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Okay so I'm going to attempt to make a very very long story short -- about 5 years ago was my first "abduction" experience. I was in SP and I saw a light through my window. I was completely frozen and all of a sudden I was "pulled" by a force that felt magnetic, I couldn't fight or resist it and I had no intention to (I have been Aping since I was 15 so I am not afraid of beings or situations but rather I observe them without judgement to perceive the whole experience without interference) I was pulled by this magnetic force into the light-craft that was outside my window. Suddenly I was laying down inside of this craft and I saw these creatures, they were short and grey skinned and had big dark eyes with no mouthes. When they spoke it came as a robotic voice that seemed to surround me. "What do you want" I asked. They said they were going to do some tests on me. I asked "Am I going to remember this in the morning?" I heard "NO." then it went black.

Fast forward 2 years, I am freshly pregnant (within 2 months) with my daughter who is now 3.
Again, I was taken in my sleep during sleep paralysis. This time I was placed in a flying machine that looks like a missile, and it is very small there is not very much room inside. A dead girl is beside me propped up, her skin is pale and she has a carved mark on her neck that is bleeding. It seemed to be cut into her. I was yelling and I could see my house as I shot up into the sky super fast & uncontrollably. It went black, then I woke up hooked up to a big machine. My arms and legs were spread out and I was stuck in upward position. There were hundreds of these needle things going into my skin except they weren't going into my skin but rather, pulling my skin outwards. I heard a voice "DNA does not match" it was painful!!!! Then it went black again.

Fast Forward, I am 10 weeks pregnant with my third child and last night, I dreamt they were coming for me again. It's very, very difficult to consciously remember, but my partner claims he woke me up 3 times last night and I only remember him waking me up once when I told him "an alien is trying to take me away" we are spiritual beings so he chased it away with ceremonial medicine. This time I know for sure it didn't take me, I was in sleep paralysis and I was screaming and yelling mentally for those beings to leave me alone. I vaguely remember them standing at the doorway in one second then standing beside the bed and hearing something along the lines of "experiment". I think maybe they were trying to reason with me and persuade me to go with them? I remember being very, very, very afraid and very, very angry.

Does anybody have any idea why this has happened? Why they seem to be contacting me and wanting to study me? Particularly while pregnant! I have encountered many beings in my time as a Traveler but I can always 'feel' if they are positive or negative. From these creatures I cannot feel anything - there is no connection at all, as if they are soulless.

With Love,
I cannot even begin to try to explain all the experiences I've had through the past 6 months. Needless to say, life has completely changed for me. My awareness and understanding of life, energy, chakras, Being, etc. has completely altered to the point where I can literally "sense" the energy being emitted from every single blade of grass while going to sit in the stillness by the hill, for instance. Every Being, every creature, every plant every flower every energy having it's place in the Universe and exchange/flow of life force within her.
I have also battled 'demons', negative spirits /energies for months straight. I was being stalked and bothered to the point of the Spirits making themselves a part of my everyday life. I was being harassed and 'raped' by these entities, as they would take on the form of my partner usually and force sexual acts on me. I was hearing them clear as day speaking in my head, or they would talk to one another. My children were seeing them and sensing them and needless to say it's been a serious battle.
Nontheless, we have cleansed our home and our family of the negative entities and have once again surrounded ourselves with the Light, the positivity, Creator, Angels, and the Force of Mother Earth.

But in all this that has been going on, I have noticed a few things happening recently --- I have a permanent ache right in the centre of my forehead. A few weeks ago I noticed a friend of mine was "glowing" and I realized I was seeing her energy, it was like looking right into a lightbulb! I've seen several auras since then. When I meet with the medicine men, I can see the energies/spirits of the animals and our ancestors dancing around them, flying around them, twirling, spinning etc.
About a month ago I had a dream that I could see the spirit world out of my right eye. I could see the spirit world almost as an extra layer ontop of this world, I could see them both at once but on the right side it's like there was a hazy layer and I could see the Spirits.

Also, out of my right ear it randomly feels like I'm "tuning in" to a different station, a different vibration, per se. I can hear another world out of my right ear at random times and although it is a brief experience it is usually when I am doing something productive or speaking about transitioning of the Earth, guiding youth in the right direction, or speaking of peace, and project development towards peace/conflict resolution. at these time I can almost hear something speaking to me and I have recently started communicating back with it , last time when I 'tuned in' I said (in my head, within my self) What do you want? And I was immediately responded to with "We are Here".... again I wasn't hearing this with my ears the answer just came within me.

The throbbing/aching on middle of my forehead is constant, all day, everyday for a week now. I also seem to be picking up on what other people are seeing in their minds, and especially what they are feeling, I feel the emotions as though they are my own. I feel like I am awakening to a higher consciousness, a higher vibration. Has anybody else experienced this? When your chakras are activating, what other sensations do you notice? What physical changes/what mental changes do you notice?

I also seem to be dreaming about babies quite frequently, not sure why though - last night in my dream my partner, my son and a baby we had were running from something and when we set up a tent to camp there was blood leaking through the Earth - and my partner (who is a spiritual Ojibwe/Anishnaabe Warrior - Aboriginal/Canadian) was battling all night to keep my son and I safe from negative energies .

