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Quote from: Shilo on March 12, 2014, 14:44:57
Hi Lionheart. I've just joined the forum and I already ordered the laxman a couple of months ago after having read this thread, while in the process of learning to project.
I'd very much like to try out your L3 program for it. Could you give me the link as well?

Much appreciated!
Hello Shilo and Welcome to the Astral Pulse!  :-)

I sent my L#3 Session to you. Check your email.

What do you think of the Laxman? What's your favorite program? Does it help you to get into a good NP (Non Physical) focus?


Hi Lionheart!

Thanks for the program. I am still very much in the learning process of consciously projecting.
I have tried several things to find out what appeals to me the most.
I have tried Monroe's introductions to focus 10 for some time (no luck yet), I have done some energy work as taught by Robert Bruce and worked through part of his book Mastering Astral Projection and right now am working with William Buhlman's audio book.

I ordered the laxman to help me release physical focus and although I feel very far from reaching the vibrational state or phasing during normal waking hours, it has helped me relax and more or less forget about my body for a moment.
I am not giving up so I wanted to try your L#3 program having read the good reviews here.

Yesterday when you sent it over I decided I was gonna wake up after 4 hours of sleep to move to the couch and see if I could get results.
I put on the program along with Isochronic tones. First thing I must note is that next time I'm probably not using the tones since it almost felt it took away from the white serenity of the program. I just felt like being in complete silence while enjoying the white lights.
It felt so soothing, more than the factory programs to be honest, and I already love those!
The high frequency of the flickering just entered my mind so gently.
In the meanwhile I was not imagining scenes yet, I was actually waiting to get sleepy first but that took longer than I had hoped.
At some point when I got some dreamlike thoughts I gave it a go and I was well able to keep my focus away from the body.
But then the program ended and I still didn't feel very sleepy.

I think it was the excitement that was keeping me so awake. This was the first time I moved to the couch at night.
I therefor decided to go back to bed and continued visualizing while falling asleep.

Next thing I know I am looking into the room and my whole body feels very weird. I decide to will myself out of the bed and to my surprise I start moving.
With a little resistance, like a pull, coming from where I was lying, I break free and now I'm at the side of the bed. But my vision turns black. I've had the once before, but now I'm working with William Buhlman's method and I remember what he advised.
I demand "awareness NOW" and I notice I gain a little bit of sight on the left and bottom of my view. I keep repeating in english and in dutch until I have a pretty ok view.

I want to know if this is really an OBE or if I'm in a dream. I have had this before and the bed was empty when I looked back then. Now I try to look at the bed but when I do my vision starts turning black again. I persist and can see something lying in the bed but can't really come close.
I am forgetting at this moment that I should always move away from the body.

But then I do and I move to the living room decide to take a jump from the balcony. I observe some people in the garden having a conversation and then I move back in the house and jump from the window out of the other side of the house and fly a little bit through the nearby vicinity.
But I am very unexperienced. So I constantly feel afraid of losing memory of this experience and keep demanding "awareness now" while I move back to the house to re-enter my body.
When I come back the bedroom has changed. It is a completely different bedroom and I am lying there with my girlfriend next to me (she wasn't there for real).
I jump towards my body and scream out loud as I do (robert bruce's advice) to reinforce memory storage.

But then I have a false awakening as I remember now. I tell my girlfriend I just had and OBE etc which is all dream.
Not much later I wake up for real, but now I'm very much in doubt whether what I experienced was and OBE or a lucid dream about having an OBE.

I'd say the lucidity throughout the experience was medium. I have had lucid dreams that were more lucid than this experience. I felt somewhat half lucid, half automatic.
Maybe some thoughts on that?

Anyway, if the laxman has had a contribution to this inspiring experience, I can't say for sure. But what I do know is that I'm going to keep on doing this routine for some time from now on and allow myself to get used to the process of waking up at night to do a session, so that I can be more relaxed while doing it.

As for the program itself, chapeau! It's definitely my program of choice now and I totally get now why you didn't add any sound. It's perfect as it is.


