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Forums Bugs Reports and Questions / "Active Topics"
October 29, 2004, 06:44:09
It used to be that you could view ALL topics posted since the last time that you visited the forum. i found this very useful.

Am i missing something, or is there no way to view all topics from all forums since you visited the forum?

Welcome to Magic! / Book: Abramelin the Mage
August 21, 2004, 11:59:29
I own the book and am hesitant to use it in any practical way. the book is supposed to be very powerful - if you know what you're doing.
Needless to say, i am very far from knowing enough.

i am intresteted to see what kind of replies you will get.


Yes, the Astral Pulse website "contains the latest revisions" of Robert Bruce's work to date. If you take a look at the home page there, you'll see that they point that out.

Very best,
Welcome to Dreams! / First Real LD.!!!!
January 08, 2003, 03:20:57
It takes time and practice soon as you can LD a lot of times you will be able to control it more your subconscious has not been programmed to do anything but be aware you are dreaming.  Still its a great start I haven't gotten farther than my bedroom and I have started to control my dreams I just have to remind myself next time I obe or realize I am dreaming that I will do something in it so its prepared to do it ie go to the real time zone or do whatever I want it to accomplish in my dream state.  Its freaky the same things you do in meditation ends up in your lucid dreams like if you do body awareness exercises with deep breathing (with your stomach) I had virtual obe experience where I obe'd and was saying to myself I better breath deeply so I can stay in this mode longer and it kinda worked feeling even more energy in my dreamstate actually when I woke up my arms were numb that was a sign it was a truly controlled obe within a lucid dream.  Some tips to make you more lucid in your dream is to stare at a fixed object in your dream that will make you more aware you are dreaming maybe even help you control it one time I did that and then was aware I was dreaming then I didn't want to see it anymore(started closing my eyes on it) and it literally shut down went black and I was in my bed in my body looking through my closed eyelids then I slipped out of my body.  You can try that next time.

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Herb for inducing OBE
October 29, 2002, 12:11:54
Have heard of it.
The industrious Finnish customs service just classified it as a drug and are prosecuting some folks for importing it. Previously it was allowed if one had a recipe.


Welcome to Astral Chat! / Happy New Year
September 06, 2002, 08:58:12
and a happy new year to you too David ! I'm sure there will be plenty of people celebrating over here in the UK aswell !


Thats the idea,But im not sure about it.The techniques werent very much help to me.They were good for getting into trance.Climbing down ladder is what I do sometimes.But when trying to climb up rope.

I get all pressure sensations but my body feels like its glued.And I have never come lose with rope.Or any other exit techniques ive tried.Nor have they brought on the vibes for me.

When I get to a certain point,that my body awareness is gone.Thats when I can just fly off.It happens mostly when im going to sleep.


Simply from my point of view.

Some things you are meant to witness and others you are meant to experiance.

Make any sence?

David Rogalski
I am he who walks in the light but is masked by the shadows.
Have you checked the manuals? Some of the CDs I've seem around have some sort of megaBass or Dobly or something built in so that it's always on.
Since connecting to the line-out jack the thing works I'd say the earphone jack has some extra signal processing (MB,dolby etc) built into it.


I dont know if I can help you, but Its alright Ive felt the same fears also.As long as you dont keep adding to them.They will go away after a few days or so.Sometimes it takes me longer.And it could be different for you.

Try not to make them worst than they really are.And you have to know that you are invincible in your astral body,and your physical.Superman is a mere mortal compared to you in your astral body.Nothing not of this world can really harm you both on the physical and astral..Ive been afraid of falling asleep before.It takes some time but you will eventually get over it.and I dont sleep alone either.

Heres what I did when I first started out.It helped me get going.I just thought of obes' as dreams that I can control.have your dreams ever hurt you?Or your nightmares?
                                                                                                LOTS OF LUCK TOO YOU!!

Can you define the difference between them?

I didn't have any OBE's (that I recall) til after my daughter died. After she died, I went through a spiritual crisis (and every other type of crisis you can imagine, too).  I had strange sensations as a result of asking help from a higher being sort-of-thing and it scared the you-know-what out of me.

When I came across RAM's book a few years later (still hadn't had an OBE that I remembered) I decided the sensations I had might have been pre-exit symptoms. I worked up my nerve to try to have an OBE. It took less than a week!!  I couldn't believe it. Still blows my mind.

But it happened after I had fallen asleep. I was trying to have an OBE, (for the whole week had been trying) I fell asleep, I became lucid in a dream (first time in my life), and immediately the shock of this altered conscious state snapped me into a real time OBE near my body. It only lasted about five seconds, but it was amazing.

Still - I have no idea if this 'counts' as a conscious OBE or not. It happened after I fell asleep, but it wouldn't have happened at all if I hadn't been consciously trying for it. (And I think it wouldn't have happened at all if I hadn't had the trauma a few years prior of burying my child.)  

I always assumed that a conscious OBE happened like - you're sitting in a chair, decide to project, relax your body and walk away. But upon re-reading AD, it sounds like sleep can be present even in a conscious-exit OBE.  So what distinguishes one from the other? It currently seems to me that there are at least three types:

Spontaneous: no attempts being made
Conscious: Attempting OBE and succeeding before the absolute onset of sleep
????: Attempting OBE and succeeding after sleep begins (regaining consciousness during the experience)

Anyway - that's a long way of saying "I don't know" in answer to your question! Why do you ask? What has been your experience?

After however many years of conditioning to relax and go to sleep, it is easy to get in the habit of falling asleep after taking on a similar posture, closing the eyes, and beginning to relax. Sleep deprivation makes it worse. The difference between ordinary going to sleep and developing a trance state is that the mind is given something to hold on to for the purpose of keeping it awake while the body goes to sleep. It can't be too stimulating or activating because then the mind will keep the body awake. Another thing to keep in mind is that just as it is possible to go to sleep while tension remains in the body, it is also possible to enter trance with tension remaining. That will make it more difficult to leave the body or to push energy through the tense areas.