Projection & Meditation – Seeing Through Closed Eyelids

I know that a lot of people here have experienced this before. You’re trying to Project consciously or Meditating and all of a sudden, you know full well that your eyes are shut tight, yet you’re able to see your surroundings just fine!

I’ve experienced this many times while meditating at home sitting in my living room and I’m able to see my surroundings looking exactly as they are. So what is this? Was I *REALLY* seeing my living room? I could see my tv… the tv stand… the wall… the dog beds… they were all there.

Well, it wasn’t until I started doing this on the train going into work each morning that I believe I have a theory. I try meditating on train each morning, the end result is that as the train pulls into Toronto, I’m usually pretty relaxed. I sit there for a bit longer waiting for everyone to leave so that there is room for me to leave as well… and as I’m sitting there I simply continue my meditation. What I experience, usually on most days is the whole “seeing through my eyelids” thing, only what I see isn’t a direct reflection of what is actually going on around me. It’s not even always from the same perspective of where I’m sitting. I’ve seen my fiancé get up and walk away… I’ve seen people who are sitting in front of me get up and leave (not always the same people as are actually there too!)… then upon opening my eyes physically, I see that these people are still sitting there.

My theory is that what we’re “seeing” when we see through our eyelids IS NOT actually physical reality at all… you’re seeing non-physically, and it’s mixed very highly with what you believe is around you at the time.

Thoughts? Comments?

30 thoughts on “Projection & Meditation – Seeing Through Closed Eyelids

  1. laura moore says:

    When I see thru my eyelids it is only during sleep paralysis, but I agree: its not 100% matched up with physical reality. Sometimes it seems like the light is on or someone is sitting on the bed or walking by, but its definitely not happening in the physical.

    • xanth18 says:

      There were some suggestions on the Astral Pulse where I also posted this that the “sight”, at least in regards to me on the train, could be from a different perspective from within the train. This is definitely a possibility. For something like sitting in the living room, or you on your bed and seeing someone sitting on the bed… perspective can’t really be that much different. Which really leads me to believe my initial hypothesis is closer to the truth in that there’s a portion of the experience which is based upon beliefs/subconscious awareness of your “potential” surroundings.

      • Zagadka says:

        I have experienced this in a lot of details. I was doing meditation and had took the dissociative dextrometorphan, though my pictured surroundings was cartoon-like, in colours and good quality. Full computers, bookshelves… that was many years ago, at which time I experienced with some psychedelics.

  2. Laurence Bourke says:

    i have recently been doing this , not by my own volition at fist, i have been mediating at least 1 hour a day for a year, i read constantly about obes etc and am a very regular lucid dreamer with almost 1000 pages of dreams, and recently i am in a state of almost shock bemuse every single night without fail when i go to be di can see through my close eyelids, i just except it to happen.

    i have been experimenting with this for over a month and i fully agree with what you say, certainly i have seen things like the bedpost in font of me from slightly differing perspective . then i will wave my hands in front of my face and either i wont see them, or i will see a faint shadow, also when i cover my eyes with my hands i can see through the hands and it looks like im looking at an xray, i have the distinct impression im xraying my hands.

    amazingly, the other ngiht i was tilting my head against the wall trying it out, oh yeah, it works now at will, all i have to do is turn lights off and walk around the room waiting, anyway, i was there looking over to where i knew the tv and stereo were, gradually, i could see, as if lit by a strange diffuse light, a classic feature and often overlooked of obes. Anyway, i noticed that the speakers were in a totally differing position on top of the tv!! it was shocking but i stayed calm and then it soon melted away,

    so yes, its clearly not truly reality, but it is close, then again there are times when i feel i am seeing exactly what is there, its amazing phenomenon and hints at an experimetn to prove esp type abilities once and for all,

  3. Zen says:

    When I was doing a long term water fast (40 days) during the 2nd half of the journey, I was able to see through my eyelids when going to bed at night. It was almost certainly the room that I was in with no decipherable differences. My girlfriend who was also fasting experienced the same thing. I could get up and slowly navigate my surroundings, although I only did this a couple times.

