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Hello Fresco, 

First off, Please ask yourself a question.  Why do I (you) want to open my chakras?

What do YOU expect to gain from it?   How do you KNOW they are closed at this time?

Think about those questions.     

That being stated and hopefully you will actually meditate on those questions, the answers will come.

OK.  Now think about this... your 'chakras' are NOT closed.  They ARE open.  So, go back to what you expect. 

An Idea you might want to cultivate is... how do I (meaning YOU) develop my inner potentials to fully realize the power that the 'chakras' represent.

One might hint that a person could practice mindfulness of the qualities that are inherent in those power centers and take up activities that produce results.
One might also hint that you could try being the person you want to be rather than trying to be something else or someone else. 

For you anxiousness, I would like to suggest some physcial work.  Do you have some land?  Do some yard work.  Go for a walk and walk purposefully and breathe deep and comfortably.
Or Run or jog or work out.  Do a task that requires physical activity and attention.  Plan it.  Plan a time to do it.  Get what you need to do it.  Make a picture in your mind of you doing it.  Avoid caffiene before attempting relaxing or meditating.

Before you attempt to meditate, take a bath or shower and relax.  Drink a glass of water, nothing else. Pick a location in which you plan only to meditate.  Then get into a comfortable position and close your eyes and just Pay Attention to your Breathing, In and out. Just that, and nothing else.  Just Breathing.  If a thought comes into your head breathe it away.

Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Define Karma.
September 16, 2012, 21:31:31
The word Karma is of sanskrit derivation and its literal meaning is Work.    Karma is work, as in what you are working on.  Many people confuse Karma with the laws of cause and effect and Justice.

What is effective to transmute/convert the reproductive force is Meditation. 

Each of our bodies has 2 basic forms of reproductive force.  One form we use all the time and mostly at night when we sleep.

When we sleep the cells of our bodies re-produce and repair our bodies and also eliminate the waste. 
You might notice that when you are ill or injured you use alot of your bodies energy for healing and there is not much interest in having sex or orgasm.

The other basic form is the generative function of the sexual act and orgasm. 

Now there is a reserve of this energy that is stored up. 

When you think, you generated mental images that require energy.  When you meditate you do the same thing but slightly different.  Generation of mental images is GENERATION.
One input is your senses the other is your subconciousness.  If you think about a situation that is dangerous to you, you might start breathing faster and tensing up.  If you think about things that are relaxing you will relax.  Your body will respond to your thoughts.  This should point you in the correct direction.

Another thing to think about is how you get energy in the first place.  Read up on THE GREEN LION

Please ignore that chakra test.   

Your chakras are not all blocked.  If your chakras were really as not functioning you would be more like a much lower life form. 

What is important is the RESULT of tuned and fully functioning chakra centers.  Perhaps you would be inclined to do some more research in the area. 
Here is a good description of Yogic mediation.

1.Yama (The five "abstentions"): Ahimsa (non-violence), Satya (Truth, non-lying), Asteya (non-covetousness), Brahmacharya (non-sensuality, celibacy), and Aparigraha (non-possessiveness).
2.Niyama (The five "observances"): Shaucha(purity), Santosha(contentment), Tapas (austerity), Svadhyaya (study of the Vedic scriptures to know about God and the soul), and Ishvara-Pranidhana (surrender to God).
3.Asana: Literally means "seat", and in Patanjali's Sutras refers to the seated position used for meditation.
4.Pranayama ("Suspending Breath"): Prāna, breath, "āyāma", to restrain or stop. Also interpreted as control of the life force.
5.Pratyahara ("Abstraction"): Withdrawal of the sense organs from external objects.
6.Dharana ("Concentration"): Fixing the attention on a single object.
7.Dhyana ("Meditation"): Intense contemplation of the nature of the object of meditation.
8.Samādhi ("Liberation"): merging consciousness with the object of meditation.

What most westerers take for meditation is either #5. Pratyahara and #6. Dharana.  When in fact it is #7 Dhyana. 

Hello Ziggy,

First off, many people do fall asleep when attempting Meditation so do not feel unusual.

The trick is to relax and be comfortable so that there is not restrictions on your body. 

You might try a comfortable straight backed chair with or without armrests but do not let your arms dangle to the sides if there are no arm rests.

