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Welcome to News and Media! / Contact
June 19, 2017, 19:57:57
Just watched the movie "Contact" based on the book by the late great Carl Sagan. It's a great film with a stunning ending. If you watch it DO watch it right through to the very ending, therwise you'll think it's just another science fiction movie. Stunning.

Be careful with the imdb reference to avoid any spoilers about the ending!

Interesting interview given by Sam Parnia with Wired Mag, 24 April 2013.
I've noticed recently that the website is intermittently unresponsive, ie it works fine for a while then I try to refresh a page and it hangs for a long time. Later on it is working OK.

Has anybody else noticed this? Or is it just me?

Anything to do with the alleged DOS attacks?
Welcome to News and Media! / The Antikythera
December 30, 2012, 20:49:33
This is a bit old hat now, but nonetheless amazing. An ancient "computer" built around 87bc which could accurately calculate the movements of the Earth,  moon and sun. Also solar and lunar eclipses. Possibly the planets too.

All the more amazing, considering that in the time of Galileo (17th century) it was still believed that the sun revolved around the Earth. Galileo of course said otherwise, but was forced under threat of torture, to recant.
Welcome to News and Media! / Curiosity lands on Mars
September 27, 2012, 19:00:07
I can't believe this worked, but it did!
OK, so I'm still waiting for the results of Sam Parnia's Aware study, he keeps pushing it back. However, he has written a new book, "The Lazarus Effect" which is due out some time soon. It can be pre ordered on amazon:

I noticed someone has posted some interesting insights into this new book. Basically he's saying that the blurb for the new book is all about how our brains take ages to die and can be resuscitated hours after "brain death". There is nothing in the blurb about successful Aware results, the reality of the NDE, life after death etc. So the conclusion is that the Aware study has failed to prove anything much, and we will find this out in Jan 2013, when the new book is released.

Here's the link

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Suicide and NDE
August 05, 2012, 12:54:08
I've studied NDEs quite a lot, and one thing I can't get my head round is suicide. Now according to several accounts I've seen, people who commit suicide are given a choice; either to stay or go back. If they go back, they have to deal with the problems that brought them to this point, plus presumably a physical body damaged by the suicide attempt. Not a nice prospect!

However, if they choose to stay, they can have a nice time in heaven, but at some time they MUST reincarnate and go through all the same problems which led them to their suicide, and deal with them again. Presumably, if they commit suicide again, they could end up in an endless cycle!

This strikes me as a bit unfair! What do you think? Does anyone have any sort of first hand knowledge about this? Is it just plain wrong? I have seen a few youtube NDE accounts in which the NDEer was given this exact choice. Waddya think? Opinions? Any NDE examples which contradict this?

Decision to stay or go starts at 4.28:
Welcome to News and Media! / Really haunting
July 24, 2012, 12:27:12
Years ago there was a TV documentary about the paranormal. They used this music for the background track. It has haunted me ever since. This is a really really really really haunting beautiful mysterious piece of music. It really does have that eerie feel to it.  I love it,

See what you think...
Dr Bruce Greyson speaking about how the brain does not equal the mind. References NDEs. I'm amazed how he can talk in such length and detail without notes.
French anaesthesiologist talks about NDEs and the slow paradigm shift which is taking place amongst his colleagues, in their attitudes to these experiences. He explains that his colleagues are more and more open minded but do not go public for fear of negative career repercussions The interview is in French but with an English speaking interpreter.
Interesting discussion about science, ESP, spirituality, the soul. The panel members are all scientists, PhDs and chairs at universities. Some pro, some against. They manage to discus in a very civil manner. The conclusion towards the end of Part 2, is that in 100 years time the science of the mind will have advanced sufficiently, that it will have changed at least slightly to accommodate some of todays' mysteries. It's good to watch scientists discuss, rather than simply deny. - part 1 - part 2
Shame this thing wakes you up right after a dream, but if this app can really detect when you start dreaming, it could be modified to send some sort of cue that you are dreaming, such as simply saying "You are dreaming" over and over. Maybe I'll email Dr Wiseman and ask him to do a lucid dreaming app. Actually, there might already be one!
This uses solfeggio tones (nice sounds) hemi sync and "supraliminal" affirmations to produce a 10 minute meditation. It's not AP but it is HIGHLY relaxing and just generally great. You MUST use headphones because of the hemi sync and the fact that different suggestions are given to each ear. The hemi sync takes you to highly relaxed theta state. Just try it!
J H Brennan is the author of Astral Doorways, a book of AP techniques. It was one of the first books on the subject. This is a video explaining his first experience. It's very interesting. Been many years since that first book, and I was surprised to find the author on youtube.

