villain can come up with many different schemes to fulfill his dastardly goals. The Hero/es can come up with ways to counter those as well, showing the real meaning of cause and effect. Everyone around the Hero and villain is equally effected as well. Case in point, 9/11. Many people lost their lives. There was many Heroes that came out of it, but there was villains as well. This "Act" created a lot of change, good and bad. But nonetheless, cause and effect was witnessed on a massive scale. The bigger the event, cause/action, the greater effect/reaction.

 If any of this is true, that would mean that, yes indeed, a plot was created for us or by us before we even stepped onto this "stage" here.
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“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla
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« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2018, 08:45:32 »

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« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2018, 09:08:27 »

You lost me there with all the numbers. I suck at math LOL. But I think that everything that we ever experience in every parallel dimension in the endless possibilities and probabilities with all consciousness from group A to group Z are agreed upon. Our current perception is very limited, but other parts of ourselves that see the grand scale, maybe managing our experiences. For example, I never would have requested consciously to experience a big challenge so I can learn. No one wants to bring upon hardship and suffering. But this part of ourselves that think that way is very small. This part of ourselves is what we think we truly are as a whole,  but this is very far from the truth. Therefore, without being able to perceive that grand scale it is very hard for us to truly understand why things happen and for what reasons. But I believe everything is intelligently arranged and nothing is random or unnecessary.
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« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2018, 12:12:55 »

For example, I never would have requested consciously to experience a big challenge so I can learn. No one wants to bring upon hardship and suffering.
Yet, it's in/through the hardship and suffering that the real lessons in life are found, at least the meaningful ones, that is.

 Consciously then and consciously now is a much different thing.
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“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla
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