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And then the final question! 
Was his name Frank Kepple? :-D :-D :-D
Was he redhaired? if yes, post a picture?
QuoteFor free too, so I don't have any complaints.

Yes, yes. That was one of the topics.
And also for this people should know.
Put aside the question, who did what, Franks disapearance from this forum was never properly communicated.
And you were too "young" then to remember and tell us what went wrong. And reading his last comments as moderator, that "health issue" does sound like a "political" retirement to me.
So lets hope Adrian gets a giggle too.
Its a sad story about Frank I really liked his humour.
I dont know exactly what happen, but here is my view.
I was online in the forum when Frank last acted as moderator late night (about 2 GMT), where he had a rather amusing/disturbing feud with someone who did not agree with him. All those threads where deleted next day and Frank went off the forum.
Knowing the stern and serious character of Adrian, I am quite sure he sacked him, never really admiting what he did and creating a myth this way.
I never went much to visit this forum afterwards, for spirituality without humour is a dry thing, and Frank was the humourous soul of this forum. Besides, nothing compairs to a living master, you can meet as a Person.

I cant help, but I have seen far better animations in C-Movies. If you take this as a prove.... :? :? :?.
Nice as a first try with Adobe Premiere Elements, but not more. Boys you really should be more sceptical :wink:    

Milky Way (Milchstrasse  in Esslingen/Germany)

Looks very much like the Taoist Dissolving Practice taught by Bruce Cumar Frantzis in : Opening the Energy Gates of your Body
Goood technic by the way.

Why not ask Adrian, I am sure he knows!

Interesting topic on the very last question.

My final logical solution(since long) : As the alternative to existence/creation  is utterly nonexistence, so after (any mode of)  nonexistence, creation has to come  into existence as the alternative. There are only two modes, so after all existence is only self-evident.

But I rather like to put it this way: The answer to this question is beyond logical reasoning. Higher systems of meditation deal with this problem extensively, Tibetan Dzog Chen e.g. and other non-dual meditation systems.

Tried this one 3 years ago. Didnt work. I think the magnetic field is much too weak.
If its effective, then its also dangerous (because its might drive unprepared people crazzy) and if its dangerous you cant sell it to people!!

There is another thread on this topic where I postes my differing view.

A german scientist who explored the region in question this summer, says its only a mud vilcano, and Sarmast exaggerated to promote his book.,1518,328382,00.html (only in German Sorry!)
Atlantis almost a mile below the surface of the Mediteranian in a region with little seismic activty!? This is more than exaggerated, this is bad stile (bad science)!
The Mediteranian was dry once, of course, but that was 6 million years ago, not 11000 years ago (or 3200 years ago according to the Atlantis=Troi hypothesis)
In my opinion the Atlantis=Troi (Troja) hypothesis has all the merits.

I just happend to look at
They have 20% discount on all products ordered from October 1, 2002 until December 6, 2002.  Maybe someone is interested. Still expensive I know.


Hi Jack,
this is a copy from a former link where I posted this:

from all of Monroes books, including his biography: catapult and the TMI materials, I got the suspicion that the focus level actually is a direct reference to the (highest) frequencies used to attain these levels. It is not that simple! As I told you, they use a sophisticsted mixture of different signals. What I found out is, that

Focus 10 is mainly 4hz hemi-sync
Focus 12 is mainly 10hz hemi-sync
Focus 21 is mainly 16hz hemi-sync
allways together with low frequency signals, tones, music and pink noise.

So this did not quite confirm my theory, but I think one can see the system behind.
Its also quite sure that TMI sells a defused version only of their original resident programms and this could also imply, that they lowered the frequencies used. In this case my original theory would still hold. They sure lowered some of the signal volumes to make it saver for beginners.

From all the different systems I tried so far, including my own experimental files, the original hemi-sync cds/tapes work best for me. I specially favor the Wave VII Odyssey CDs and the Going Home - Subject tapes. They have a much better design than the "old" WAVE I -VI that sound a bit old fashioned in comparison. They also use higher focus level up to focus 27 (Going Home).And they are Monroes later works.
I am very happy at the moment with Going Home which I bought 3 weeks ago.

Still some questions?

Hi PyroPsion69,

try this one You could use your own frequencies(delta up to high gamma)with the device. You can create a CD with cooledit, but you would not use hemi-sync technic, as the brain can react directly to the stimulation frequencies. If you are fit with electronics you can also modifiy the helmet. Interesting aproach to direct brain stimulation, with specific signals but on a low intensity level.

Hi Mirador,
your link gave my IE a lobotomie, it crashed on and just didnt work. Maybe you can provide us with the correct link?


theres a "discussiongroup" at but its mainly Slade monologing.
I dont doubt the efficency of his method, but the scientific background is VERY suspicious.

Hi vikram88,

So you mean that the sensation of being rubbed should not be in our minds but it should be actually felt on the skin as if someone is actually rubbing the skin???

My teacher/guru used to say everything is in the mind. It really is! So if you visualise an object or feel your skin, its all in the mind, just a different input channel. Eventually everything in the mind is blended together, so you cant clearly differentiate between seeing and feeling. But to work with, TI and MBA are clearly distinct from visualising.
Maybe the difficult point is that you equal imaging with visualising. But it is not (only) seeing, but feeling in this case.

Hi vikram88,

visualising means using the optical cannel of your brain, which is like seeing. If you do TI (tactile imaging), you use the kinaesthetic sense of the body, you feel your skin. There may be always some visual components involved, but the focus is clearly on your body-sensation. You have to feel your body(hands) touching and being touched at the same time.

Hi again,

yes in another reality everything may be possible, but this physical realm clearly has its limits. You sure can extend these limits if you work hard on it, but make sure you are not following an illusion or your peronal ego-trip. This would be a total waste of time (not really total, as you can learn from it!).

Hi vikram88,

at your age you may still grow some cms. As far as I know, there is no technic to make you larger, that is not invasive like growth hormones or surgery. Anyway what makes a great man is not his height, but his personality. If you work on this, you will not have wasted your time when you die eventually.

Hi vikram88,

1. step is that you imagine, you can actually feel the sponge or your hand on your skin rubbing. Its kind of remembering how it felt when you were really doing it. If you cant, do an actual sponging to get the feeling. Tactile Imaging is not visualising, its feeling your skin/muscles/body.

2.step is when you move your awareness hands and do MBA with them. This is even more sophisticated as you need  more training with your awareness hands. You start with imagening your hands do the rubbing. Its also not visualising, but more like really doing it in your imagination.