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Author Topic: Astral Sight/Blindness  (Read 18526 times)
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« on: March 08, 2005, 20:16:17 »

So you managed to escape your physical confines with the intention of exploring new worlds, only to find that you couldn’t see anything at all, it was total darkness/black.

If it’s any consolation, the majority of projectors have experienced this at some time during their life.  Chapter 5 of Astral Dynamics is dedicated to Astral Sight.

There are various techniques to enable sight, such as saying "clarity now", moving further away from your physical body and/or expecting to see.  If you do have problems with sight (or lack of sight), try out various different ideas and use your imagination.  Flick the light switch in your room (thanks Potatis), become a human light bulb (thanks Major Tom), create a torch/flashlight, have a room in your house where you decide you will see and when you are next having an OBE, go straight to that room.

Below describes the different types of sight that one projector has experienced, and they may help you to understand your own experiences.

The following is taken from the book, Out of Body Experiences by Robert Peterson.

Excerpt from Robert Peterson’s Book, Out of Body Experiences.

I’ve experienced four basic types of sight during my out-of-body experiences.  I call them astral sight, body sight, mind sensing and clairvoyance.  Of course, there is a fifth category: no sight at all.  OBEs can sometimes be very difficult to describe because during the experience you may have switched several times among the four types of sight.  One moment you may be mind sensing, and the next minute you use your astral sight to look at a particular object, and so on.

Astral Sight
Astral sight is best explained as the astral equivalent of physical sight.  This type of sight is closer to in-the-body physical sight than the other types.  With this type of sight, objects seen while out of the body may look just like they do while in the body.  This is the most desirable type of sight because it is easier for the physical brain to interpret the images seen during the OBE.  The sight is focused at the astral body’s eyes and objects usually appear solid.  Usually I have to make a special effort to employ this type of sight and I’ve noticed that my peripheral vision isn’t very good.

Astral Mind Sensing

Astral mind sensing is the type of eyesight that I’ve experienced most often during my OBEs.  This isn’t much like true eyesight at all.  You can’t actually “see” things, but you can “feel” with your mind where everything is.  This type of sight isn’t centred around astral eyes.  Objects are “felt” in all directions simultaneously by the whole focus of consciousness.  This type of sight is very hard to interpret or describe in physical terms.  You can flawlessly navigate a cluttered room but not “see” any particular object in the room.

Body Sight

Body sight is very annoying.  I never read about it happening, nor did I think it was possible until I experienced it.  This happens when you try to open your astral eyes and your physical eyes open instead, giving you a completely different and confusing perspective.  With this type of sight, you can only see in the direction that the body’s eyes are pointing.  It is often out of focus.  It resembles split-consciousness, except that your consciousness is still fully within the astral body.


“Clairvoyance” is the term I use to define a whole grab bag of different types of sight, such as seeing auras and receiving images of people and places that aren’t present.  I believe that “remote viewing” mainly uses this type of sight, which used to be called “travelling clairvoyance” years ago.  I believe anyone can learn to use this type of sight, whether out of the body or in, with practice.

For anyone interesting in Robert Peterson’s book, it is available free here:

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