    My inclination, now that I have done years of study and research concerning astral projection/lucidity and the likes, is that it was either 3rd eye related or my bodies vibration that had changed and allowed for accessing different ‘light frequencies’….basically my body and eyes were at a tone that allowed for seeing in the ‘dark’


  4. KnowledgedNotReligous says:

    Not just sleep paralysis..i go threw it and could also control it..control spiritually exit my body..see threw my eyelids and walk around doing it..its an unlocking the brain..control by collecting knowledge..more to the world of life itself..good to hear your near..also good to know your divergent..shows there’s some out in this world that cannot collect propaganda from the media..keep up the mind..keep focus..develop your brain..there’s to prove what after learn to use your spirit for backup while your skin body decides to shut the eyes..

  5. ragnarokprophet says:

    Ok so I’m not really sure how to say this without sounding weird but I can actually visually see through my closed eyelids for me its like having X-ray vision. I first noticed this when I was 17 I was in this group therapy session which is suppose to teach trust and teamwork, we were playing this game were you were a tank but you were blindfolded your eyes was your partner behind you telling you were to throw the ball or artillery I did so well the teachers thought I was cheating or looking under the blind fold but my eyes were shut the blindfold on they decided to do the how many fingers am I holding up I got it right every time so they made sure I wasn’t looking under the blind fold they put two different pairs of hands over my eyes with the blind fold still on and did the finger holding up again and again I got them all right so they decided I was cheating. Now it seems more and more I’m able to see through my eyelids I don’t take or do drugs I don’t meditate and I’m not hallucinating I can literally see everything through my eyelids most of the time now it happens when I’ve been dreaming most of us open our eyes when we become awake but for me I just become alert last night I saw through my eyelids and I know my eyes were shut because when I wondered if I went to sleep with my eyes open I remember feeling my eyelids opening and seeing exactly what I saw when they were closed starting to wonder if it happens to do with the 4 times I’ve been struck by lightining or maybe it’s because of my advanced cancer I’m probably a living miracle I’m cancer infested everywhere.

    • xanth18 says:

      If you’ve been struck by lightning four times AND you’re infested with cancer… then I’d say you’re probably a very unlucky person. 🙂

      Good luck to you. 🙂

  6. Craig says:

    This happens to me very regular now at fist i was just the same i knew my eyes were closed and thought maybe i was imageimg it it started lme night i was smoking a cig in the dark and could see the bright orange/red end of the i squeezed my eyes tighter snd there it was still only now so was the tv wardrobes and rest of the onfact just light night i am managing to be able to tune to the frequency..(the high potch ringing in yoir ears) and instantly the image comes up and my eyes tightly closed….sometimes it is exact, i lnow this because i wave hands and stick fingers up..sometimes its clear as real sight…other times like energy loads of little light neo on the final matrix for thos who have seen that when he damages his eyes and can not see…but he sees the orange energy it ks just like that.

  7. Angie says:

    I was in bed just relaxing and trying the rope technique to consciously project…I stopped for a moment and through my closed eyes my bedroom began to emerge, I could see it all just as it is but it hall a kind of dull tint to it, it lingered for about 10 seconds and them faded to black again. I wasn’t in sleep paralysis at the time just relaxed. It was very odd, when it happened it felt like I could just reach out and leave my body but it didn’t last long enough and I wasn’t in sleep paralysis, weird

    • xanth18 says:

      Hi Angie! My apologies for taking so long to approve this! Just saw your post now. 🙂

      So, I’ve kind of figured out a bit about the whole “seeing through your close eyes” thing. What’s happening is that when you’ve got your eyes closed and your trying to project, meditate or whatever… and you end up “seeing” your current surroundings even though your physical eyes are closed is that you’re not REALLY seeing your ACTUAL physical surroundings. It may look very close or even identical, but what you’re seeing is a memory recreation of what you believe is currently around you at that moment. It’s *usually* the place you’re physically in, because that’s usually the last thing someone sees before they close their eyes… makes sense, right?