Here is his book
Just came across this interview with Bob Monroe talking about his first OBE. You can easily find a lot of youtube videos featuring Bob Monroe, but I thought this was interesting, being his first OBE etc. Get to see the man explaining in person.
I've never been too keen on the focus level paradigm.  This does not allow for "mind split" or multiple consciousnesses (multiple "I's"). And yet multiple "I's" are reported all the time in the literature.  The simplest form is "physical consciousness" continuing whilst the OBEr experiences "astral consciousness" simultaneously and independently.

So here are a few examples of spontaneous OBEs which occurred whilst the physical body was fully active. In many cases the physical body continued with its activity, talking, driving, walking, doing intricate tasks etc, whilst the OBEr was floating up above watching:

Nurse attending to patient has OBE
Girl walking round shop has OBE
Girl working on wood carving has OBE
Man talking to personnel dept has OBE
Truck driver has OBE  
Woman driving car has OBE
Woman walking down 5th Ave has OBE
Woman walking/talking with friend in park has OBE
Screaming kicking girl has OBE
Screaming infant has OBE
Man walking/talking with cousin has OBE
Woman standing/talking with her mother has OBE
Girl sitting on swing has OBE
Schoolgirl walking home has OBE
Woman fighting off carjacker has OBE
Woman smoking/driving has OBE(s)
Man walking to beach has OBE
Woman being screamed at has OBE
Man sitting on porch with friend has OBE
Person attending concert has OBE
Hospital patient walking down corridor has OBE
Man receiving bad news has OBE
Woman standing at father's funeral has OBE
Woman using ladies room has OBE's_sobe.htm
Man sitting in bar has OBE's_sobe.htm

And the following are just too intriguing to omit;  They include a woman who physically chased her own astral body, an astral body which chased its physical body, a spontaneous dual OBE shared by two people whilst standing and talking, a precognitive OBE, an OBEr who talked to her physical friend teleptahically, and finally an OBEr who split into two "astral consciousnesses":

Woman physically chases her Astral Body!
Girl chases her physical body whilst OBE
Two talking women have a shared simultaneous OBE
Girl standing in baseball field has precognitive OBE
Woman talks telepathically to her friend whilst OBE
Person splits into two "selves" which whilst OBE

I'd really like to hear some sort of explanation for these using the focus level model. To date no such explanation has been provided on this board, even though I've mentioned it a few times.  If no explanation is forthcoming, well that's fine.  At least these should still provide some interesting reading for board members.  You don't have to be conked out physically to OBE. Far from it.
Didn't know where to post this. I have owned a couple of CDs by Marina Raye for 6 or 7 years now.  A healer friend uses them as background music during her healing sessions. I can not recommend them highly enough. Marina Raye incorporates pipe and flute music with natural sounds such as babbling brooks, birds, sounds of the forest etc to create an astonsihingly soothing and uplifting experience.  The CDs are not cheap it would appear, but if you hunt around you might be able to pick them up at half the normal price.

I've been about 6 years late posting this!

You can listen to many of thetracks here:

Customer review:
Welcome to Book Reviews! / The first great OBE book
February 12, 2011, 22:45:25
Okay, so I noticed that this book is back in print in the UK.  "The Projection of the Astral Body" by Sylvan Muldoon. This was perhaps the first seminal book written on AP (aside from Oliver Fox's book). If you have the spare cash I would recommend a read. It is completely UNLIKE contemporary AP books. Completely sincere and genuine, the author describes in microscopic detail his exit from the body and experiences in the RTZ.  This book will give you a completely new perspective on the OOB experience. It is unlike other AP books.
At last....

