An Easy Guide and a Step By Step Book on Astral Projection

Last Updated: 09/01/2011

Since the creation of this page, I\’ve compiled the information herein into an easy to follow PDF which also has a bit more detail for each section.  Please feel free to download and distribute as you wish.  🙂

** NEW **
Download Version 1.4 (09/01/2011) of my eBook and learn how to explore the non-physical:

My Free eBook: My Astral Projection Truth: What is Astral Projection and How To Do It!

I\’ve made a slight addition of my new Variation on the Noticing Exercise. I hope it helps and that you enjoy it.

If you\’re interested in Astral Projection and wish to project using a projection type called \”Phasing\”, then this page should be your first step.  I\’ll put a list here of the base material you should read and attempt to fully understand in order to understand the concept of \”Phasing\”.  🙂

It\’s important to read them in the order listed. Also, please come back once in a while as I\’ll be updating this page as time goes by.

First, is the original \”Frank Kepple Phasing Resource\” webpage over on the Astral Pulse.   It was compiled by a moderator there by the name of Gandalf.  Much thanks go out to his hard work.   This should be your first reading assignment.  This compilation will introduce you to how Frank Kepple viewed the Wider Reality, his Focus Model and how it fits into the Robert Monroe\’s Focus Model.
1.  The Frank Kepple Phasing Resource

Next, I broke out a couple small segments from the Phasing Resource to focus exclusively on them
2. What is Phasing and Noticing?

New Addition (02/01/2011) – An article further explaining some of the nuances of the Noticing Exercise.
3. Phasing with Noticing – A More Detailed Explanation

New Addition (06/29/2011) – An article explaining a variation that I discovered on Franks Noticing Exercise.
4. A Twist on the Noticing Exercise

Then, a more in depth look into another Phasing exercise which we commonly refer to as the Mental Rundown. This is a separate technique from \”Noticing\”.
5. Phasing Method – Mental Rundowns

From there, we\’ll move into a post I made that provides some greater insight into the Mental Rundown exercise.
6. Phasing – Mental Rundown in Greater Detail

Then onto one of the biggest problems that you\’ll most likely face as you attempt Phasing. During your practice, your physical eyes will, quite often, try to steal a glance. The link below will explain how to beat this action.
7. Astral Projection Problems – The Eyes

This will explain the why and how we disassociate our consciousness from our Physical bodies. For the most part, this is a natural part of the Phasing process, but sometimes people can get stuck on removing their focus from the physical. My hope is that this will allow you to pinpoint a segment of your physical body where you\’re having the most trouble.
8. Phasing – Physical Body Disassociation

This next read explains the main differences between a \”Classic OBE\” and the type of projection I\’m relating here called \”Phasing\”.
9. Classic OBE vs Phasing

New Addition (02/10/2011) Although, there is a connection between Classic OBEs and Phasing.  This is where I talk about that.
10. Connection Between Classic OBEs and Phasing

The following article is a compilation of two great posts, one written by Frank replying to someone\’s question… and the other by Clandestino, also replying to someone else. Both show great insight into the states we call Focus 10 and Focus 12.
11. Post Focus! Focus 10 and 12!

This is a post by Frank responding to a fellow poster, replying to the questions posed. It\’s about what you can likely expect and how it works into attaining the next state, Focus 21. And most importantly that you must \”ALLOW\” the process to happen.
12. Post Focus! Frank!

Then we\’ll move into a method you can do upon first waking up in the morning… which requires a bit of work before going to sleep at night using affirmations… or you can use this, as I do, upon waking from a Lucid Dream.
13. Phasing Method – Don\’t Open Your Eyes When You Wake

And finally, my own method that I\’ve been using lately that incorporates the Noticing exercise.
14. Xanth\’s Phasing Method

Addition! I felt it important to read about how I categorize non-physical experiences. I view any experience that doesn\’t happen here in physical reality as a \”non-physical experience\”. This link explains how I label these \”non-physical experiences\”.
15. My New Consciousness Designations – \”States of Mind\”

Everything here should give you a firm, base understanding of what Phasing is about and how to do it.

20 thoughts on “An Easy Guide and a Step By Step Book on Astral Projection

  1. Dustin says:

    Thanks SO much for the information! I’ve have gotten SO much more progress with these techniques instead of other stupid exit techniques 🙂

  2. Ruan says:

    Hello everyone, thanks for the information. I have been trying to master phasing/obe/lucid dreaming since my first spontaneous obe(leaving body) experience when I was 15.