      Essentially, that moment when you begin to “see through your closed eyes”… in actuality, you’re PROJECTING! At that point, you’ve shifted your perception to your non-physical senses. Unless you work towards strengthening it, it usually fade fairly quickly… and you’ve already noticed the part where you ARE NOT in sleep paralysis. You projected WITHOUT sleep paralysis. Let that part sink in deeply. It’s personal experience proof to yourself that you do not need sleep paralysis in order to project. 🙂

      So congratulations, it might have only been 10 seconds… but you projected.

      • Kevin says:

        Hi I can do this all day…I can see through a pillow a dark eye mask with my eyes closed or open…It last for ages,Have not seen colour yet only black white.I am 65 this Friday been trying on and off for years to do this..Been meditating a lot also changed my drinking water also my diet…Doing a lot to clean my third eye of calcium….I lucid dream a lot came very close to OBE last night my body shaking like mad but was disturbed…I don’t know where this is all going but the world now seems a lot brighter,mor colour than before thanks for reading.

        • xanth18 says:

          Hi Kevin!

          It sounds like you have a good handle on the process. The fact you have many lucid dreams is great.
          Have you gave my book a read yet? It might give you a bit more insight into what your attempts. 🙂

  8. Phillip says:

    I began by meditating in a darkroom and started seeing through my closed eyelids .The surrounding items in that room appeared only if i focused in that area like sediments of sand.When i shifted my focus the desk or chair would dissappear like sand sediments.I held this for at least 15 mins.Towards the end of meditation i look closely around myself and saw a swirling dark purple light with neon hint.Now i can get to this state at will the exception now is thats i dont see the aura as much and im much more aware of things.

  9. Billiejean says:

    While meditating one I was able to see my living room with closed eyelids. I took time and looked and around,I have seen my spirit leave my body, ( dressed as I was) stand in front of me and then reenter.My eyes were close

  10. Gglassworks says:

    Wow. This has become so regular for me that it’s every time I try to sleep. I’m a terrible sleeper, so I spend a lot of time in the dark seeing this. It’s exactly what I see with my eyes open, just dimmer. I can move my eyes and I see everything. Thought it was serious memory imprinting telling me I’ve lived here way too long…lol
    Shopping for a new bed, I slept on the couch and realized I was seeing nothing but the couch back (I face that way) and not my normal view in my bedroom. I don’t memorize the back of the couch, and I’m always able to see how close my face is to it, so I thought I was weird.
    Ok, I know this just sounds weird, but I have my eyelids closed, but when my brain finally decides to try to sleep, a second “darkness” covers my eyes slowly and moves like a slow eyelid close. Then, it finally goes black before I fall asleep.
    This is the closest discussion I’ve found explaining anything like what I experience, and people look at me like I’m crazy, so I say nothing.
    Thanks all!

    • xanth18 says:


      It sounds like the “second darkness” you describe is a conscious experience of the transition experience between the physical and non-physical. 🙂

      • strangeview says:

        this just happened to me second time this year, lay down close my eyes & see room clearly through eyelids i have had oobes years ago but only when asleep this freaked me out tonight my bf thinks im crazy now i cant sleep i dont want to see the room through my eyelids it keeps me awake… what is this exactly? i dont do drugs or anything.. i am psychic here & there ..

        • xanth18 says:

          What is it? Well, essentially, you’re falling asleep and envisioning your surroundings based upon your beliefs of where you are (which is whatever room you happen to be in).
          I used to take the train into work each day… and I remember when the train pulled into the station in Toronto I’d get one last bit of snooze in before I had to get up and go.
          Well, most of the time, I’d close my eyes and within a minute or two (while still with my eyes closed) I’d start seeing my surroundings… as if I was “seeing through my closed eyelids”, yet when I really did open my eyes, it never matched. This is the event which alluded to the fact that you’re not ACTUALLY seeing through your closed eyelids. You’re simply falling asleep into, what is essentially, a dream of what you believe your surroundings are.