 Congratulations Shilo!  :-D

All of your patience and perseverance has finally paid off for you. In the beginning my Laxman purchase was actually to show me that I am in this for the "long haul". I am not rich, so I felt that $600 purchase. But it also showed me my determination to advance and learn more.

Last week I made an hour version of the my L#3 Session for another member here. You are more than welcome to it as well.


I signed up after reading this thread and after seeing all the posts about the light/sound machines, I'm now 100 percent sure I also want to get one.
Like many here I want to use the machine to aid me in my Astral Projections, which right now happen once in a while through affirmations, FILD and luck.
I'm now stuck between the Laxman (positive feedback in this thread) and the Kasina (cheaper).

So I have one question for Lionheart; if I decide to buy/try out the Kasina, will I also be able to use the infamous L#3 session on the Kasina?

Thank you


Quote from: strengthfades on March 17, 2014, 16:48:18
So I have one question for Lionheart; if I decide to buy/try out the Kasina, will I also be able to use the infamous L#3 session on the Kasina?
Yes and much more. In my view if you have the money, I feel the Laxman is better. If you want great programs and the ability to "tweak" every aspect of your Sessions, than the Kasina is better. The Laxman is twice as expensive as the Kasina and I believe you normally get what you paid for. The Kasina is also a newer unit and I don't think it has reached it's full potential yet. They have a great tech dept and their own Forum as well.

I make my judgment by the visuals and that sways me towards the Laxman. I bought new 2 Session Albums from I got "The Complete Album Altered States" and "The Complete Album Planets". They are both very good and worth the extra purchase.

In the next month or so I will be writing a review of them based on my own personal experience with them. Right now I am in the exploratory mode with each individual Session.


Thanks for the fast reply Lionheart.
I have 3 last questions and if you would be so kind to answer them because it would defnitely help me make the final decision.

1: I saw your post on an other blog where you said you used the Kasina session 'night voyage' and afterwards you had many Lucid Dreams do you get the same Lucid Dream results with a certain session the Laxman?
2: You used the L#3 on both machines on which one do you think it gave better/faster NP results, because my main reason for buying this machine is for Astral Projection?
3: I wanted to ask you if you could also send me the L#3 files for the Kasina and for the Laxman would I later decide to still go with the Laxman.

I will also post my results in a couple of weeks for those who're interested!

Thank you


 1. I have LDs regardless of whether I use my Laxman or not. This has come from daily entrainment by using positive affirmations before sleep plus logging my Dreams in my Journal.

2. Neither my L#3 Session or any other program via a Light/Sound machine will "make" you AP. These machines create a good NP (Non Physical) focus. What you do when you are in that NP focus is up to you. In other words they speed up "part" of the process. But the real work is still being done by you.

3. I can send you my L#3 Session for the Laxman if that is the machine you are going to purchase. My L#3 Session for the Kasina can be found over at the Kasina Forum in Sessions. There you will also find many great Sessions created by other Kasina users. Neurotronics doesn't have a Forum for the Laxman, but they do have a Facebook page. I'm not on Facebook, so I don't know what it is. You will have to search for that yourself.

Let me state lastly here that these devices are "TOOLS". They are very helpful tools, but you still are doing the work. They are not a Magic Pill.

I returned my Kasina. So any questions you have on that device can be asked on the Kasina thread here or by the helpful people over at the Kasina Forum. Xanth has one and uses it often, so he would be able to give you some further info on the Kasina. He wrote his own review here.

Here is also a good thread created by Neuroasis (one of the engineers and developers of the Kasina).


I'm aware it's just a tool, but a helpful one....
Yes it would be great if you could send me the L#3 sessions you made for the Laxman!

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.


I placed my order for the Laxman, so I will be posting my results asap.
One weird thing though, my order number was 666.....not kidding, so hopefully this means I will defeat my demons.


Thanks Lionheart for your sessions, I will wait for my Laxman to arrive and try your sessions and let you know how it goes. I am an absolute beginner, But I do have natural NP focus throughout the day due to long term pranayama practice. Do you have any suggestions on any material to read regarding phasing in general. Thanks again for taking your time to write such a detailed reply.