Begin by sitting in the chair relaxed and comfortable but alert and awake.  Close your eyes and just pay attention to one thing. Your breathing is a good starting point
Breathe naturally and regularly and just listen to it.  If an other thought or sensation comes to mind just mentally say Thank You and then go back to concentrating on Breathing.
Keep your attention on that.  Keep still. Keep alert. Listen to your breath. 

There are levels of what is referred to as Meditation.  There are also levels of the states of mind or conciousness that are the result of Meditation.

What you experience or sense or see can be different that what someone else senses and that depends on your own personality matrix. 
Regarding the 'blue energy' you are both creating it and part of it at the same time. 
Well technically speaking they are not the same thing.

YOGA is a term that gets bandied about alot.  Its meaning is UNION, it does incorporate meditaion.  Yoga does involve different aspects of focus as in Hatha Yoga and Prana Yoga.

It is not a martial art.  It does, however, lead to mastery of the same energy that is utilized in martial arts.  LOL and the same energy used in marital arts too.
Welcome to Magic! / Re: curious needing answers
February 03, 2012, 21:34:39
Well there are several uses of the term Magic.   
We  all know of the  Stage Illusionists. 
Then there is Ceremonial Magic and that is much different and lots of folks think they are doing it.  Ceremonial Magic is often also called Ritual Magic.  There are people who can and do
perform Ceremonial or Ritual Magic.  These are not involved at stunning an audience or self-serving ego gratification.  Not all persons involved in this are entitled to the term Magician.

There are some good books to read and I might suggest those of Eliphas Levi for a start.  They will not teach you how to do magic but will explain alot.  They are not that easy to read either. 


It is possible for a qualified person send a form of influence to you to help you or to help you help someone else. 
Most people do send and recieve all the time, they just are not aware of it.
Consider that the rapid changes to your body that something like what you ask could be more harmful and painful than you might expect.
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: "Gender"
January 30, 2012, 18:35:12
Gender is how we on the physical plane create.  Gender exists on many levels.   Gender is also related to specific funtions at specific times.  Think about that!!!

You have plenty of spirituality.  At 17 lots of folks resent getting pushed into ANYthing by their parents.   Bide your time.  Find out what YOU think and feel about spirituality and religion.  You do not have to share what you discover. 
I notice that one response mentioned getting high.  That can be fun but it is only a shadow of what a spiritual experience can be.

Do not worry about chakras and the like for now.  A good first starting point for any endeavor is to get and stay healthy.  Develop skills to go with your increasing sense or desire to be independent.  If you are living with your parents, respect and work with them as much as you can.  Whether they know it or not, they are channels for powers much higher than that of normal human personalities.  They are probably doing the best they can at this moment in time.  They look at the world from within the filters of their past experiences and limitations.  We all do.  What is hard for lots of parents to understand is that there is a point when their childrens are ready to form their own ideas about important things in life.
Unfortunately many parents and young folks too, get their ideas and set them in concrete and are not willing to be flexible or openminded.  When you are openminded you are also vulnerable, so many folks choose to protect their sense of vulnerablity by their stuck in the concrete attitudes. 

What every persons really needs is a place or space that they can create and recreate as a fit environment to be their base of Living-operations.  Our homes are reflections of personalities and a place for us to reflect and charge our mental and emotional and intelectual batteries.  Start with your body and then work outwards as you also work inwards.

Your chakra is fine.  It is the physical body and personality that interfere with the energies from that level, basically.  Anyone can have an interface between their finer and higher energies and their physical body that are not highly developed.

Consider what Cassius says in Julius Ceasare....the fault is not in our stars but in ourselves.
There are many kinds of psychism.   Perhaps all of them have to do with the Subconcious and the energies we are used to calling chakra or kundalini.

There are people who are psychic and have little or no control over it.  We all have heard and read stories about that. These poplular situations are not the same thing as clairaudience and clairavoyance which are manifest in some of us in varying degrees.  We all have some degree of psychism leftover from earlier forms of evolution.  Most of us have little ability or limited ability in the higher forms of clairaudience and such.  It may be that those of us who are predisposed to visual abilities and talents would find that they are more
able to develop clairavoyance and those who are predisposed to have finer hearing may find it easier to develop clairaudience.  These are talents and also controled. 

Now just imagine how different each of our personalities are and all the factors that go into that.  So what works for one person may not be the exact thing for another even though they are both human persons the individual matrix of each person will have talents and hindrances to special abilities.  Some one may have a musical talent and someone else may have an athletic talent and so on.  The musician and the athlete still have to exert energy and develop skill through discipline to make thost talents come to fruition. 

