Clearing Your Mind

I just posted this over on the Astral Viewers forums, and I figured I\’d put it here as well.  It\’s a question that a lot of people ask… how exactly does someone clear their mind?  🙂

The Astral Viewers

The point isn\’t to \”clear\” your mind.
Doing that is a very hard thing to do… and I consider it to be overboard for projection.

What you want to do is quiet the \”surface thoughts\”.
These are the thoughts that you randomly have throughout the day as you\’re going about your business… \”Hmmm what should I make for dinner tonight?\”
\”Oh that girl has a hawt butt.\”
\”I hope <so and so> doesn\’t happen later!\”

Those are \”surface thoughts\”.  When you\’re meditating, they can account for thoughts like, \”am I doing it right?\”… or \”I don\’t think I\’m asleep yet\”.

Those are the thoughts you want to \”clear\”.

You do by catching the thought before it has a chance to completely form.  You do this as a process.
Let\’s take \”am I doing it right?\” for example.

You might miss catching it first and the whole thought gets out.
Next time it\’ll be \”am I doing it….\”
Then \”am I do….\”
so forth and so on until you just get down to \”….\”
Then eliminate that as well.

It takes a bit of practice, but it\’ll help your projection practice a lot.

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