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Hey everyone! It's been a long time.... RL has been busy and whatnot, and I sort of got sidetracked from the whole AP business and moved towards my interest in drugs. After revealing some of my AP activities with my friends (like being able to experience "trips" without drugs) it made me realise that in the long run I dont want to rely on drugs for these experiences as there is no question that they do damage your brain in some way or another. Anyway, this post has nothing to do about that....

I had an experience about a month back where I was staying in an apartment in Sydney and, after about a quarter of a bottle of tequila, had a really frightening experience.

I cant remember the very end of the night, but I am told I went to bed around 1am and here is what I remember from that moment onwards....

I had a dream that I was with my gf in a battleship in Pearl Harbor, and suddenly had a realisation that I knew something wrong was happening - I knew the Japanese were coming but they hadnt arrived yet. Realising this I took the steps that you would think rational -> Try to find the general and let him know. There's one problem. I woke up. Sort of.

As far as I can work out I woke up about the time I was leaving the battleship and left the apartment I was staying in, saw the exit sign in the corridor and figured that's how I'd get out of the battleship. As a sidenote, before I saw the exit sign I looked in a door and saw a munitions cupboard - upon inspection the next morning the cupboard in that exact same place was a broom/cleaning cupboard.

At this point I was completely immersed in the dream... I didn't see the real world, only my minds interpretation of what the real world would look like in a battleship - if that makes sense... Like the corridors were made of steel, not wallpaper, and it seems as if only the very necessary of my sensory inputs were being taken notice of by my brain - as in, there is a corridor here, but apart from that make of it what you will. As my dream progressed my sensory input heightened until the end when everything was pretty close to normal, but this increase in "realism" I can only ascribe as linear.... In no way shape or form did I suddnely "wake up" during this whole experience.

Anyhow, I ran to the exit and was soon on top of the apartment complex running around buzzing all the apartments trying to find the general. My voice was frenetic and to anyone but myself it must have looked like I was tripping my head off. I was completely self absorbed in this belief that I was in Pearl Harbor and the Japs were coming... at this point there was not even an inkling that this might be some sort of extreme sleepwalking.

So, after running around a while and hiding round bushes staying out of the "Military Police" (aka security guards) way I found myself - for no reason at all - jumping onto someones balcony. By now I thought I was a spy in Japan getting intelligence for the American forces. I thought I had jumped onto the balcony of a Japanese general and was going to photocopy some things.

I knocked on the sliding doors. Dont ask why. And, as if by the hand of God, a Japanese man appeared at the doors. I was totally bonking freaked. I have never been more scared in my life.... I realised it was up - I was caught and, being not in uniform, could be taken as a spy. Ever wonder how scared spys being caught must have felt? I now know.

I held my hands up to show I had no weapons and quickly looked around the balcony and seriously considered jumping the 3 stories to the ground. Scary excrement. Luckily I didn't and after a few minutes a security guard appeared, took a look at me - a 16yr old with no shoes on, just a pair of wet dirty pants and shirt and promtly called the cops.

The cops did the whole "bloody stupid kids on drugs" talk to my old man when we got back to my apartment and the typical power tripping "we can send him back to New Zealand for this" business. They asked to see my passport and all sorts of stupid things... and apparently I told the cops that I was on my way to a peace protest in the middle of Sydney.... nevermind the fact the apartment is like a 3hour walk away... and this was at about 2:30am in the morning.

By this point I was slowly.. waking? I dont know.... Slowly coming round to understanding what had happened. That's about it... I know some of you people are quite experience in the dreamworld and perhaps this belongs more to the Lucid Dreaming board (if it still exists) but the post also serves as a bit of a catch up for anyone who might still be here.

Any thoughts, ideas, insights are really welcome.... I'm kinda scared it could happen again and I might jump off a cliff thinking im bungee jumping or something, although I'm fairly certain it was a one off thing.

Last night while watching a classic Rugby game between the Crusaders and Highlanders (two super 12 teams - which as an inter country regional competition) I commented on Wilsons imminent retirement and entry into NZ Cricket.

it was just announced today (the day after) Wilson has indeed retired from Rugby and will now be playing Cricket for Invercargill in the coming season.

That was his last game.

