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do people find it important to raise good quality energy and try to avoid raising in stagnant unhealthy areas ?

i ask this because i was in some pretty stagnant environments when i first got into NEW and found myself getting sick with the flu 5 times in a row.. every three weeks i would get sick again, having just recovered. after this i decided to raise only good quality energy from natural environments, and problems stopped.

are other people as sensitive to bad energy as this? do you think if someone kept working with bad energy they would develop the ability to transform it better?
Hi, has anyone had any experience doing energy work in a biocircuit or in the presence of a negative ioniser?

If so please tell us about it..
i like the way tom charko convince the reader that they should abandon their  old rules, but it gives me the diarrhea when he tries to set rules of his own for people to follow.

Originally posted by bomohwkl

Copied and pasted ay

Rules (such as 10 commandments for example) should be seen as "advice" of how to make choices in order to avoid suffering and make progress. [/i]

(C) Tom Chalko

wow, thankyou for your interest in Gym Reiki. i'll try to answer your questions in order..
- prehaps :)
- it becomes a big long trip !
- most definately, i'm able to benchpress twice as much these days
- it's called Gym Reiki.. i think it's been mentioned on these forums in the past. it's quite a closed organisation though, because alot of what we do is not condoned by many groups, including the police. if you want to join up, there's probably a gym reiki representative at your gym.. just ask at reception. mention my name (or Jym's), and they'll sort you out.
- the Gym Reiki Ascended Masters are a group of interdimensional beings that you can contact when you take the secret dietary supplement.. you can channel gym reiki energy without the GRAMs but you won't get the same results. as for the ones i have seen, all i can say is, they're bloody huge.
Originally posted by vesselinpeev

Interesting. What do you mean by 'co-create'? I'd like to know the basics of what you are doing, if you could describe them.

sure. first of all you need to get attuned to the gym reiki energy, then you take the special dietary supplement codenamed "LDS007" (non-initiates are not allowed to be told the real name of the chemical). this will put you in touch with the Gym Reiki Ascended Masters, who will assist you in choosing the blueprint for your new form.. it will come in the form of visions (some would say hallucinations). that's why it's called co-creating, because you are working together with the GRAMs (quite a high dosage indeed, but its all good) to choose the perfect end-product. you can tell it's activating the gym chakra because of the burning/frying sensation in that part of the head, which is often accompanied by a high-pitched sound.. sszszzszsszssz.

then you basically just let the energy do the work. it'll let you know when you need to go to the gym (pretty often), and it'll help you choose the right protein supplement (musashi 92%), etc. as you proceed, the small 'will to live' gets consumed by the Divine Will to Lift, and life is never the same again!
interesting theory. i think the difference is, you do regular weightlifting, whereas i do Gym Reiki Lifting. regular lifting utilises the base chakra (which is included on the chakra shirt), whereas Gym Reiki Lifting involves the Gym Chakra. the gym chakra, btw, is located between the 3rd eye and crown - it has an extremely high spiritual frequency. as such, the path of Gym Reiki will lead one to enlightenment very quickly (or so i am told by my Gym Reiki Master). the name of the game is to consciously co-create the physical form, eventually to become the embodiment of God On Earth. however having said that, i do respect your choice to follow a different path.
noo it was tom chakro who fasted, not me. i was saying its not surprising that he neglected the gym chakra, because he's a faster. as for doing weight training during a 40 day fast.. lol, that's a good way to get a back injury.
also, i'll share an experience with the chakra shirt,

i decided to wear my chakra shirt to the gym on day. when i put it on i had the usual experience, waves of euphoria, tears of gratitude etc, BUT when i got to the gym i could hardly lift a thing. i almost stacked it off the treadmill too. what's up with this? i thought.

then i realised that the chakra shirt was over-energising certain chakras and massively depleting others, ie the Gym Chakra. (what more can you expect from someone who fasted for 40 days--that won't get ya big.) so the moral of the story is, if you wanna keep your gym chakra in good shape, stay away from the chakra shirt.

tom chakro once wrote that spiritual teachers should often position themselves in front of plain-white backgrounds so that potential students can see their yellow aura.

..'nuff said. :)
yes i think they take you into the 'negative' in order that it can be transformed into something positive... the basic idea being that the negative stuff is already in you (your 'shadow'), and if you try to ignore it that's not going to make it go away.. it has to be expressed/experienced somehow.
hi tom,

i've had a think about it and ive decided that it's important to only give gym reiki to those who are truly ready to receive it. this is because gym reiki is so powerful that it completely transforms who you are and all of your desires. beforehand you are a just an average, 'normal' human being, but after you have been attuned to gym reiki, you are no longer a mere mortal and you have this white hot burning desire within you, a desire to pump iron and eat big. and the fruits of your labours are all worth it when you look in the mirror and see the size of your pecs (the photo in my profile will show you what i'm talking about here ;).

basically if someone is attuned to gym reiki too soon the energy may be too much for their system and it may seriously jeopardise the way of life which they are already comfortable with and might not wish to change just yet. SO in order to prove that you are ready for gym reiki, i ask that you show me a photo of yourself either a) posing for the camera with your shirt off (no flexing allowed!!) or b) benchpressing your own weight (don't try and cheat here, i'm experienced at figuring out how much wieght is on the bar!!) and if i'm satisfied that you've got what it takes to be a Gym Reiki Master then i will give you all 7 attunements for free.. yes that's right folks, FREE!! now Get Liftin'!!
hey all, just wanted to let you know about my progress with the sultana prana mix.. i have uploaded a recent pic of myself to my profile page - as you can see i have been getting some impressive gains :)
Welcome to Energy Body and The Chakras / Hey Tom
August 28, 2002, 21:53:43
hi i would like to buy some drugs too please, can you private message me with details of what you've got and a list of prices? ta..
ahhh schitt.