Any thoughts or ideas or experiences are welcome. I do not judge or criticize anybody for their spiritual beliefs. :)
Hey everybody! Its been years since Ive been on this site and after a really tough journey, I have found my way back to Spirit Travelling/out of body experiences. Last night was the first time Ive projected in a very long time and I encountered a problem I used to have alot and was hoping maybe somebody could explain.
I was having a negatuve dream and was being bothered by entities in it so I decided to "feel" for my body. I could tell in my dream that my body was too deeply asleep as it was very difficult to feel it, it felt very far away. I dexided to fly into the mosaic ceiling and bring myself upwards and as I did my awareness shifted and I awoke in sleep paralysis. I thought about floating upwards & becoming weightless and as my body began to separate, I had a horrible strong pain in the middle of my upper back. I was stuck! :| I fought through the pin and ended up separating from my physical body but even when I was an experienced Traveller I often encount et ed this problem and it was always always stuck in the same place. The spot on the midsectiono f my upper back feels like it would be in the same spot as my Heart chakra if it was in the front. I was wondering what this could be? Is it possible it is a blockage of energy through the Heart Chakra? Anybody else hve this problem?
So I have recently started using marijuana (medicinally) for pain relief as I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and seeing as everything the doctors prescribe me cause severe stomach pain, smoking weed seems to be the lesser of two evils. I was wondering, does frequent/constant marijuana use affect whether or not you can consciously project and remember your projections? I haven't been able to project much at all, only about once every 3 months (I used to have a projection at least every two-three weeks). Regarding medication, I am on an SSRI, citalopram 30 mg daily and amitriptyline 10 mg daily. Both are to try to manage my chronic pain but right now it's unknown how effective they are going to be. Do either of these meds affect OBE'S? I have been having crazy dreams lately but having a very difficult time remembering them (just sort of a feeling - faint memory)
Last night I went lucid in a dream and decided to project I started flying quickly and had a strong pain in my middle back. This happens when I'm not fully "separated" and my body isn't completely asleep yet. I played around in my dream some more then awhile later tried again without the pain. I ended up popping out of my body quickly and flying into space through a meteor shower. I decided to visit the planes and I focused my intent on going there and flee quickly. I wound up in a beautiful world with a large castle. The people who lived there has pointy ears and looked very much physical although they didn't seem surprised to see somebody who could fly like me. There was a huge castle beautiful green hills with crystal blue water. The sky seemed to be a mixture of colours it was radiant. They had just finished building two bridges to get from the castle to the beautiful pond and waterfalls. I jumped on the bridge and they told me not to do that because the people who lived there can't fly and if I break the bridge they would fall. They told me they built it to please the "blue imp" who was coming to their land. They told me he was the creator of their world and their existence and invited me to stay to meet him. I played around a bit but ended up waking up. Has anybody ever heard of this imp before? What types of planes do you usually visit? Thanks for reading !
I became conscious in much dream a feel nights ago and started flying upwards into the sky as I normally do to project. Once I become aware in my dream when I fly into the sky I 'pop' out of my body in the etheral world. This time though, I woke up with my body in a world that was almost identical to this one. I looked around my bedroom and saw a few things misplaced and a couple pictures I don't actually have. I focused and could see every detail of the room, every shade every crease in the blanket. I counted my fingers and they were normal . I then walked downstairs and saw my boyfriend sitting on the couch. His face looked almost the same as it does in real life but with less facial hair and thicker eyebrows - the layout was also very slightly different but I couldn't figure out how. I told him I don't belong here and I live somewhere else and he acted like I was crazy. Usually in my dreams I figure its a dream because I can never perfectly see people's faces. This time I saw every little facial line and detail. I tried a few tines to go back to sleep and every time I woke up in this world. I think the 4th or 5th time I went to sleep I had a dream then woke up back in my reality.

Do you have experience with parallel worlds and if so what did you encounter? I had a physical body the whole time. The world seemed slightly greener and more alive. Does this sound like just some crazy dream?
For everybody who practices AP what is your religion or culture and what is their description/belief of astral projection? I am a native American (Chippewa/Ojibwe) and my culture refers to OBEs as spirit travellers. It is considered a gift in which your spirit can travel to the spirit world, inhabit different bodies and experience different lives. It is seen as a feminine gift; not that only females can do it, but in the sense that spirit and emotion are seen as feminine energies and therefore if a man is practicing spirit travelling he must get in touch with his feminine self.

