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Author Topic: My Story of "Future Evil"  (Read 2107 times)
The Bard
Astral Energy 2
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« on: January 01, 2004, 23:52:22 »

Have you written more yet. I want to know what happens?[Cheesy]
Astral Energy 2
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« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2003, 15:23:08 »

   The year was 1999, New Years eve. The
city of Endwell was really quite as everyone
was inside watching t.v. to see the ball
drop. It was in the last partion of the
countdown when, the Monk family who was out
on vacation, that were a direct line to a
very powerful practictioner of the ancient
art of ki. this powerful pratictioner put a
dark evil away in a jar and barried it deep
underground where it was supposed to stay
barried. This night, that evil is going to
come back out of entrapment and seek out
everyone who wields a blood line to that
ancient monk.The creature started shaking
violently to get out. The count down began.
10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4 .3. 2. 1. And just as it
said 1, the beast arose from the ashes to
seek revenge.
     Weeks pass since this terrible
happening.The Monk family is about to come
home from their vacation at Lake George;
along for the trip were, Shawn, Mao, and Sam.
And as they were heading home the boys sat in
the back of the car talking to each other.
"man shawn you suck at swimming" Mao said
laughing at Shawn. Shawn was about to reply
when a suden chill overcame the car. "hey
mom, is the air conditioning on? Cause if it
is turn it off. It's f***ing cold in here."
Shawn said to his mother. Shawn saying this
knew otherwise. something was wrong and his
friends knew as well. All of the friends
turned towards eachother with focused faces
and shook their heads. Sam said to Shawn's
mother"misses Monk , could you maybe take a
quick pit stop, I need to go to the
bathroom." Misses Monk replyed "Well sure,
just hold on a second ok?". "ok." Sam said
and sat back in his seat."Something isn't
right you guys" Shawn said to his friends.
And as they walk into the quickymart, they notice that some eccense is taking hold of the people there, making them evil. The cashier said "What! will! it! be! pal!" , knowing something is wrong they acted like one  of them, or at least tryed anyways. "Just here for the bathroom, bi*c*" Shawn said in amusement of it all. "over there you little punk!" the cashier replied. And as the 3 walked over there to the bashroom the cashier pounced up onto the counter ready for attack, since the cashier could smell something was not evil about the boys. "ahh"...out came the cashier into the air. Shawn and Sam ducked for cover, as Mao unleashed a devastating blast of heat. "Awh" went the cashier as Mao disinagrated the cashier. After Mao did this Shawn and Sam replied in unison " why did you go and do  that for you ideot!". Then out of the ashes came up a dark cloud that exploded through the windows and returning to its maker. This was when They knew they had to get back to the car to get thier in time.

{more to come later}
The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2003, 15:23:08 »

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