A large scale multi-center scientific study of NDE's is now underway (apparently) with the active collaboration of hospitals investigating NDE experiences, which occur in the operating theatre during cardiac arrest.

It's called the "Human Consciousness Project", and some people claim it could either "prove or disprove life after death"... (although what is "proof"?)

The study is expected to encompass about 15000 cardiac arrest incidents and is expected to last about 3 years.

The webcasts are quite interesting:

From time to time I repost this link.  It's a good OBE resource and quite inspirational.....
Dr Michio Kaku narrates his ideas. This excellent series about the applications of modern science, in areas such as artificial intelligence, biotech and quantum physics etc is being repeated.  I think it's being shown on BBC2 every wednesday at 11:20pm.  I think he's rather over-optimistic but it's definitely worth a look.
I was just reminded of GM Glaskins book "Windows of the Mind".  Glaskin developed a technique which he called the "Christos Experience".

It involved assisted projection.  The subject would lay down and get comfortable and relaxed.  Assistants would then massage his head and feet.  A guide would give suggestions of expanding and shrinking, of rocking and floating, and then expanding into a big balloon and floating over the house.  In most cases the subject experienced a highly vivid waking dream.  He was isntructed to float up high into the sky and then back down to earth.  At this point he usually described what was assumed to be a vivid past-life experience.

"Windows of the Mind" is quite hard to get hold of now, but second-hand copies can still be found:

This guy seems to have corroborated Glaskins work:

Thought some members might be interested in giving it a try...!   :-)
The mods will probably move this to the correct forum... but I was just wondering what happened to MajorTom?  He used to be a mod on this board and I enjoyed many long discussions with him.  Now he seems to have disappeared from the member directory and his posts have gone?   What happened???!
Share your "validations" on this thread!

These could be

- Verifying physical events, people, or places you see whilst OBE
- Correctly reading a number or seeing a playing card whilst OBE (the "Card Trick")
- Being seen whilst OBE
- Shared dreams / OBE's
- Influencing others whilst OBE
- Meeting others who have passed over and obtaining some sort of validatory message

etc etc...

I do know that several board members have reported shared dreams, myself being one of them.

Please feel free to post your validations!   These could be anything really, even if it was just seeing a red car parked in the street and then confirming this when you returned to the physical!  Or maybe some one just "felt" your presence at the same time that you projected to them, or at the same time you thought about them whilst OBE?  I've seen a number of validations on this board and it would be good if we could collect them into a single thread?  Maybe we could get a thread going with some interesting stuff in it!
Those clever guys working for Steorn in Ireland, claim to have created a perpetual motion machine.  The machine generates more energy than it uses (so they say).  They are going to select a panel of 12 scientists to test their claims and you can register here to get the results when they are published:

Personally I think it's one for the fairies and the little leprechauns... but you might like to take a look!  I'm suspicious about the panel of scientists hand-picked by Steorn.  This fact of course immediately invalidates the results before they are even published.  The whole panel could be stooges, payed by Steorn.  The panel should be picked by an independent scientific authority......

I'm still curious though.... and I did register!
Hi guys.  I'm using the "SMF Default" theme and the "" image isn't displaying properly.  I think it's a little green star, a bit like the moderator''s little blue star!  can someone please put the little green star back?!

Although I am able to OBE/WILD whilst lying on my side, I am naturally MUCH more comfortable doing this whilst lying on my back.  This is because I like to exit by floating verically upwards and it seems odd to do this whilst physically lying on my side.  Does anyone else have a preference and has anyone noticed any difference success-wise between the two positions?  I checked the FAQ and this doesn't seem to be covered....?
Check out Marina Raye's homepage

I have two of her CD's (Liquid Silk and Blissful Journey) and they are superb quality and highly relaxing.

Could play these as you fall asleep at night may put you into the correct frame of mind to OBE/LD later...
I seem to have stopped receiving notifications when my watched topics are updated?

I checked my profile and my email address is correct and notification preference is set to "on" too?

