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QuoteWhy am I the King Of France

Because you're an unsatisfied definite description, once theorized by Bertrand Russell?

Ha! I love riddles!


Wow, ANOTHER bonafide Son of God, Messiah super-duper holy righteous uber mage on the forum. That's what, over a hundred now? If all the messiahs that have come and gone on this forum spent a tiny fraction of that creative energy on actually manifesting a real and postive change in the world (i.e. actually doing stuff in the phyiscal), then I wonder what would happen.

Your words affect me, my words have pretty obviously provoked a similar response from you as well (as I foresaw in accordance with the prophecy), and so on and so forth - anyway, it is now my intention to play video games for several hours. I'll let you go back to your fun, but before I go, thanks for the heavenly rebuke. Having God's judgment called upon oneself is something to embrace rather than fear.

God bless you.


Pay no attention to this arrogant nut-bag.  Reinstate my posts or die is definitely nutso.  

Just shows how desperate he is to have an audience.

If it is so all important that people see his crazy posts, then he should start his own forum.

It is now the 25th.  Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone.


Uh oh! it seems that tomorrow his prediction is going to come true! GOD HELP US!!!

nate domt go! you are to cool, you should have never angered master oakazi! oh god!


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What if "IequalMC2" is just BirdManKalki that lost his mind?(he appeared exactly when BirdManKalki stopped posting, both are using that "dumi" word, the style of posts is similar, the only difference is that BirdManKalki was a nice person)


I asked for the commandments. I was round my friends and his girlfriend said that some crazy religious people gave her a little leaflet. When she said this I thought of a smiley face. I asked her if she could get me the leaflet, she went and got it for me. It was yellow and had a smiley face on it. I'll reproduce the writings here now in this appropriate moment. (The New Commandments are on TV today at 7:00pm) figure it out for yourselves, you all obviously know what's going on better then I do.  


What would it be like for you if, each day, you could "smile from the inside"?

This card is very important and free and no money is involved. Please give yourself the time to read it all carefully - Carefully.
Our motivation is that this truth will change your life and that you will "smile from the inside"

Warning - are you playing "Russian Roulette" with your eternal future?

Have you ever noticed how much time we give to our security for our short time on earth and how little to our eternal destination ie- after we die?
You many believe nothing will happen to you after you are dead. That belief does not make it a fact!  
Fact: ignorance, disregard or disbelief of our nations laws will not release us from the punishment of law breaking.
...and it's the same with God's Law. Lets consider Gods Law...

Gods Law-
The Eleven Commandments

You shall have no other gods before me. (God should be number one)

You shall not worship false idols. (Don't serve or obsess on anything that replaces God)

You shall not take the name of the lord in vain. (Don't curse using Gods name)

Remember to keep the Sabbath day holy. (Keep a rest time with god and allow for your rest

Honour your father and Mother

You shall not commit murder (Hatred is murder in your heart)

You shall not commit adultery (Lust is adultery in your heart)

You shall not steal

You shall not lie

You shall not covet. (Do not want what other have)

Jesus said- "love one another as I have loved you"- John 13 v 34

  Have you ever lied stolen, lusted ect..?
In God's Word - The bible tells us:

Breaking any of Gods Laws means that on your Judgement Day You will be guilty and the punishment is separation from God for all eternity

But God so loves the world (You) that he gave his only son (Jesus) to take the punishment (on the cross for your sins), so that whosoever believes in him (Jesus) shall not perish (In Hell) but have everlasting life (in Heaven)
Adapted from John 3 v 16

Jesus promises a new life now for those who are willing to humble themselves and repent of their sins. Get before God, confess and repent, accept Jesus as Lord and your life will change now and eternally. Finally seek fellowship with those who are truly committed Jesus Christ.

Please Keep this "Smile Card" safe with you because this may be the only time you get this important message.


Oh man not another one!  

What a pile of ****!. I'm sorry but NO WAY but NO [edit] way is this true. I'm not even going to be politically correct and "allow" for all beliefs here. This is totally nuts.

Breaking any of Gods Laws means that on your Judgement Day You will be guilty and the punishment is separation from God for all eternity

I feel so strongly about this IequalMC2 I had to keep rewriting this reply to get rid of all my profanities. This is one time where I'll be arrogant sounding and state YOU ARE WRONG if you believe this twoddle.!  
It MAKES ZERO sense. None. God is NOT going to create beings that can be suddenly punished for eternity for some rule that some human has wrote down.
wonders off into incomprehensible ramblings and grumblings..

Damned trolls...

Oh yeah, apologies to anyone who gets deeply offended but I still can't understand what made me so ANGRY about this post.  But something has, really deeply furious. Unusual for me as I'm pretty agnostic. Something repellant about some of the concepts. Stupid eternal punishment nonsense maybe...I know how I'd feel if someone EVER tried to preach that to my face. I would NOT be at all nice.
May your [insert choice of deity/higher power etc here] guide you and not deceive you!


So anyone dead yet ??

Cause I know Oazaki is the ALMIGHTY himself.
Please have mercy on their souls !
If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done.
There cannot be a crisis next week.  My schedule is already full.
      --Henry Kissinger


I have to say this guy is completely nuts and suffers from delusions of grandeur.. I would recommend you stop this nonsense as soon as possible as you are only embarrassing yourself... one day you will look back on this and *cringe* with embarrassment.  Stop it now and perhaps apologize and then we can all move on.. you really do not have any idea how immature you are coming across as!

"It is to Scotland that we look for our idea of civilisation." -- Voltaire.


Come on you guys, It took me an hour to read these 12 pages. this thread should have been deleted ages ago, It has nothing to do on any subject on the astralpulse forums. Now can we get back on subject.


but the moderators are keeping it up for fun


ha anybody seen Nay? budum...budum...budum budum...budum budum budm...BADA!!!!!



hahaha man you guys make me laugh


Quote from: MajorTomWord was he collapsed under the weight of wearing a 100 pounds of protective crystals.

That's TOO much!!

My imagination's gone overdrive...

We all find nonsenses to believe in; it's part of being alive.


wow all of this makes you wonder where oakazi got it all form...


LOL..well, its been fun folks and as you can see, I'm fine.  

Now I believe it is well over due to lock this, at times pretty hilarious thread.