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Forum Creation Request! Please!!!

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Euphoric Sunrise

I think Robert Bruce looks over the forums every now and then. I feel that if a forum is created specifically for him and only him then people will go straight to that forum for questions that i'm sure a lot of people here could answer anyway. I think it's far better to ask questions in the appropriate forums. That way others have a chance to give input and if Robert Bruce comes on and sees it he may answer. It is also more likely that a question will be answered quicker on the public forums.
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Hmmmmmm.  I just don't think it will be a "go"  For the moderators to take on filtering even more would be too much.  You should give the people on the site a chance, I have learned much from them!!  In a short time you will come to learn who gives better advise and so on..( one get mad at me for that

Hope this doesn't offend you and if they don't do it, I hope you still will come to the forums. [:D]  



Hello and welcome to the Forums,

I believe if you stick around long enough to read posts on the topics you're interested in, and use the "search" function, and check the archives, you'll be pleasantly surprised by what some of the "regulars" on this Forum have to say (note: stars/longevity don't mean everything - - it's quality that counts).  

I worry that if there were a section for questions to Mr. Bruce,  it would become the only place newcomers would post.  Many want quick/easy/authoritative guidance from the "master."  They also want the thrill that comes with the "master" acknowledging them - - - sometimes even more than they want the answer.

However, people soon find, if they stick with it long enough, that it's not so easy or simple as getting the last-word from the author of Astraldynamics.   What works for Mr. Bruce might not work for other people.  There are many ideas about OBE, (psychic self-defense, phasing vs. OBE, Real-time-zone vs. Astral, technique vs. nontechnique, etc.), and there are a few seasoned OBE-ers on this Forum who do not use Mr. Bruce's techniques at all.  Some of those techniques might actually work for you!

So . . . give it a shot.  See what you think.  After researching a few topics with the "search" function, post a question you don't think we've read in on yet.  We'd love to hear from you.



you know if the forum or thread dedicated to Robert had been implemented there could probably already be around 5-10 questions.

I hope Mr. Bruce could veto in our favour.

I just don't have the time to form relations to get a satisfctory answer.

please Robert. Your the champ mate


Honestly, if people read Robert Bruce's books and all the free articles and guides he has on his site practically all your questions will be answered. Anything else that you could want to ask has probably already been asked and answered many times on the forums. If not, there are a lot of people around here that can answer your question.
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Originally posted by Astralian

I just don't have the time to form relations to get a satisfctory answer.

You don't need to become our friends to get honest and useful answers from us.  We treat new users the same as users with more seniority.  Ask your questions and if someone can they will answer it for you.

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I just don't have the time to form relations to get a satisfctory answer.

Astralian, you've told me all I need to know.  Good LUCK, you will need it!


"Over time, this particular forum has the potential to be the ultimate reference manual for people around the world where they will have no doubts regarding its validity."

Worship Robert Bruce. He is god. He cant be wrong.


Verily you will bow the knee to the lord Robert Bruce (no relation to Scottish king and hero Robert THE Bruce of course).

Robert Bruce is thy saviour verily it is written....  AARGGHHH! Allanon's taken over my mind!  .....verily...lo....behold.........verily...lo....behold....
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I really believe there should be a forum dedicated to people where they can forward their questions to Mr. Robert Bruce where he is the only person replying to them.

I know he is a very busy man so maybe, as a suggestion, only one question per day or per week can be posted on this particular forum.

One thread allows everyone to put any questions they want and moderators can filter the already answered ones, the ones which are too basic or already covered in his books. Good ones, hard ones, enlightening ones can be created as a new topic by a moderator where Mr. Bruce can answer when he has the time.

Over time, this particular forum has the potential to be the ultimate reference manual for people around the world where they will have no doubts regarding its validity. I mean anyone can answer to questions. So many of begginners and intermediates. They can convolute a topic or subject. (I'm a beginner myself)

I not very good at expressing myself very well. So I need support from people on this idea. Please find more ideas to support this.

Another epiphany (thank you Heaven), with every new topic, there can only be one question, followed by the answer by our beloved teacher/friend Robert [:)] .This way the forum is clean and to the point.

Very very grateful member.