There is a subliminal learning technique called InnerTalk. It claims to work by playing barely audible affirmations behind a "natural" soundtrack (say ocean waves).  You simply pop the CD into your CD player and play it in the background.  What you hear are pleasant ocean noises.  You aren't conscioulsy aware of it but background suggestions are also present, which slip unchallenged into your subconscious mind. I don't know how effective the technique is, but I suspect it's highly effective.  This is the range of their CD's:

But of particular interest to board members might be the Awakened Dreaming CD:

This contains affirmations which might help you become lucid in your dreams.  It might be worth a try.  There are many many titles available apart from this, eg healing titles which I think could be very effective for chronic conditions.

A word of caution though: DO choose with care (if you're interested) and DO investigate the titles (by following the link for a particular title). DO read the sample suggestions listed for any title you might be interested in.  These suggestions are likely to stick in your subconscious mind so be absolutely sure you agree with the content before you play the CD to yourself (VERY IMPORTANT!).

Finally, in case it's not clear, this technique has nothing to do with hemi-sync, and works completely differently.

Here is a general link to the UK web site:

I believe there's also a US website which sells these CD's.  I have no commercial ties with this web site, or the technology, and I don't know if it works (I think it could), but I thought it might be of interest to people keen to have LD's or AP!  

At the end of Robert Bruce and Brian Mercer's new book Mastering Astral Projection: 90-Day Guide to Out-of-Body Experience, they give a suggested reading list.  It's an interesting list so I've reproduced it here.  One or two of the newer titles look particularly interesting, eg Mind-Sight.  

Anyone interested in the "roots" of this subject would do well to investigate some of the "classic" literature, especially, Crookall, Fox and Muldoon.  In particular, Crookall was a prolific researcher in the field and his Study and Practice of Astral Projection is perhaps one of the best researched books ever written on the subject.

Perhaps I'll draw up and post a more comprehensive list, including titles by authors such as William Buhlman, but in the meantime, RB and BM's list is a good start, enjoy:

Recent OBE Books

Beyond the Body: An Investigation of Out-of-the-body Experiences - Susan Blackmore, 1989
Astral Dynamics: A NEW Approach to Out-of-Body Experiences - Robert Bruce, 1999
Practical Psychic Self-Defense: Understanding and Surviving Unseen Influences - ? 2002
Otherwhere: A Field Guide to Non-physical Reality for the Out-of-Body Traveller - Kirk Leland, 2001
Journeys out of the Body - Robert Monroe, 1973
The Art and Practice of Astral Projection - Ophiel, 1974
The Lost Secret of Death: Our Divided Souls and the Afterlife - Peter Novak, 2003
Out-of-Body Experiences: How to Have Them and What to Expect - Robert Peterson, 1997
Mind-sight: Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind - Kenneth Ring & Sharon Cooper, 1999
Leaving the Body: A Complete Guide to Astral Projection - D. Scott Rogo, 1983
Astral Projection and Psychic Empowerment: Techniques for Mastering the Out-of-Body Experience - Joe Slate, 1989
Soul Traveller: A Guide to Out-of-Body Experiences and the Wonders Beyond - Albert Taylor, 1996
Altered States of Consciousness - Charles T. Tart, 1972
How I Learned Soul Travel: The True Experiences of a Student in Eckankar, the Ancient Science of Soul Travel - Terrill Wilson, 1990

Classic OBE Literature

The Study and Practice of Astral Projection: The Definitive Survey on Out-of-the-Body Experiences - Robert Crookall, 1960
Astral Projection: A record of Out-of-the-Body Experiences - Oliver Fox, 1929
The Projection of the Astral Body - Sylvan Muldoon & Dr Hereward carrington, 1929
The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena - Arthur E. Powell, 1927
Practical Astral Projection - YRAM, 1969


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fasting - Eve Adamson, Linda Horning & Alison Shore Gaines, 2002
Juice Fasting and Detoxification: Use the Healing Power of Fresh Juice to Feel Young and Look Great: The Fastest Way to Restore Your Health - Steve Meyerowitz & Beth Robbins, 1999


I started a new thread last night in the OBE Discussions forum entitled "Astral Projection - the Pioneers".  But it has disappeared this morning!  Any body know anything about this?