I have know a few people who have had some psychic ability they were all different.  The art is in the Receptivity I think and not so much on the Projection.  At least from my experience. 

In our body the throat chakra is close to our physical ears and the ear canals and the nerves which lead to the brain.  But the brain is the true area of the perceptions.  The ears are the receptors of physical sound but the brain does the hearing.  True also for our other senses.  But the sensation for many is of a true physical hearing because of the nerves from the ears to the brain. 
Clairaudience is when the part of the brain that you use for regular hearing is activated to work on a higher level.   The effect is similar to regular hearing.  Sorry to say that it is a different thing that was mentioned about the heart.  Not the same. 

Clairavoyence is like clairaudience when the area in the brain related to vision is developed to receive a different/higher level of stimulation.  From what was given to me, these areas in the brain are brought to a higher state though the use of the energy commonly referred to as kundalini.  There are people with varying levels of both clairaudience and clairavoyence that have them due to factors including astological and former life development, that are not activated by raising the serpent but are activated just by meditation.  We all have them to a degree, just not fully developed.
I think Rudy likes to be confrontational rather than stick to the original topic. 

Anyone reading this series of posts can take what they want from all of the information posted here and make what they want of it.

If, for any reason, some one disagrees with what I have posted, that is fine.  Everything I stated you can look up, or disbelieve.  I was not offering HOW TO information or personal solutions any one persons alchemical work, merely entering the discussion upon seeing some personal discord. 

The simple fact is that each person has to find their way in spiritual development and that each of us is different enough that one rule may be generally applicable rather than specific.

Anyone and everyone uses the generative power everyday.  That power has different levels of use.  While it is being used for one thing, obviously it cannot also be used for another. You cannot use a hammer to pound a nail and at the same time use the claw  to pull a nail.
The easiest and most approachable transforming technique for the generative power for most people has been Meditation. Ultimately each person has to anwer to his or herself on what is effective and also what is not.   What is strict and uncomfortable and even painfull for one person is not for another.  Somewhere between total and complete sexual abstinence and moderate normal restriction is a path for most spiritual aspirants.

I do not know what you mean by super secret at all.  I have not tried to hide anything at all. 

As far as reading the Fama and the early Alchemists, if it seems like blabber to you, then ok.  It does seem like that to many people at first.  So do many other types of writings.

The topic of discussion was Sex and religion.  Not bona fides.

Did the analogy of saving money make sense to you?  Can you see that there is a similarity between what you create mentally and the power that we use for generation?

When you meditate you are using that same power. 

A completed alchemist is an individual who has no further 'karma' as most people think of it, and more.  These individuals have no need to incarnate as they are identified with the Life principle itself.   They can and do incarnate but not out of necessity. 

As far as the term sexual alchemy, there is really one Alchemy.  Alchemy, as does all spiritual paths, use the creative energy to turn the base metals of personality into spiritual and physical gold.   

Do I practice Alchemy?   Yes. 
What branch?               Alchemy is a term that refers to the Western (European) schools and traditions, which are slightly different from Eastern Schools. The goals and results are    the same.

I do not think I was general or ambiguous, in fact, I thought was I posted was plainly stated. 

Personal Instruction is available, but not in a public forum and, as I mentioned before, what is good and proper for one person is not for another. 

Perhaps you would be so kind as to elaborate what you have been involved in in these regards. 

I can suggest to anyone who is interested to read the Fama Fraternitatis.  Then also read what you can find authored by known Alchemists.  Some of it will be easy reading and some will at first be difficult.  Let it soak in. 
What is good and proper for one person to make progress along a particular spiritual path is not for another. 

What may seem to one to be very strict difficult discipline is for another the simple joy of living on a specific level.  There are levels of acheivement along the Path and there are different tasks and lessons on each level. 

In any case, the simple fact is, your so called Lower Chakras have alot in common with the animal world and your Higher Chakras are reflections of a level higher than the animal world.

Consider that the more a person relates his or her Identity with the higher levels the less dramatic the pull of the lower urges. 

Also, as I stated before, what is called the creative energy in a human is not just sexual energy.   There is ONE energy that takes many forms.  Sexual activity is an act of generation and also of Unity.  The urge to unite.  Can you safely assume that all humans experience sexual union the same way?   Can you imagine that a person could easily use ALL of there generative/imaginative energy in expression other than sexual generation?    In order to do that you have to admit that where you are now is not the summit of knowledge on the topic. 

