Is Astral Projection Just a Form of Lucid Dreaming?

A member of the Astral Pulse recently asked “Is Astral Projection just a form of lucid dreaming?”.

Well, to answer this question, we need to ask three separate questions which are all intricately linked and yet also not linked at all.

Here are the THREE very important questions that need to be asked.

1. What is “dreaming”?
2. What is “lucid dreaming”?
3. What is “astral projection”?

Now, I have been studying this stuff for a while and at one point, I focused almost exclusively on the first question in order to answer the second and third question. So began my journey to figure out what we humans (aka: science) know about “dreaming” began.

What is Dreaming? I very quickly hit a roadblock when researching this question. What did I learn? I learned that humanity, LITERALLY, has absolutely no idea what “dreaming” is. We haven’t a clue. We have scientists who have provided educated guesses, but not a single human lives today or has ever lived who has been able to answer that question.

So… that kills question #1. The answer: We humans don’t know what “dreaming” is.

Question #2 and #3 are kind of unanswerable because we don’t know the answer to question #1.

So when you ask “is astral projection just a form of lucid dreaming?”, do you realize what you’re REALLY asking here?
You’re asking “is some random label of something we have absolutely no idea about, just a form of another random label of something we have absolutely no idea about?”. Most people love to compare dreaming to lucid dreaming and to astral projection, but you can’t do this. It makes no logical sense because if you don’t know what “dreams” are, then you can’t use it as a basis of comparison to anything else.

Funny, eh?

Now, I *can* answer #1, #2, AND #3. However, I can only answer it from my own personal experience of the non-physical… I’m not saying the answer is right, but I am saying that it comes from my own personal experience. I wrote the following article a few years ago to better explain:

Please read that article, and enjoy.

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