Ok... go!
I was wondering when you first exit your body do you communicate with the spirits you encounter? I see many spirits (mostly in my room as soon as I exit - I usually spend my time traveling through the stars)  but I have never tried to communicate with them before and never even considered it until a co worker told me he usually travels places with spirits and helps them overcome issues that keep them here. I've been projecting for about 4.5 years now mad still can't control my thoughts as soon as I exit. If I stay in my room too long I will start picturing demons and they willmanifest front of me. I always feel afraid until I get out of my room , probably mostly because I always see at least one person standing in the corner or my room.. I cant usually see their faces. Do you communicate with spirits ?
So if any of you have seen my posts before you'd be aware I was undergoing a dry spell as such, I couldn't project for over half a year and this is weird for me as I usually have a projection at least every 2-3 weeks. Anyways I have been praying, drumming and burning medicine plants (I am ojibwe - native American) and it seems that's done the trick since I've had 3 experiences in the past 2 weeks. :) I'll tell you about this one since it was weird. I prayed right before I went to sleep and ended it with Creator, give me the gift of dream.
I lay on my stomach not planning to project and ended up with extreme vibrations in my lower body and my head only. I would fall asleep and these head vibrations remind me a lot of withdrawal from pills - I used to be an addict and would have these half seizures/blackouts every time I tried to sleep. It felt different Than regular vibrations and I didn't like it so strangely once my dream got too intense I would be able to wiggle my toes and wake up. I felt like I had full control of my physical body while dreaming.
I dreamt I was being attacked and I woke myself up Then I dreamt I was in a big mob brawl and I woke myself up again . Both times I awoke I had extreme vibrations . This time I decided to make use of it and try the roll out method since I was on my stomach.
I don't usually do techniques I can usually project without any but this time I did it and it worked. I rolled beside my body and all of a sudden I started moving up while the focus was on my bedroom. I saw my bedroom from top view as it got farther Away. Next thing I was above my house then my city then the world. I couldn't control where I was going at all! I tried forcing my focus towards the world and I went back to a different city but I was being pushed or pulled backwards
reds by an unknown force. I couldn't control anything I just kept moving backwards. I went through one house then another then another and so on mad so forth.
I was moving so fast I decided to wiggle my toe and wake up . The whole time I was out of body I could still feel my physical body vibrating in my back and behind my head! I felt like I Had two focus points and two bodies and as soon as I decided to I wiggled my leg and foot and didn't even go back to the physical immediately I felt the transition between non physical and physical. So my two questions are why couldn't I control where I was going in my OBE and why could I feel my other body the whole time?
I read the book Astral Dynamics and Robert Bruce talks about astral wind is this what he's referring to?
To sum it up, about two weeks ago out of nowhere I felt a very intense 'calling' from God. All of a sudden, I could sense my loved ones that have passed on and I can feel my higher self and God in every living creature , in plants and animals and in myself. I feel like they are calling upon me or sending me a message but I can't pinpoint exactly what that message is. Since then, I feel...awake. aware. Full of life but ready for death. In the past two weeks I have dreamt I died 3 times. These are very intense dreams, and although I die a different way every time the sensation is the same when my spirit leaves my body. I can feel each one of my veins stop pumping blood, I feel throbbing in my head, my vision goes completely blurry, my words become slurred and muscle by muscle I feel my body die. It happens quickly but with such intensity. Two of the dreams I had I only died and separated in then I woke up, but last night I dreamt that I went to the spiritual side and was met by a guardian in a long tunnel who explained to myself and other people there that we had died and were transitioning. She said we could do anything during this transitioning  , create our own scenery and live wherever we choose while we wait for our loved ones to be with us or we could 're incarnate.i created a beautiful home from my mind overlooking the ocean and within moments my partner was there witg me. The lady explained that time is different in the spirit world and although it seems to take a long time for us to pass on in the physical plane, time would fly by in the spirit world. When I saw my boyfriend I hugged him and felt a rush of ecstasy flow through me; the lady explained that since our physical bodies are not coming into contact, it's our spirits that embrace one another and every sensation will be 100x more intense than here. So my question is what does this mean? I feel almost.... ready to die. Could this mean something else
I'm not sure why but I Have a very strong 'sense' that soon something is going to happen to me . I feel like I am being called to from my higher self or the 'Creator', a strong sense of peace is within me and I feel something big coming my way. Has this ever happened to Any of you before a big event ? I almost feel as if Its my time and that worries me. It happened out of nowhere. I'm hoping perhaps I am undergoing a spiritual awakening or something of the sort
OK so here's the dealio. I got pregnant in about fall of last year. At that point, I no longer even needed to 'try' to project - I would have a projection evey 2 to 3 weeks regardless if I tried or not. I first started AP about 4years ago, it took me 3 months of working energy, 'training' per se, to have a projection. Over time I kept trying and trying (my son was a newborn so I had a long time to stay home and practice), and after about a year I began to project automatically every 2-3 weeks. I continued to project until I was about 5-6 months pregnant at which point, it just stopped. Try as I might, I could not project. I'd get vibrations, feel like I'm separating, but it just wouldn't happen. My daughter is now 3.5 months old and I still can't project. I am breastfeeding and don't know if that would have anything to do with it? Does anybody have some info as to why I can't project anymoe? I feel like there is a huge gap in my life now AP was my lifestyle
I'd love to hear your experiences! So far I've had a few, one being visited by an Archangel named Michael who took me to a church on clouds and told me that was where he brought spirits of people who were soon going to pass away, then brought me to my 'home', and then showed me the gates of Heaven --- soo amazing, there are no words to explain. I will post in detail later on as I have things I have to do right now but I'd love to hear your most amazing/phenomenal experience thus far and how long you've been AP'ing for.