          So you’re definitely NOT going crazy. 🙂

          • Neen says:

            This has happened tp me half a dozen times, and i am not enduring sleep paralysis. The last time it happened i made it a point to touch my eyelids… my eyes were closed yet I could see my hands patting my eyes. I was actually seeing through because I could even see the commercial playing, i even noticed the change in glare the tv prpjected unto the wall…my bf fidgeting with his console remote…his movements…i was 100%aware…I even spoke and said Im seeing through my eyelids at one point…i saw the time on the cable box change.. it was def NOT what you think

    • xanth18 says:

      That was actually the entire point of the article.
      It’s not “astral sight”. At least not how most people think it is.
      It’s not you seeing your exact surroundings. It’s not the physical reality you’re seeing.
      It’s the non-physical… the term “astral sight” is probably extremely accurate, however, most people don’t use it in the literal sense.
      They use it like they’re ACTUALLY seeing through their closed eyelids, when in reality they’re not.

  11. chaney says:

    So I see things when I sleeping except it’s not sleep paralysis I’m actually usually pretty calm probably because it happens so often but it’s weird because I can see things around me like for example I can see my cat come into my room and jump on my bed and when I wake up she’s exactly where i saw her in my sleep, although it’s been getting a bit creepy in the sense that I see the exact time in my mind and when I wake up it’s that same time I saw when I was sleeping. I’m not really sure what this is though because I’ve never meditated at least not on purpose I mean when I was a kid I was able to close my eyes and see everything around me like I could close my eyes on the bus and watch it zoom down the highway. I don’t know I’ve been searching online but all I’m finding for my symptoms are sleep paralysis but I don’t think it is cuz I can wake up whenever I want to. But if anyone has any ideas as to what’s happening please tell me cause it’s starting to bug me not knowing.

    • xanth18 says:

      I’m not sure exactly what you’re hoping to figure out though. I mean, what you’re experiencing sounds perfectly normal and part of being “consciousness”.
      Also, with sleep paralysis, being able to wake yourself up doesn’t mean it’s not SP.

      Well, you might never know. All anyone, such as myself, can do is suggest things… but we’ll never know for sure.

  12. Erlandas says:

    Hi, I am experiencing the same thing but when I go to sleep late at night. However I can also see sort of ghost-looking creatures of different sorts and I become frightened if Iook at them for too long. I am wondering if anyone else sees something like this?

    • xanth18 says:

      You’re experiencing that while falling asleep at night?
      That’s perfectly normal in my opinion. But they’re nothing to worry about… it’s your mind creating images and nothing more. 🙂
      Likewise, you could use them to your advantage and stare them down to the exclusion of all else. You can use that as a means to trigger the projection reflex!

  13. Kaze says:

    I’d like to share my experience and ask for advice too. I have a similar experience to the one’s described by everyone here. Only if I keep on looking “outside my eyes” through my closed eyelids, I sometimes see scenes, objects, shapes, that aren’t related to my room. Yesterday I saw yellow lockers of a post office, and I thought, why do I see this? I haven’t been to a post office in some time, and I don’t plan on going either.
    Today I remembered I indeed have to go to the post office today. Was this some sort of predicting the future? Could I strengthen it or see for others through connecting with their chakra threads?
    Thank you in advance for replying. If there are other words for this, or things similar to this, I’d be very happy to learn about it.

    • xanth18 says:

      Predicting the future? Maybe more along the lines that you KNEW you had to go to the post office, you just forgot and that was your consciousnesses way of nudging you there. 🙂

      Who knows really. hehe

      Strengthen it? Sure, just keep practicing and seeing what you see! The more you do something, the stronger it becomes. Just practice. 🙂

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