Some Beginner Questions Regarding Astral Projection

I was doing some Googling tonight, the subject: Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences.
I came across a post on Yahoo with some questions and I thought I\’d answer them here, because I\’m sure more than one person reading this has probably asked these at one point or another.

So, let\’s get into the questions!

1. I heard demons can get into your body, so should I have a cross bible etc?
A: This has always been an old world mystical belief, that something could possess you while you\’re \”out of body\”. It simply can\’t happen. Your physical body, or at least the thing that your consciousness is focused towards and experiencing while you\’re awake and aware in this physical reality is yours and yours alone. There\’s absolutely no danger from this.
However, the tools we use to protect ourselves are also belief-based. If you feel the need to have a cross or a bible with you, the belief that having one with you is enough of an Intent to keep you safe… not that you need to be kept safe, but it will keep your Intent positive, which WILL have a direct impact upon the nature of your experiences.

2. Can I touch anything or would I be intangible?
A: The reality you project into, assuming you\’re not in a (the) void, is as real and 3D as this physical reality is. You\’re not necessarily going to experience a reality that mirrors this physical reality, but if you do, yes, you can interact with everything. These interactions are just not with anything from this physical reality.

3. Can you contact someone alive so they don\’t think your dead?
A: You can contact physical people, yes. But this isn\’t something that is solely attributed to Astral Projection. This is more of another metaphysical/psychic ability.

4. Can you see other spirits?
A: While Projecting, you\’ll definitely come across other \”entities\”. It will be very hard to recognize if these entities are creations of yourself, or if they\’re external to you. Honestly though, it doesn\’t really matter. What matters is if the experience you had with them was positive and you learned something.

5. How far away from the body can you go?
A: As far as your creativity can take you.

6. Do you have to meditate or go to sleep or could you do it in a class room without closing eyes etc?
A: Projecting without closing your eyes, in theory, would be very possible, but would require you ignoring all visual sensory input. You would also have to learn how to ignore the noise by other people. You can meditate with the goal to Project as well. Falling asleep is probably one of the easiest methods in order to Project from though.

7. Could you haunt some one like a bully or someone you hate or just to prank?
A: There are stories of people being able to do stuff like this, but I feel this kind of interaction with the direct physical would be very hard to pull off. I\’d imagine most beginners wouldn\’t have the focus in order to do this efficiently.

8. Final one! If your body dies while doing it will you be trapped on earth or go to heaven/hell?
A: Well, considering that if someone died while projecting, we would never hear of it. So there\’s really no way to answer this question. Kind of like asking, \”Does the light in the refrigerator actually go out when you close the door!!\” MYSTERY OF MYSTERIES!! Seriously speaking though, if you died while projecting, I\’d have to guess that you\’d simply move on as you would had you died normally in this physical reality.

So there you go folks… some questions which I\’ve seen asked by a lot of beginners in the past while helping out on the Astral Pulse. If anyone needs anymore clarification or justification, please ask here or on the forums! Thanks for reading!

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