I have to say one of the most fun things to do while out of body is fly through space. I've seen some magnificent things. But one thing I was wondering is has anybody ever went through a black hole? That is something I would like to try however I'm still sort of afraid that I will enter into another physical dimension and won't be able to get back lol. I've never had an issue getting back to my body while having an OBE, but I've also never heard of anybody going through a black hole. Thoughts/advice?
Hello! In the beginning of my pregnancy I was able to have out of body experiences. I would spontaneously become aware in my dream and fly until i 'pop' out of my body or wake up in SP and exit that way. The last time Ihad an experience I was 3 months pregnant. I am now over 6 months and can no longer project. It saddens me as I usually have amazing experiences and am fearful that I am losing my level of awareness.. Have any of you been able to project while pregnant? Every time I try, I feel a heaviness at my stomach area and a pain if i try to exit. Any techniques or lifestyle suggestions? Also does anybody have any suggestions as to why pregnancy may affect OBE?

So last night I became conscious in my dream and began flying upwards. I felt the vibrations and knew I was going to exit my body. I ended up popping out of my body, and flew threw my window into the sunrise. I could feel the clouds going through me, it was amazing. I flew and I flew and somehow ended up at this large castle situated in the clouds. Infront of it was a man wearing a brown robe, with golden wings. He told me his name was Michael and he was an Archangel. Now mind you, I am not Catholic, or Christian and I wasn't aware there was even an Archangel named Michael in the bible. Anyhow, he 'guided' me for awhile. I was with him for quite some time, I followed him around asking him what he was doing. There was an elderly lady who was with him and he told me he was preparing her for death by taking her spirit when she was asleep to this church where she would go to immediately after she died. She sat and sang songs with him, he told me she wouldn't remember when she awoke because her body was dreaming, and that as soon as she died she would recognize this place and feel at ease.
We returned to the tower and I asked him "Can you show me where I will go when I die?"
I was flying within seconds at such a fast speed I couldn't make out where I was even going.
We ended up in a beautiful, beautiful garden. He told me I would rest there. There were squirrels and animals, a waterfall and the most peaceful sound I have ever heard - nature. I am very close to nature and it made me very happy to be there. There was pure beauty, everywhere, such a calming feeling. I asked him after that, "Can you show me Heaven?" (I'm not entirely sure why I asked, because I personally don't even believe in heaven as I'm not Christian, maybe just to see if it really existed)
Anyways he whistled and a chariot appeared with two horses with wings, he got onto it and so did I and we zoomed so fast I felt the energy throughout me picking up and vibrating higher and higher.
We stopped infront of golden gates, the most beautiful sight I have ever seen, beyond these gates was a kingdom of wonder and beauty. Everything was amazing - colours I have never seen in real life, people with such a strong aura it glowed gold, everybody had wings. It was truly euphoria.

My memory gets kind of hazy, I recall asking what age I would die at and he told me an age that was way too young, I begged him to give me more time he told me that I don't take care of my body (I smoke, don't eat very healthy, etc.) I told him I would promise to take care of myself, and after that, I was back.

This is by far the most AMAZING, incredible experience I have ever had in my life. I have never seen such beauty, felt such wonder, amazement. The words I typed couldn't have shown nearly the beauty I saw today. So the thing is, I'm confused. I am not Christian, I do not believe in Heaven.
I believe in the afterlife but could I have stumbled upon the belief system territories ? Robert Monroe talks about it in his book. Also why did an Archangel call me? I don't even really believe in angels so this is all new to me. Have any of you encountered angels before ?
Okay so.

About a year and a half ago I played with a ouija board. I did a prayer and stated I was opening the doorway to the spirit world . I have Ben practicing AP or about 3 and a half years now and the experiences I had afterthis were really something else. I never believeda spirit could harm you while you were in your astral body but now I am not so sure.
The ouija board isn't work. The thing didn't move and I gave up after 15 minutes of no response . I didn't say anything to 'close the doorway' per se, I didn't think there was a need to since I had no response whatsoever.
Within a week my life changed. My son darted having nightmares that I couldn't wake him up out of, he alsostarted talking about the 'black man in mommys room'. I heard violently loud bangs on my walls in the middle of the night and m cat went into hidingfor days. Caught the shadow of a man in a picture I took. Well, I also had a few experiences. I kept having dreams of being sexually assaulted and when I would wake up I would feel an old mans hand on my thigh or stomach! The scariest was whenbi went ibo sleep paralysis. I saw demons flying around me saying something in different languages. I started asking for help from my higher self saying 'you cannot hurt me. I am strode than you. I ask for te assistance of my higher sel to help me come back to consciousness' the spirits laughed and closed my throat. It felt like I was being choked . I couldn't wake up and my head started rushing, they opened my throat again and I was pantig. I couldn't shake the SP they closed my throat 2 more times before I could wake up and when I woke up my throat was red n fingertips were numb, I was seeing black blotches from not getting enough air.
My question is if spirits cannot hurt you while in your astral form, why did this happen? I had 3 more experiences where spirits are trying to force me out of my body or force sex upon me while I was in SP. I have been APing for a long time and have never hadstuff. Like that happen . As soon as I asked for help from my higher self I was helped. Nothing was ever able to hurt me because I knew I was stronger than them.