Assume for a moment that you are earning 1500.00 a month and you want to buy a house.  Fine, but if you spend all your earnings on immediate pleasures rather than saving for a down payment and establishing good credit you will not have the wherewithall to buy that house, you have to give something up.  You have to change how you spend your earnings.
You save the earnings instead of going out for entertainment every night, or what ever you have been Spending it on.   One person saves and buys a fine house.  Another never gets his/her plan off the ground because they spend to much.  Another person not only saved but prospered and multiplied the saved earnings and not built a special house and much more.

Can you see the correlation?   

Not only that but some people might have learned these lessons in prevous lifetimes so it is easier for them to take the generative energy to higher levels.  Hey, a child might use a stepstool to reach the sink to brush their teeth but when they are older and taller they no longer need a ladder and they brush their teeth gladly.   Can you get the drift?

Some Alchemists had/have children and some did not, some are completed alchemists and some are not. 

You might well think that all acts of union are holy, from the smallest of the subatomic particles to the largest star masses and even amonst living creatures including us, not matter what your path is or where you are on that path. 
Energy is just that. 

Now, there is from the moment of creation, a creative force manifesting, continuously, the Universe.

When we look at our world we see life being generated in plants and animals at a specific level. 

Our physical bodies share levels of this process to a point.  That level of generation is what most of us think of when we use the terms Sex. 

This generation is HOW the One flows and manifests the many. 

For mankind there is an added factor.  We, after all are not just animals.   That is we can focus, direct the power of attention to create new conditions for ourselves.  To do that we Direct that same creative energy
to build those new conditions.  If all you did was eat, sleep and f*ck, when would you have time to create languages and learn to manipulate Fire, build Societies. 
Long time ago, some members of mankind learned to direct a potion of that Creative Power to do just those things. 

Now there was a time when the population of man on the earth was relatively small, and there was emphasis to create larger families/tribes, etc, in order to subdue the natural world they lived in.  After we reach  a certain point we have energy leftover and use it. 

Now to excel in any endeavor takes forming a goal and making a plan to acheive that goal and also the discipline to to all that is required to make that goal a reality.

All of the above statement involves a certain sublimation of our inherent creative power.   At some levels, it is simple and just not acting like an animal to reach some success.

At other levels it takes more.  The more you control the creative power the more you can create, even things that most of us would and do find unbelievable.

It has nothing to do with Morals it has everything to do with deciding to really become Human, and rise to levels above the strictly animal nature.

Remember that most religions were started during times when most of the world population lived in a state of illiteracy.  There were relatively few people who were literate.  So it was not really so much about political power or control of the masses. 
Kundalini is not something to toy with.  Simply put, there is a time of preparation that includes physical,emotional,and mental purification that when accomplished will make it possible to raise this energy in a safe manner. 

Friday 13 is when the Knights Tempar were attacked by agents of the French King Phillipe.   It was a bad thing for the Knights Templar.   The rest of the superstition is just that, superstitious, unless you start a subconcious habit of having bad luck on that day.
Perhaps it is a matter of matching each persons needs for being healthy rather than strict rules or moral purposes.

We know that eating too much salt or sugar is not good for a human body, and there are general guidlelines for what a human body needs to stay healthy. 
Eat enough but not  too much.  Maybe look for foods that are the closest to their natural state, and eat less of processed foods. 

But foods are not the whole story.  A strict vegan with a bad attitude or an ego problem is not better than a meat eater who has overcome bad attitudes or ego problems. 
A diet for one person is not,perforce good for another.  Pay attention to your cravings but not your addictions.  Ask yourself questions about why you make the food choices you do
and why you like those choices and then be honest with yourself. 

Your body is a pretty complex organism and it needs different nutrients at different times in your life. 

What about the mental and emotional diets?  Should we be more concerned with what we feed our selves mentally and emotionally? 

   "Is it possible to be one with the subconsciousness?
    I think that the subconsciousness has more power than anything on earth.
    In contrast the consciousness is like a nought.
    Who controls whom in fact?
    Is it the consciousness or the subconsciousness?"

You are one with subconciousness. 
The difference is that there are levels of conciousness.   
Your personal subconciousness or automatic conciousness is part of the larger or universal Subconciousness.

    "The subconsciousness is much able to do things than people think.
     But how to get the key to set it in motion?"

Focus. Attention. Discipline. Self honesty.  Meditation. Observation. Desire.

You use your sc when you learn something or develop a skill.