 Hello Tom and Welcome to the Astral Pulse!  :-)

Xanth has a fantastic primer pdf on Phasing."my_astral_projection_truth"-t32983.0.html

Here is one by a former very knowledgeable member named Frank Kepple.

Another thing you could do is to enter "Phasing" into the top right hand Search engine and see the many many discussions we had on it there.

Phasing in general is a deeper form of meditating where you actually are noticing things behind your closed eyes, instead of trying to clear them like some disciplines of meditation call for. You learn to passively observe and once they have developed into a full blown scenario, you enter it. There are many ways you can jump start the process though. one great one is creative visualization, which the Laxman will aid you with immensely.

At first just relax into the programs. I would start with Underwater or Deep Relaxation first, to get a feeling of what a AVS machine will do. Then the fun begins and you start your own experimenting!  :-)

That natural focus that your Pranayama Practice teaches you will aid you exponentially.

I can't wait to hear your review, experiences, first impressions with the machine!  :-)

Edit: Xanth just wrote this in another thread and it is fitting here as well. Although much harder to do at first than say. We live in the physical. That is our current existence. It's hard to learn to just shut it off, but it can and be done. That's basically what we do when we go to sleep. Our vessel goes into autopilot and we are free to roam. The trick is turning our conscious awareness back on during without interrupting our physical vessel in the process.

If I had to really define it... phasing is when you've removed all beliefs and expectations about the 'entrance' to projection. 
There's no separating, because you don't have to separate, there's nothing to separate from. 
There are (usually) no vibrations, because it's simply not required. 
You just shift your perspective to somewhere else by ignoring your perspective here."


Thanks for the great info, Lionheart. Xanth's Pdf was really helpful, I started becoming lucid during my afternoon naps, felt the vibrations once when I was listening to multidimensional man mp3 with the random theta session. But because it was unexpected, with in seconds I returned to normal waking consciousness. I am very surprised and happy with the results so far, will let you know more later.
It is interesting to know, how do you normally end a phasing session?
Regarding the L#3session , I would like ask what is your contrast setting?. I see that the visuals are different at different contrast levels.
Regarding Laxman itself, a good quality product, very satisfied with the purchase, downloaded few sessions from their website which are quiet nice as well.


Quote from: tomswgc on April 25, 2014, 04:00:34
I am very surprised and happy with the results so far, will let you know more later.
It is interesting to know, how do you normally end a phasing session?
Regarding the L#3session , I would like ask what is your contrast setting?. I see that the visuals are different at different contrast levels.
Regarding Laxman itself, a good quality product, very satisfied with the purchase, downloaded few sessions from their website which are quiet nice as well.
Hello again Tom. I  end my Phasing sessions by just shifting my focus back to my physical body. After a Laxman session, that normally takes a bit of work to do. Since it feels like you are indeed experiencing a mild paralysis and your eyes feel like they are glued shut.

I use my L#3 session at the second brightest level. I never touch the contrast though. So that would be whatever factory default is.

I am enjoying my new sessions from Neurotronics as well. I purchased "Planets" and "Altered States of mind". I am slowly getting back into them, now that my eye problem is finally healing. I am not pushing it though. I don't want a relapse!



Been awhile since I have been on this board and I was searching for a way to astral project but was unable and unsuccessful because of the beating I took at a State Prison I was a corrections officer and I was almost murdered at least that was the plan of the prisoner. Fortunately for me I had a hard head unfortunate for the State they had to Retire me at an earlier age. I was kicked in the head and in the back and ribs over one hundred fifty times at least that is what they tell me from counting it while watching the past video. I have bad PTSD, I can't sleep at nights and when I do I hardly ever dream anymore. I am dormant in my home with my wife 24/7 because I can't be around people. Subconsciously, my mind protects me and puts me on full alert! If anyone has or had PTSD before using the Laxman I sure would be happy to know there maybe help for me and I will be able to astral travel once again. I am not new to astral travel just new to this PTSD.