    I have had very little success, but after reading the information on this site, I realize that I have experienced most of it, except Focus 4. But definitely some place like Focus 3, where there are people that are very much alive and independent and self-aware.

    So thanks to all the contributers! This is awesome!
    It’s awesome to hear people on the other side of the world talking about “the switch” and other out of this world stuff. We have been trying to find the common switch, a direct method for phasing, where most methods today feel indirect in some way, I could be wrong.

    I believe this information is more important than we think. I have this feeling that we are in a very special time.

    I have recently read six of Carlos Castaneda’s books. For those who don’t know, it is about him (Carlos) being an apprentice of a yaqui indian sorcerer dude from Mexico called don Juan.*

    *(Whether it is fiction or fact does not matter, what matters is the wealth of information given by don Juan and Carlos)

    Don Juan spoke of seeing energy directly as it flows in the universe. This act don Juan called “Seeing”. Seeing the ultimate nature of things. He described it as strings or filaments of energy going in every which way, but not entanged, he called them the eagle’s emanations. When human beings where seen in this way, they were seen as “a luminous ball of energy”. The ball had a point of brilliance. don Juan said that it was on this point that our perception is assembled, hence the “Assemblage point”. The important thing is that the assemblage point can move or shift, so the point of contact with the ball and the eagle’s emanations would change, in effect changing what we perceive. This point just seems to be fixed because we have been taught from small. don Juan says that “seeing” a small baby is fun, the assemblage point jumps around.

    “The world so and so because we are talking to ourselves about its being so and so” If we stop the internal dialog, the world stops being what we say it is.

    After reading all the information on this site and particularly Frank Kepple’s Phasing resource, I realize that what don Juan could maybe have described as “Seeing” was a Focus 1/Focus 4 overlay and the eagle’s emanations are the pure subjective energy. And shifting your assemblage point is phasing. This is just speculation, but what I do know is that don Juan was on to something, just as everybody here are on to something. And this knowledge is becoming more and more understandable.

    I don’t think there are any limits to what we can understand, whether it be by “poetic methaphor”, parable or other way of understanding. But be ready, the actual experience is beyond words.

    don Juan said that when you see in this manner, you see that everything is equal and unimportant. This immediately made me think of what Frank said about Unconditional Love, that it is the effect that pure subjective energy has on us.

    A the end of don Juan’s life on earth, he merged with the eagle’s emanations and of he went into infinity.

    I was thinking about beyond focus 4 stuff and remembered that don Juan also said that the sorcerers of antiquity was after the non-human domain, the completely unknown. Most of the information on this site Focus 1 – 4 is human stuff however bizarre. And Frank said that mr. monroe may have actually gone out of the human domain.

    I am very excited and will start posting if I find something new and awesome, I think we are very close to uncovering lots of awesome stuff that is going to change everything.

    This is my first post of this kind, so if it’s a bit random or unclear, I apologise. My english writing skills are a bit shaky. I think we need to learn to communicate non-verbally on this level, everything would go much faster, don’t know if this is good or bad.

    “We humans are magical creatures, who knows what’s waiting for us”

  3. PsychoNaut says:

    Well done Ryan, the e-book is a good uncluttered introduction to the techniques and has reminded me of what I should be doing now that I am attempting to AP again.

    • Xanth says:

      Thanks!! 😀

      Was there anything in it which was confusing, even slightly? I know that not everyone is going to understand everything… but I want to try and make it understandable for as many people as possible. 🙂

  4. slarti says:

    Hi Xanth,
    First I’d like to thank you for giving the time and effort to compile all this information.
    Unfortunately the download link to the ebook is no longer working!
    Any chance you can re upload the file?


  5. Kevin says:

    Thank you for this phasing resource Xanth! Read your whole Ebook and all these articles, thank you for turning me on to Frank’s work, Already started practicing phasing with great results for a beginner, no full AP, but it is a progressive technique and I am confident Ill succeed if i keep trying. Btw, although it differs from traditional OBE techniques, can you still project to the RTZ with this method? not that it is my main focus, but have some experiences I’d like to try. PS> it won’t let me make an account on this website, says my IP is banned for spamming…although i’ve never done the sort of thing.

    • xanth18 says:

      Hi Kevin!

      Thank you for the kind words. It’s much appreciated!
      My forums aren’t the most active anymore, and the spam filter on it isn’t very good anymore due to the dynamic nature of IP addresses.
      In any case, if you have any direct questions, please feel free to post them here or email me directly at and I’ll be more than happy to assist. 🙂

  6. Patrick Marotta says:

    Hi Ryan (xanth18, right)
    (Pls forgive I have posted this in another place but older messages toale sure you get it (?)