So if that the case how did this happen :S
So I'm in my room with a loud, low humming noise surrounding my house and my city. Everybody I have called can hear the noise, but nobody knows what it is. It sounds almost like BINAURAL beats - perhaps these beats which are used to make bob your left and right brain become active and thus , become more spiritually aware are meant to do just that? We are supposedly undergoing a shift in human consciousness, perhaps this is the beginning. Then again maybe it's the 7 trumpets that signify the end of the world. I'm shittin myself here lol what's everybodys thoughts about the strange noises being heard all over the world right now ?
I just had a nightmare. In it, I laid down to try and astral project, and I felt all the sensations and stuff. I decided this time I would go into my own mind, to observe and see what's in there. I saw clips of these beautiful scenes, one with a tree with every leaf a different shade of green, and pearls in it. The next was an ocean bluer than the bluest sky I've seen, with mountains in the background. The next scene was of a field of wheat. In the field was a little girl and boy and they were looking up, talking to somebody. I got the impression whatever it was was acting like a 'higher power' I could see the side of its face and it reminded me of an alien, when I heard it speak I heard it's voice, but the message went into my head & the girl could repeat what it was saying.
It said something about Alpha and Omega (wtf is that?) and words I didn't know, and I said "God is the highest power." (Don't jump on me for being Christian, I'm not, but I do believe in all of us existing out of something that is beyond what we can comprehend) and it started saying "I am the Lord" and a bunch of other excrement, I immediately woke up out of OBE (back into my dream) and I got into an elevator, when I went in it started shooting up n down, I couldn't breathe I was so scared and it was saying "You're done! you are over you are nonexistent, etc." now it wasn't saying this but that's what was translating into my mind.

so wtf. I don't think this really means anything but it's interesting, scared the excrement outta me, thoughts? :roll:
Having some problems with spirits. I will list the ones I have encountered, and if you yourself have encountered one of them, please let me know, and list any you have encountered.

#1. Shadow people - shadow people that show up in pictures, and I have seen them standing beside my bed. Very tall, but couldn't make out a face. I didn't feel it was positive neither negative.
#2. Negative sexual entity with a green face - bothered me about a year ago, whispered something in a different language in my ear. It tried to seduce me, and I watched its face morph as I knew it wasn't what it appeared to be.(Incubus?)Took on the form of somebody I knew before morphing.
#3. Small negative beings - didn't see them. they latched onto my back and pulled me to the lower astral planes. I was blinded but could feel their claws, suctioning into my back. I demanded they bring me back and they did.
#4. Mysterious, deep voices - I usually heard them when I needed help of some sort. They offered me assistance, and seemed to come from all around aswell as inside of me.
#5. Light beings - Couldn't see faces or descriptions, nothing more than a glowing aura, whitish/yellow. Appeared only once.
#6. Tormenting entities - touched me and bothered me, harassed me. I could feel them grabbing my wrists, my bare waist, my back. I could hear them laughing and flying around the room, they also seemed to do things to scare me, such as poking me, breathing in my ears and cutting off my breath.
Well.. I made a post awhile ago about being harassed by spirits. For 5 days now, nothing has happened, until last night.
The reason I put this in the out of body experiences section is because everytime the spirits are harassing me, I feel like they are trying to pull me out of my body. Every single time I have a bad experience, I am going through sleep paralysis. I am usually not even asleep before it happens, but it hits me and I can't move. And that's when everythign starts.

When I have an out of body experience, if my spirit body has not fully separated from my physical, I get a horrid pain in my lower back if I try to move up. I do succeed if I can handle the pain, but it's so intense that usually I just keep meditating. Anyways, last night I went into SP as usual, and my back hurt really really bad. It began to arch, and I heard voices flying around the room laughing at me. I tried praying to the Creator, or my higher self, and demanded that they leave, but everytime I did they continued laughing in my face. They were saying something I couldn't understand. I felt hands grab my wrists, and I was very scared because I had my two year old sleeping beside me. My dog got scared and ran downstairs, whining like crazy. I finally broke out of SP, and moved my son in between my fiancee and I. I went back to sleep, and the voices were there again, but this time, they cut off my breath. It was as if my throat closed and I couldn't breathe, and I tried praying again and again and they kept laughing at me! Then all of a sudden I could breathe and I was gasping for air, and they kept closing my throat. I woke up gasping..

Why is this happening to me? Somebody please tell me this is all in my head.. I'm getting very scared, I don't know what to do or who to talk to..

PS - for all the noobies who have just begun to practice OBE's and AP, don't let this scare you. I haven't had experiences like this on a regular basis, ever. It all began when my fiancee and I used a Ouija board (and it didn't even work!) I have had the most amazing experiences AP'ing, and I won't stop practicing it no matter what.
Soo.. I used a Ouija board a couple of weeks ago with my boyfriend out of curiosity. Since then, I feel like I am being bothered by spirits. The strange thing is it didn't even work! But lately some strange things have been happening, such as
1. Very vivid dreams, usually with what appears to be demons/spirits bothering me sexually. I am continuously having dreams where I'm being raped.. and when I wake up, I wake up into SP, and can't wake up properly. I keep slipping back into the dream and it's difficult to wake up.
2. Other people who come here are having strange experiences as well. One of my sisters had a dream that there were people who passed on in my house and they visited her. My other little sister took a picture of herself in my basement and behind her shadow there is clearly a shadow of a person standing behind her.
3. The basement seems to have noises coming from it, and the door closed by itself last night.
4. Ever since I have moved in this house, all the experiences I have had have been negative, with the exception of one OBE a few nights ago.

