MISSION: Seeking Peace Makers?

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A Message For Humanity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsgaFKwUA6g

Hey everyone reading this ^_^
Thank you for your time!

My name is Drake, I, and hopefully whoever is reading this, wants to make the world better.

It's 2014, it's time for change!

I can't do this alone, nor can you do this alone,
so, I am asking YOU for help,
TOGETHER, we can shift the world to a better place of being, higher frequency, enlightenment, higher consciousness, whatever you would like to call it!

So :) Please reply if you would like to join us!


-As a COLLECTIVE we can make change
-How will we make change? This is how. Together, we can brainstorm ideas, together, we can take the steps to shifting the state of the world into a better one.
-As a collective group, our consciousness is more effective on the consciousness of the world.
-Basically, when we think and do things together, it more EFFECTIVE and EFFECTS THE WORLD.


These are SOME IDEAS I have come up with, these are FULLY open for discussion, and new ideas are strongly encouraged!

#1) COLLECTIVE MEDITATION WORLD HEALING. Together, I think it would a great idea if we all sent our positive energy (vibes, healing, whatever you like to call it) out into the world to help heal it, we can talk about how we want to go about this.
Some areas that I think need to be focused on:
-Pollution to the environment such as air, water, and earth
-Pollution of the human consciousness *selfishness, greed, despair, sadness, fear, and anger.

-Together we can help support each other to reach our own higher conscious, in turn, effecting the rest of the world via collective conscious grid.

-Together, we can come up with thousands of ideas that AS A COLLECTIVE we can pursue together!

# 4) This is just another idea, POSTERS, VIDEOS, SLOGANS.
-Maybe we can work on setting up posters, videos, and slogans to share into the world, if we have any
good artists, musicians, etc, together maybe we can put out some more good vibes and really get this moving!

SO. Would you like to join us?

Please reply with your name, what you think, what kind of ideas you have, and anything else you'd like to add!

Much love~