- Ashfo

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Talking with the Higher Self
September 30, 2003, 06:15:13
oooooooooooooooooooooooyeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . I'm too embarrassed to go to Her nowadays .................... (cringe, duck!). One of the hardest things about hearing the Higher Voice is that you're obliged to follow its direction (learn, etc.).  When you don't follow the directions, it's embarrassing to go back for more advice.  If I were her, I'd slap me in the head.
Hello Ashfo.. and welcome back..
If you could share the experience it would be great.. And what type of investigation do you mean and need ?

all the best,
I think if you do a search on "pentagram" another thread about this subject will come up.  I think!


"As Above, So Below"
I get that sometimes.
Solution is to practise breathing evenly and normally. And work with the sensations until you get used to them enough for them not to affect your breathing .


I've found moving slightly to locate places of unnecessary tenseness and then consciously relaxing it very helpful.
Normally I don't have to do more than an initial stretch and then pinpointing the troublespots one by one.
Also after I've become relaxed I do a check loop for a while until I can find no more tenseness.
If I add the progressive muscle relaxation the results are pretty amazing.
The checking part I got off a book I reads about the methods actors use to relax on the stage while performing. It deals with visualization and all sorts of useful things. "Strassberg's Method" by Lorraine Hull.


a) 33
b) still trying for an intentional conscious OBE. Apparently I've had a few spontaneous ones.
c) Energy work ceased to produce sensations almost immediately. LDs every now and then.

Hi -

I've had the metal-crotch sensation before.... it felt as though the hip joints were locked and everything was kind of fused (strange sensation) -  I also had the impression that it represented something with the energy body, a lot of focus on that area. I had that while I was awake, though - During energy work.

Haven't had the sense of vibrations while asleep or lucid; only get those when still technically awake - and when I DO have some sort of sensation about my limbs while asleep (not vibrations, but various other sensations - like maybe I feel like my arm is raised or something) upon awaking I see that my limbs were still. So I don't know what it meant that you felt vibrations while asleep - though I would guess it isn't uncommon?

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Thoughts on Thought.
June 11, 2002, 11:28:10
I agree largely on what you say but only slighty altered.

"I'm saying Thought is not a primary energy, but the primary energy. Everything is Thought or created by Thought."

My personal belief is Emotion is The primary energy but is controlled or more over governed by thought.  Ever had a fear that no matter how much you rationalize it won't go away?  Ever love some one so much but you don't know why?  That is also why I feel religion can be so strong at times, because it can and does create an emotional responce in people of faith.  I say that emotion is governed by thought only because you can for the most part controll your emotions with correct thinking but even the strongest of us loose that control at times and the emotion pushes through and creates other thoughts.

David Rogalski
I am he who walks in the light but is masked by the shadows.
I agree. How can you get the Noble Peace Prize by waging war. That makes no sense. Maybe their actions helped keep some peace by disrupting the terrorist's organization, but this hardly seems like they are working towards peace. Someone that actually tries to keep peace by working for peace through peace deserves this, not people that are making war even if it is in retaliation, especially in retaliation.

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Free Energy
May 26, 2002, 23:33:27
This is like those debates I started... but intelectual" border=0>

Ok Ashfo, Im all for science, I like to think an analyse in a scientific way. And I dont mind a good conspiracy theory either. So here is my mind asking you- where is the proof.

While I acknowledge the existance of subtle energies (which we all love to manipulate), I do not see how they can be converted into electrical energy.

Please elaborate, or attach a link to someone who can." border=0>


Veni Vidi Vici
Welcome to Astral Chat! / 6000 posts!
May 20, 2002, 04:53:53
Oh you lucky %#¤&%@¤ ;)
  Have you received a prize yet?   I thought I would get one when I reached 200 posts but - zilch, nada, zero, noll, ingenting....  I think Robert Bruce could at least come and take us on a neat astral trip don´t you think?
  Where is Robert nowadays BTW, working on a book again´!?
      jee, 200 posts....  have I done anything except posting here the last months I wonder ;>)
      That is 3.33% of all postings, hahaa..  Am I a math genious or what?

  6000 is really impressing BTW, I wonder what other forum on these subjects can match that.......