My boyfriend has smudged, and my best friend burned the Ouija board, but I still feel like that isn't enough. Is it all in my head? What can I do to make this stop?
Hiya, I recently had a dream , and I was wondering if it was an out of body experience .
What happened in the dream was I went to bed, and then in my dream i was in the same spot as I was when I  went to bed, and I was talking to god. He told me he was sending down an angel, I was unsure why.
I looked in the window and I seen her dress coming down slowly, it was as if she was glowing and she has white on. I looked away because it was my first dream like that ever and I was kind of startled.
I looked at the door where she was coming too, and when I looked , I seen 4 family members that passed away a while ago. They we're looking at me and they looked like they were getting ready to welcome the angel. When the angel was about to come in, My body started viberating and shaking. It felt as if there was an earthquake happening but only in my body. When she was with the people that passed away, I kept telling myself to wake up, I kept repeating that until i finally did. When I woke up, I talked to my sister about it who was really well aware of out of body experience, she said that I probably had an OBE.
What do you guys think??
My boyfriend had a strange experience that he wanted to share and receive thoughts/opinions on, so I said I would share it here and see what you all think!

This occurred when I was about 13 years old, and I didn't even know about the paranormal/spirits until I was about 16, so I didn't know what to make of this experience. I still, to this day, don't know why this happened, and was hoping one of you would be able to help me figure it out. I was placed in foster care as a young young child, and since I was about 6, sometimes at night I would wake up to somebody/something poking me. These pokes would sometimes feel like hard jabs in my stomach area and other places on my body, and I would even go as far to say they felt like punches. One night, I was sleeping at my respite workers house, and I was awoken by the feeling of a punch to my stomach and my jaw area (Except it felt more like the after-math of being punched), and as soon as I felt that I heard something scurrying across the ground. I was extremely scared, so I went into the next room to wake up the people who were sleeping in there. When I went in there, I looked at the foot of the bed and clearly saw a pasty-white coloured baby - it was on all fours, looking up at me, and to this day I remember it clearly. I panicked and said "There's a baby on the bed!" and the person said that it was just the cat. I looked back, and the calico cat was laying down on the bed, where I saw the baby.

I know it wasn't the cat I saw the first time. I wasn't even aware of paranormal/spirits until I was about 17, and I don't know what to make of this experience. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Last night, I had a bad dream and forced myself awake (yes I know how to do this)
I woke up completely paralyzed, but could see around the room easily. I thought of going up, and I went up really really fast, but my back was arched or something and it hurt soooo badly. I thought of going back to my body and I did. But everytime I got back in, the same thing woud happen. It felt like somebody was trying to pull me out of my body.
The last time it happened, I had my head upwards and could see the headboard, and thought of rolling over and I watched the headboard move in a circle pattern and my back was aching so much. I got out, but I encountered a guy who looked like one of my friends. He kept rubbing on me, and trying to have sex with me, I kept pushing him away but gave in. He whispered in my ear with this deep, sickening voice.. I got scared and went back to my body. Again this happened, but this time I encountered a man I have never seen before. He looked like he was going to rape me! He came closer to me with this horrible smirk, I could feel his energy and it felt evil..
Do you think succubus is real? Have you encountered one before? Is this how they show themselves?
Well, the other night while I was meditating, I was fooling around with Astral vision and was looking around the room. I was already in the 'able to stretch your limbs out of your body but not quite there enough to separate completely' state when I felt this awful, horrible, aching sadness in my heart. I felt like bursting out and crying. Not even 20 second later, I heard my cousin start crying her eyes out. I still had this aching sadness in my heart. I swear, I could feel everything she was feeling, about missing her brother immensly (he was shot and killed in December.. so it's been very rough for her).. This was a very extreme experience, one of the most extreme I've ever had. Was this because of our close bond? Or just because I was meditating (and therefore more sensitive/aware of others' emotions/energy)?
Has anybody had an experience like this?

ps sorry if I posted in the wrong area!
Okay, lets start off with my great grandma is 93 years old, so yes she is very well along but here's the story..
This morning, my grandma called my great grandma to ask her if she had breakfast.
"No, I wasn't even here."
"Where were you?" Replied my grandma.
"I was out, last night 4 men came to my window and took me out to a big field with a nicely-decorated building. They sprayed stuff on me to try to make me fall asleep, and it made me weaker, but I wouldn't fall asleep so some other people came to take me back home. While I was gone, those people sprayed stuff on my walls and hung pictures on the wall."
So obv my auntie and family went to see what was going on, my great grandma lives in a nursing home, so people taking her out of the building is not a possibility. When they took her to the hospital, the doctors said she was dehydrated and that's why she was hallucinating.
But she is still seeing these pictures/writings on her walls, she can describe them perfectly, and she wasn't hallucinating anywhere else but her bedroom. Also she knew what day it was, the time, the place the lived, everything. I just wanted to get some feedback, does this sound like dementia/dehydration? I find this weird because don't hallucinations usually dissappear?
btw sorry if i posted this in the wrong place!
If you are sexually exhausted, will this affect your OBE's or progress with AP?
I think it would, but if so in what way?
So finally, after about 5-6 months of nonstop hard work, trying over and over again to get out of my body, I tried the phasing exercise ..
It was so easy, I didn't think that the one thing I've been missing all of this time was just.. letting it happen, and noticing.