    I downloaded your 60 page file on phasing/astral projection and remembered trying to web search for an answer to this odd question, I couldn’t find anyone talking about. Please feel free to answer with any detail you would like. No response is too much or two strong and I am in great eagerness to have your comment on it. And I hope you are still watching this feed…

    Here’s the question:
    Lots of people can be lucid or have a lucid experience in a dream or consciousness experience, but what I am after is something i never hear or see spoken in the experience..

    Can a person bring into that experience (dream or astral environment) their waking life mind or perception? Example: let’s say three environments for the scope of the question–
    1. They experience a dream forest and they are standing there amidst familiar forest settings, even people but no animated actions just him drum..
    2. They are standing outside their present house just as it would be in waking life (in astral form)..
    3. They are in what seems like a stressful dream, let’s say a factory with ridiculous situations or people who are in their life fragmented context..
    In any of these experiences, having in their mind, what they are and do in regular waking reality, their goals, their challenges, their circumstances of job family friends, have clarity of who they are in the waking life.
    Do you or anyone you know have this degree of retaining waking awareness?
    I’d love to speak with someone or correspond by email into bringing this degree of detail into my ability.
    I have had one big OOBE 25 years ago and only one, haven’t been able to duplicate it. And hundreds of lucid dreams, but none with my waking life mind attached to them. Just lucid, knowing that I’m dreaming and taking action/making choices but not from a context of my waking life.
    Thanks for your reply or anyone’s reply about this question. I wonder if this can uod be the crux in expanded development to improve life dramatically and I just exhaust myself trying to latch on to it.
    Sorry for how long it is, but I’m flt should be quite clear what I am asking.

    • xanth18 says:

      Hi Patrick,

      Being non-physical *AND* having your “waking life mind” is the very definition of what I call a “non-physical ASTRAL awareness experience” (most people call this an astral projection).
      If you were non-physical and didn’t have a waking life mind available to you, yet you still realize that you’re not physically awake… then that’s a “non-physical LUCID awareness experience” (most people call this a lucid dream).

      Basically, the difference between a lucid dream and an astral projection IS NOT *WHERE* you are. The difference between the two labels is *HOW AWARE ARE YOU*.

      If you’ve had hundreds of lucid dreams, then I can tell you that you’ve projected more times than you even realize. What you need to do is bring forth your full waking awareness.
      Give this article a read:

      It’s how I go about increasing my awareness – hence, shifting myself from a lucid experience to an astral experience.

  7. Patrick Marotta says:

    Wow, if that isn’t the exact precise need of humanity, then I don’t what is. I love it, and it totally makes sense. Incredible deduction. I will seek this one solitary thing out, literally each night I have strength for. I have a friend in the Netherlands I will share your article with. We have wanted to form a group with one solitary purpose (with many of us practicing) to put as many of us on a direction that if more and more chose it, we could get more and more of humanity seeking what would overturn humanity’s selfish misdirection, into true direction. We desire a mystical movement that will get the crowds discovering the main need for the times we are in. (Basically to advance human evolution in what each of our minds need).
    I’d like to enlist your help in correspondence, at least emailwise, and if it serves you, to speak with you wherever you are in the u.s. or the world, perhaps unify seekers of truth. You have much experience. I and my friend have a goal to start with a small circle pursuing the one true goal that brings each person what they need in this life. Of course, if the goal is precise, it spreads fast and each person’s need met. Each person’s need gets met since what fulfills it is the one solitary mode of seeking. That is, lucidity into the astral mind that you are saying. This would have to cause more clarity of mind and more power in that clarity. I hope this doesn’t sound insane. I am after better ability in life and it’s quite easy to see present humanity has very low ability to see that it is burying itself into a hole of inability.
    Pls do reply if you wouldn’t mind corresponding. I believe this precision in sharpening lucidity into astral is a big deal and needs to be expanded in humanity. So many people need this.
    I’m not sure the proper way to share emails. I’m on discord too, but don’t want to break a forum rule.

  8. Patrick Marotta says:

    I wanted to add (after my last). I forgot to say, I have read all of the primer and saw your article you just sent the link of, within it. This will become the heart of my nighttime practice. The 3d darkness with shapes forming, the noticing, the curiosity, the where am I?, The what am I doing?… Til I grab up major astral awareness. This will be a foundation practice in club/group/school that I hope to form (or just be a part of forming).

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