- Your focus determines your reality -
Reiki 1 would probably refer to standard usui reiki. It is effective and good to learn in any case, but there is something you might want to try first.

It helps to e-mail a picture of yourself if you want to receive attunements to the various levels which are available here. I sent mine as a jpeg and that was okay.

As it says, the first level is free for evaluation purposes. Also, the prices for the attunement sets ($80 US) is much more reasonable than usui reiki prices tend to be. I paid $125 US for just the first level of usui reiki. My first three levels were $450 US (compared to a set of three for $80) and it was going to be another $800 US at least except that I got someone else to finish my training at no cost. Even though the Kundalini Reiki is done at a distance, I felt it clearly begin and end at the times we agreed on and continue the whole time. This is not something I'm particularly good at. I've always had an easier time of sending energy than feeling it from other people.

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Telepathic Ability?
May 15, 2002, 03:11:41
Okay what I have colected thus far.

You must be trhe active medium.  

Focus your mind on him soley.  Just as you would meditate to raise energy do so to focus your mind on his.  

Do not try to force your way in it is very difficult and requires alot which will cause you to be unsuccessfull.

I found it easier to speak to the person as you would normally, or normally to a person who is not paying attention.  Naturally this would be a thought not actually speaking.

You must ask for entry, and repeat yourself alot.  You do not need to be in the same room, or stair at him for long piriods of time.  This make people uncomfortable and they will close themselves off.

You share a blood connection which should make it easier but remain honest with yourself on your results.

There is nothing that I can tell you should you have a successfull attempt.  And should you have one you will know what I mean.  But the hardest part of it is going to be control.

I have often found also that when doing this you may catch random thoughts from other people.  Positive results can be gauged by voice pitch.  The voice should match that of your target, also with respect to images they should match also.   In the event that you catch something that is not from the intended target don't worry right away.  Just try to refocus you attempt.

I always feel the need to express this word of caution to all who do this.  If you encounter a voice that changes it pitch you must try to block it and stop.  Trust your feelings if it does not feel right stop.  When you begin to listen there may be many things that wish to say something or your focus may be too open.

David Rogalski
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Jobs?
May 10, 2002, 20:46:46
Currently doing web development but moving over into software development for the telecommunications industry!" border=0>

-- Muzza
Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Woah!!!
May 10, 2002, 00:53:12

just kidding haha
Yep your on your way...
Keep sharing your experiences

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/You must try some of my purple berries.
I've been eating them for 6 or 7 weeks now, haven't got sick once.
Prolly keep us both alive.
Welcome to Dreams! / Lucid Dreaming?
May 05, 2002, 16:01:34
Hi Asfo,
I think this a common problem for people trying to have lucid dreams. Tips to prolong the dream state include rubbing your hands together (in your dream!!) so you can focus on the sensation. Also,spinning around is effective. Another similar method is to move very rapidly, eg fall out a window(!) or run very fast. The sensations of motion wil help ground you in your dream. If you wake up because your physical body has hit the wall etc. make sure you always do a reality check in case its a false awakening!

Hi Ashfo,

I've never heard of lenation, but it does sound very cool indeed. In my opinion, anything "supernatural" is somehow related to energy. So, try the NEW system first and I'm sure that you will soon notice (unexpected) results. Personally, I found AD very interesting and last night... No, I won't tell, 'cause I'm supersticious. But... Results!! :)


Sorry, just noticed Lucid Dreaming forum ^_^

- Ashfo

Well every one here will tell you at least one thing.  Stay with it, and keep trying.

It is normal for there to be little or no sensation at first.  There are a couple of different reasons, either inactivity or blockages.  But if you continue to work these areas any how you will eventually start to feel something as the energy paths are opened.  But do you best to try and give it some time before saying it won't work.  It will.   Also keep in mind that the feelings you get may vary from what some one else describes.  This being that every one is different, different feelings, different way of describing, and so on.  I personally still experience a little bit of pain from time to time when doing energy work.  Kinda like a charlie horse low throbing pain.  I gues I'm one of the luck ones.  
But you will know when it starts to work because the feeling will be very different.  If you use the same kind of concentration that you used when you were getting your braces tightend then you shuold be able to get some very positive results.  Again just keep at it for a while.

David Rogalski