Last night, I laid down and just listened to the humming of the humidifier. I noticed my body relaxing, and I noticed the random blots behind my eyes. I didn't use any techniques. I just let myself keep getting deeper and deeper into trance until I felt a 'buzz' around my body, at which point I moved my area of awareness from my eye view to right infront of me. As soon as I moved my awareness, I was out and I could see part of another dimension. It scared the bejeezus out of me! I saw a little kid sitting in a chair-thing, right infront of me looking at me. I looked around and realized the setting was theme-park related.. only, creepier. I started moving into that plane very quickly, and scared myself, forcing myself back to this reality.
What an amazing experience! And so easy too. Just wanted to share :)
Let's see how tonight goes..
When trying to AP, at what point do you 'release', and start 'feeling' a floating sensation and imagine yourself moving up(or use the rope technique, roll-out, etc.)? Is it before or after you feel paralyzed?
If you do not use any techniques, will you project anyway?
What I've wondered for quite awhile is after people have died and passed on, but had a very close connection with some physical items, if there is energy around them does this mean consciousness?
Hmm lets elaborate..

If I were to take a heat-signal thing(can't recall the name of it, but it is used to show heat signals/spikes in the area you point it at) and there is a ton of heat radiatating off say- a teddy bear, does this mean consciousness exists here too? (think - ghosts, spirits, etc.) I know the easiest shape for energy to take is a circle, hence all the pictures with 'orbs' and such, but does energy = consciousness?
I'm not one to ask questions like this, but recently I've been having some weird experiences (dreams?) about aliens..
Last night, I was trying to get out of body when I fell asleep..(I think)
I dreamt that aliens contacted me, telling me I had to leave my level of existance and go live on theirs.. They looked like people but I knew they were making themselves look like that so I would trust them, but I still didn't, they had a horrible negative energy..
I resisted, and they told me I didn't have a choice and I couldn't live physically anymore, I begged and pleaded but I knew I didn't have a choice. I asked to say goodbye to my son, and I tried to say goodbye to him but he was sleeping.
They brought me out into a different 'level'. and I could see a spiraling dimension-thing, there's no other way to describe it.
I remembered how to will myself back into my body and did so, fearing that if I stayed out any longer, I really would have no way of getting back.

There's more to it but piece by piece I seem to be forgetting .. Please tell me this was just a dream.. I personally believe aliens live in this plane, just on a different planet, so I dont know where this is coming from.
Has anybody found that after starting to practice energy work - meditation, AP, Lucid dreaming - That they are becoming less and less interested in their lover, or wanting somebody who is more metaphysically interested/spiritually connected?
Or somebody who can 'go' on journeys with them, instead of having no idea what you're talking about and having no interest to learn ?

I feel really selfish for asking this..  :oops:
It is an internet sensation afterall  :-D
Anybody want to connect through facebook too?
Well, when I first started practicing energy work and trying to induce an OBE, after my sessions I would be shaking all over and have a huge headache. That slowly stopped, so I assumed it was my energy body getting used to so much energy flowing through it.
Lately, when I lay down to try and induce an OBE, I become totally aware of my heart beating. I can feel every single beat throughout my entire body and through my ears. It thumps like a big drum, and I don't really mind it but felt the need to mention it because lately I've also become more emotional and distressed.
I find myself sad alot of the time, for no apparent reason.
And last night, while doing my usual before-sleep routine, I successfully (partially?) separated from the physical, but as I was moving my astral limbs around, trying to do the roll out technique, I felt a horrible horrible pain in my stomach near the solar plexus chakra. It felt like I had been drop kicked in the stomach, or like I just swallowed rat poison.. yuck. It was a horrible, aching, sickening pain.
I had no choice but to abort the attempt, and as soon as I stopped it went away. Why did this happen?  :?
So last night, while trying to AP, I fell asleep (I think) and this is what I dreamt..

I was walking around in a big, dark building with my brother and my cousin Raena.
We all had to sleep in seperate beds in the basement,  so down we went. I told Raena I was going to try to Astral Project. I felt all the sensations, and saw a 'pool of energy' infront of me, so I tried shifting my consciousness into it. Suddenly, I shifted over, into this other world. Everythign had a luminous, gold 'glow' to it. The air sparkled under the sun. I saw my cousin there, and I saw her hair in all sorts of golden colours. I flew up into the air, and as I flew up I saw more and more of the lands I was in. The castle I was in, was beautiful and bright on the outside. I looked beyond the green, sparkling hill I was standing on, and as I flew up I saw a whole new era on the grass below the hill. The farther I looked, the more gathering of different times I saw. The first group of people were dressed in blue with pointy hats, and big fluffy pants. They were singing and dancing with strange instruments. The next group I sasw were dressed in green, but I can't remember exactly what they were doing. The farther away the groups got, the closer to this time it seemed they were living. I flew up and over them, beyond their different lands, and at the end I saw a crystal clear ocean. I wondered if I should dive in or not, but decided not to since I was still a little bit afraid.
The world I was in was sparkling like crystals, the most perfect land I have ever witnessed.
Then I woke up.