These are the two guys who started it all off, very highly recommended...

Sylvan Muldoon:
Oliver Fox:

Personally I prefer Muldoon's precision and detail, but I also loved Fox's haunting Farewell Song of the Soul.  Please read.  Get copies from your library if nothing else!

In the many LD/OBE's I've experienced, I have only once seen what I assume to be the "silver cord".  The experience was as follows:

I went through my normal exit procedure and found myself standing with my back to the bedroom wall facing my bed.  The room was dimly lit and grey (as it always is for some reason).  On my left hand side was a kind of silvery ribbon about 3 cm wide, wafting around in "S" shaped curls.  I didn't notice whether it was connected to either my external or physical bodies, and the significance of this "ribbon" escaped me at the time.  All I thought was "what is this annoying ribbon-type thing getting in the way?".  I actually grabbed hold of it and wafted it around a little.  I then left my bedroom and got on with the LD/OBE experience.

It was only when I woke up and thought about it, later during the day that I recognised the unmistakable significance of the "ribbon".

Has anybody else seen the "silver cord"?

Welcome to Dreams! / Lost Thread
December 11, 2004, 13:09:37
There was a very recent thread about "the use of flying as a reality check" in dreams.   Well I just posted to it, and now the entire thread has completely disappeared!

I posted twice, both times apparently unsuccessfuly (my browser just hung).  The I went back into the forum and found that both identical posts had actually succeeeded.  So then I attempted to delete the more recent post.  At this point everything hung again, and now the whole thread has disappeared!

So - for the moderators - this is a little worrying because we could easily accidentally lose some very long and valuable threads by this method!

--- o ---

btw Leo, thanks for the compliment about the Avatar!  I replied in some length but the post was lost as described!  Our family once had exactly the same experience you described, with our mother cat giving birth to a litter in secret and weaning them without our knowledge.  This was to avoid having her babies taken away from her and leaving her broken hearted.  These instincts are as strong in animals as they are in humans!

Good luck with your litter!
Hi RocketMan007

Personally I thought yours was an interesting post.  Like you, I have never had any difficulty whatsoever having lucid dreams... it started perhaps when I was 10 years old when I started to take control of a particular "nightmare" dream I was having.  When I got interested in AP at about the age of 15 my LD activity just rocketed.  Now I can't get through the night without either having a LD, a flying dream, a false awakening etc etc.....  If I skip for a week or two I actually get withdrawal symptoms.....

From the false awakening I can easily go through an "exit" procedure which seems pretty much like an OOB to me, but I have never been completely convinced of teh "reality" of it all.  But then it's hard to define "reality".

Also I too have had a few (indisputable) psychic experiences, for instance I taught myself hypnosis as a teenager and found I could hypnotise my mother just by sitting down and concentrating.   When she was hypnotised, she was extremely psychic and could describe scenes I set up in other parts of the house quite accurately.  This was only one of several "tests" I set up!

I'd say you are basically moderately sensitive/psychic, which accounts for the LD's, OOB's and psychic experiences.  I have a feeling this is not at all unusual these days.  

Regarding the buzzing noises, the medical term for this is "tinnitus" which is a constant "ringing" noise in the ears.  The causes for this can be physical, psychological and in many cases simply unknown.  I was afflicted for a couple of years and it eventually disappeared.

But the fact that you can change the pitch at will and play tunes is not normal tinnitus!  So I'd say it was not a physical condition in your case??  It could be some sort of psychic ability, ability to tune into energies which others can't hear, or else it could just be a psychological "trick" you can do!

In any event keep up the LD/OOB/psychic stuff and just let it all happen!  You'll probably find that the more you get into this, the more psychic exeperiences you will have.  It seems to work that way.  

Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Leg twitching
September 13, 2004, 14:22:12
I had that bad for awhile, my leg would twitch or my stomach and i'd jump out of my skin. I assumed it was due to bad posture as I spent alot of time on the pc, as I improved my posture I no longer have the twitches...but it could be something else.
My brain hurts trying to imagine that...[xx(]
Come to think of it, how come most cant do that when OOB? its not like we have eyes or anything?