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Referencing the above post, someone asked the following about their Throat Chakra and Astral Projecting:

So I’ve been learning to astral project and I can tell that I am almost there. I have had some of the various physical sensations like vibrations and buzzing and have seen shadows of images flashing behind my eyelids. But I’m pretty sure that my throat chakra is holding me back, it’s been blocked my entire life and I think I can tell because I have man of the physical symptoms that tend to be associated with it. Recently I have been doing a lot of work to try to strengthen and open that chakra along with the other six, when I get to the point in my meditation where I’m starting to astral project I feel a huge lump in my throat that makes it almost hard to breathe and I start salivating more than normal. Any physical movement like swallowing makes it go away. I’ve been working on mentally focusing on not doing anything that would disturb that sensation because I’m thinking that it is a sign that the chakra is opening.

Has anyone else had this experience and if so can anyone help me understand what is happening and what I should do?

Thank you all.

My response:

From your post… I can tell you this:

You have no issues with your throat chakra.
You BELIEVE you have issues with your throat chakra, and that belief is all that’s holding you back.

You’re well-spoke and communicate effectively. You have no issues with your throat chakra.

With that said, stop worrying so much about stuff like needing to swallow. Just do it. Do you worry this much when you fall asleep at night? Probably not. You just lie down and fall asleep. Well, projecting isn’t any different. You lie down and “just project”. If you need to scratch an itch, do it. If you need to swallow, do it. Do it calmly and gently so you don’t break yourself too much out of your state of mind, but just do it.

I can meditate, get really deep and into it… then, UH OH! I have to go to bathroom…
It’s not a problem. You open your eyes, calmly and quietly get up, calmly and quietly go to the bathroom, do your stuff… then go and sit back down. This act of getting up shouldn’t completely break your focus.

If a simple movement such as “swallowing” is breaking your focus, then you’re worrying too much.

Just relax.

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  1. Peter Maich says:

    LOl I was reading and about to say the same, no issues and trying to focus wont do anything. do what you need to do and then get back on with the job. The key is to understand that you are switching from external awareness to the weird and wonderful internal world and at the point you are describing you are already there and so any effort will just undo the good work. Accept all the feelings and sensations and allow them to fully take over and the exit will be easy and smooth.

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