I would have said that this was AP, except for the fact that I saw my cousin there.
Was this really a dream?
(If it changes anything, I was repeating "I will remember my OBE" last night for about 30 minutes before I went to sleep)
I can get into a trance state very easily, and then I get a buzzing/peeling sensation as my astral body 'pops' out of my physical (or how it feels).
I can feel my legs 'peel' apart and become seperate, and at first I always think it's just in my head (it doesn't seem to take very long these days - granted, I have been practicing about twice a day for the past 3 months) but I can think "legs, up up up" and they will float up very high. I think "Legs, stop" and they will stop. It also feels I can 'stretch out' my limbs or make them larger then they physically are, and the way I move is not the same as the physical. I move by willing myself to that place, not by actually moving.
Here's the problem.
Everytime I'm only attached by my head and it starts to detach, I stop the process, because I'm scared of seeing (I know it sounds stupid..) a dead person (think the grudge) standing beside me staring at me, or throwing my Astral body around, etc.
I've already encountered negative beings and know how to handle it so I don't know why I'm being such a chicken  :roll:

How was everybodys first time experience?
So, last night, I was lying my little boy down for bedtime (he sleeps with me), and I decided that since he had already fallen asleep I would try to AP. I rolled onto my left side and started to drift off into sleep, I would wake up and fall asleep, wake up fall asleep etc. I then got strong 'buzzing', 'vibrations', and decided to intensify them. Before I knew it, I popped out! I was standing beside my bed, looking at my room. It didn't look like my room though, there was furniture there that isn't actually there. I decided I wanted to visit a past life. I shouted "Take me to a past life!" then spun around and fell backwards. I landed in a bath tub, in a big navy blue bathroom, I was a man. I was instantly afraid. The door opened and 3 men walked in, I commanded them to leave, but they didn't listen. At this point I still felt incredibly physical. They carried what I think were bats with them, they took a swing at me, and I thought "Bring me back to my physical body", I began to 'shift' back, and I was tingly all over, laying in my bed. I decided to get up, and I walked around my house. I realized after awhile that I didn't actually wake up, I was in my Astral body again. So I decided to make good use of it, spun around and fell backwards. I yelled "Take me somewhere really beautiful!"
I fell through the world at such a great speed, and went through the other end. I watched it become a dot in the distance. Even though I have read about that you cannot get lost while out of body, I got a little scared. I looked at the stars and planets, and thought that it was beautiful, but I wanted to go back to my physical body. I 'shifted' back, and got up again, thinking I was awake. I realized again, that I was out of body, and fell backwards saying "Take me somewhere I really need to be!"
This time, things were a bit different. I clould feel negative beings pulling me backwards, and down down down. I saw the different planes pass by me as they pulled me, but I saw way more than  7. They dragged me to a negative, creepy place. I can't remember what it looks like, I just remember how it felt. I remembered what I have studied though, and told them "I command you to take me back!" They didn't listen, so I told them that they can not hurt me, I would not let them. I then asked for my Higher self to take me back up. "Bring me back up, to athe higher planes." I felt myself get sucked back up, the whole process reversed, and I remember seeing a beautiful garden, all sorts of colours and nature life. The rest of my experience is just a blur, but I remember several more false awakenings, followed by me standing outside of my sleeping body yelling "Wake up!! Wake up!!" I sort of forced myself back in, and I remember having an actual dream, then finally waking up.

If anybody has taken the time to read this, do you think this was an OBE? Or a very vivid lucid dream? It had a different feel than a lucid dream, but I've only had about 3 so maybe I just don't know enough about them.
Thanks! :-)
Well, I successfully separated from the physical :-D. My arm was resting under a pillow and i began buzzing intensly. After a few minutes my arms became like.. a blob of energy. I started moving my arm up, into the pillow, and my hand moved with the base of my palm pushing forward. I could feel the magnetism in my hand, and I felt the material the pillow was made out of.Every time I moved, that limb would have a sequence of waves that came over it. I then realized that my elbow was inside of my bed, and I could feel the texture on the inside of my bed. I felt buzzing sensations everytime I moved, and even as I was lying still. The only problem was I couldn't get up out of my body, everything was going so slow. I tried the rope method, nada. Rolling over, I got partially over but couldn't seem to get away. Did I only partially separate?
What happened? :?
I had a dream I had an OBE, this was awhile ago.. At least, I think it was a dream. Here, I'll copy and paste from my journal.

OBE Dream #1.
I feel the exit sensations, and am automatically transported to a different room. I can't see anything, the room is pitch black. "Clarity now!" I yell. Doesn't work, so I yell it again, and again it doesn't work. I'm stumbling around, scared, frantically asking "Why can't I see? Why can't I see? what's happening to me? Why is all this happening to me?"(By 'all this' I meant the bad things that have happened to me in my life lately - many people have died and things just generally going in a negative direction) Suddenly, I hear a deep voice say, "Just open your eyes, and you will see.".. It seems like this voice is echoing in my head as it speaks. And surely enough, I open my eyes and the world is bright and beautiful. I'm in a small, cream coloured room, with a wood end table in the far right corner of the room. There is a vase full of flowers on it. There is a window on the right wall, overlooking a beautiful garden full of life and colours.Then I blank out.
I see this as a metaphor: The bad things that have happened, happened for a reason. It is right infront of me, I just need to see what it is.

Thoughts?  :-)