adiraz, u barstard. my mate gibbo tried your method and it ended up in disaster. there was blood everywhere and the gerbil was lodged in his large intestine and it wasn't coming out in a hurry. it was getting very painful so gibbo tried to coax it out by lighting a flame next to his butt. unfortunately the lighter wasn't a BIC so the flame jumped forth and ignited a pocket of methane gas within gibbo's rectal cavity. there was an explosion and the gerbil shot out and hit gibbo's mate merv in the face, breaking his nose :(. don't ask me why merv was there in the first place?

hi y'all, just letting you know that i am able to give free attunements

the reiki i teach is called gym reiki. i learned it from from a guy at my gym, his name was jym. it's particularly useful for strengthening the Will and finding creative solutions to mundane problems. first attunement is free but after that you will need to pay me. no credit cards, sorry. payment must be in either in cash or musashi 92% protein blend (1kg per level) (strawberry flavour is prefferred)
g'day adiraz,

first of all i want to make it clear that i'm not a farmer, however i do keep a couple of crops if you know what i mean ;)

ok well now that i've got that off my chest i can announce with great pleasure that your guru paid his visit to my gran last night. gran's been in an excited state ever since! the guru left a complementary bowl of sultana-prana mix to go with the recipe and also an autographed copy of his book - wow, what a bloke.

anyway gran got stuck into the mix straight away.. time of dosage was around 11:00pm. basically to cut a long story short, she didn't sleep a wink. in fact she spent the night doing all manner of activity... pushups, situps, chinups, you name it. when i saw her in the morning (she lives on the floor below us, in our basement) she gave me a wide-eyed grin and flexed her biceps. then she got down on the floor and bench-pressed the couch just to show off - not bad for a 120 year old with a bad back!

i have a theory that the sultana-prana mix activates what is known in certain esoteric circles as the gym chakra. this chakra is responsible for the production of human growth hormone, and also the Will to Lift. it's located about halfway between the third eye and the crown chakra, which proves that it functions on a particularly high spiritual frequency.

also, i checked the recipe and made an interesting discovery. for all those of you out there who think you will be able to make this cereal yourself - think again. there is a secret ingredient in there that you will never guess, however i will give you a hint anyway: it's already been mentioned in this thread. ssszzszszszzzszzz.....

neway's i gotta go out now n do some shopping to re-stock the pantry, l8rs.
nuthin gets ya as high as a piece of grandma's fruit cake :) the situation can turn a bit dangerous though, when someone eats a bigger slice than everyone else... now that's what i call being an irresponsible family member!! when young jimbo (my nephew) ate too much one time, my brother bruno (big bruno we call him coz he's bloody huge) tried to tear open jimbo's insides to retrieve the cack that was rightfully his! everything in the right measure, my grandma used to say... so true, so very true. amen
g'day adiraz,

wow, the amount of wisdom in your story is similar to the amount of raisins in my grandma's famous fruit cake, ie LOTS!! its good to hear of a guru actually getting off his backside and doing something for a change... i like his attitude!! by the way, how much can he bench press? i would love to try some of his cereal.. prehaps you could give me the recipe? everyone knows a balanced diet is necessary, but most people don't realise the importance of balancing the distribution of sultanas, raisins, or whatever other dried fruit you are using. my grandma says this is the secret to her fruit cake. thats why its so nourishing! (everyone who eats a piece always makes a very satisfied poona noise afterwards)

i look forward to hearing how your DIY device goes. gibbo has confiscated my camera, so i'm hoping that your report will convince him to give it back...
sounds like your teacher's got a lot to learn too :P
hello, i'm a big fan of 'do it yourself' inventions.. in fact i tried to build a bit of light n sound headgear of my own just last week. here's what i did.. first of all (this is the easy bit) i put my headphones on with some brainwave sync music playing, in this case it was drum and bass armageddon volume 2. then, i taped a camera under the peak of of an old baseball cap and put blutack over the switch that makes the flash go off (and then i put the hat on to wear of course). well the flashing wasn't really in time with the music (coz the dam flash took too long to recharge each time), but it still produced some interesting effects... drum n bass never sounded so good i'll tell you that much !! anyway i woke up in hospital and my m8 gibbo was there who told me i'd had some kind of seizure. the moral of the story is, make sure u get the flash precisely in time with the music. good luck!
adiraz: thats what i thought, yo
ur analogy runs a parallel with my experience... see i was living and working in pubs when i kept getting sick and i was thinking maybe all the drunkards are disrupting the energy around here - sometimes i felt hungover even though i hadn't sunk any tinkle!

can anyone else comment? i'm really surprised robert didn't mention more about energy quality in the NEW tutorial.. it seems important?

ps. i haven't had any vitabix lately, but i did have a nice big bowl of uncle toby's porridge this morning
hi astralmaster,

Since most info about ionizers comes from the vendors themselves and they all claim their products to be very effective, I thought you might benefit from knowing that there are a lot of dodgy ones around, and hence that not all the info out there is reliable.

I didn't automatically assume you were going to buy one, but perhaps (given the amount of time and effort you put into searching the web) you would not have spent much time looking at the info you found before deciding to do something like make a purchase. So I provided the warning for you just in case.
Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Ionizers
July 29, 2002, 01:06:25
Hi Ides.. I have a post in the energy development forum on the same topic. I was wondering how -ve ion generators affect energy work specifically...

Did the room seem to have more energy in it? Was the energy a better quality? Have you tried raising energy in an ionised room.. if so what did you experience?

astralmaster: do a web search you slacker

don't rush out and buy the first ioniser you see.. there are a lot of crap ones out there that do little more than clean dust out of the air. the ones at look pretty good.. expensive though.