So do you all feel the Laxman is still the way to go over the mindset or other devices out there? My wife is wants to get me the laxman even that $20,000 lucy if it would help with my issues. I love your posting guys and gals I am 56 years young and ready to light the fires and kick the tires! I just need a little encouragement from you all that there is still some hope left! :wink:


Laxman just didn't quite do it for me. I was never able to get any visual perceptions because the flashing lights were just too distracting even when on low. Guess it depends upon the person though as some people have no trouble perceiving when using it. The first time my wife used it she saw herself as a dragon flying over land. I hate successful first-timers.

Rachael Hicks

Correction123 welcome to the pulse  :-D   I am very sorry for the unnecessary trauma you've had to undergo!, but I am glad your here with us now!! I wish you the best of luck and hope you get back to np soon!  :-D I also want to try one of these machines! Once I hit it big in the lottery ( LOA thinking lol ) I'm gonna buy me one.... Wish I had lionheart as a neighbor I'd just go to his house and use his lmao  :-D :-D :-D
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream".            Edgar Allan Poe


Selling my Laxman. Brand New. Bought it from Amazon for $550 usd. Will sell for 450. PayPal only. Don't miss out on this great deal!



Everyone! I just bought the "Laxman" after 30 days of searching for the best light and sound devices. It was hard at first because there probably better and or worse in the market places. But like my family and my wife said, I am high maintenance when it comes to doing things like this. If it is not expensive too me then it probably won't due what I expect it to do. It's just my thing! With this attitude it makes for us a costly budget at times. But I have been right before and I hope I am right again with buying this unit!

I have PTSD from 3 years ago after my attack. I needed to find something that could take me away from the "Stress" factor that plaques me 24/7. If this can put me under then it will save me for later all those doctor visits and medications. Plus I love to astral travel when I can get it to work for me. I found that when the "vibrations" kick in it is really easy to project into the realtime world that Robert Bruce talks about that is I am right in the room with my body sleeping this is before entering the astral realm; again probably subjective. I am no expert I am in fact a little out of my league. I am a radionics operator for years using machines. So you have to have a little faith that the machines you are working with because there nothing that proves otherwise except what the receiver tells me.

That's why I am anxious to get this device in the next two days and luckily I live in Minnesota and the distributor of the "Laxman" lives in Wisconsin my neighboring state as far as I am aware he is the only distributor now and of course in Germany. I do not find many on the board about the Laxman lately so I hope this stirs the pot a little for more conversation and information. Like the others I too would like to put my experiences here online so hope it may help someone here. I wanted to say a little about the way I get out of body it is quite different!

I lie down and let my body go into a light sleep then I imagine "Jason" from Camp Crystal Lake coming into my room with his machete and all the sudden wham I come out of my body with the vibrations going wild. This was the only or is the only way I can do it manually to get a stir in energy body. Pretty weird that is for sure! I haven't been able to do it lately the last 3 years since my traumatic event but at least now I am retired! Hopefully I won't have to invite Jason into bedroom to scare my energy body out of my physical body like before!  Being scared to death! hmm! :-D

All my questions have pretty much been answered by most of all you; I spent an entire month on this site reading. I am just hoping I can get that L3 program that LionHeart was kind enough of giving out to "Laxman" users. I will even pay for it that's Ok with me. I do have a question a unique one, has anyone astral traveled to the Akashik Records or Hall of Records? I am interested to go there to experience by re-living the places in world history as I read the Akashik books. Thanks everyone for your participation by allowing us new people to start off at the right foot.  :wink:


I got to use my Laxman for the first time today to get a quick session in...and I did that Beach program I guess and WOW! I closed my eyes but since I was experimenting I was talking with my wife who supports me in this usage and I told her I saw images now imagine I am talking not meditating at this time, so I like I said I saw images of WWII sub and ship wreck under the water I saw two bottle nose dolphins and some kind of coral formation then I saw myself through my eyes I didn't see my body I was I guess scuba diving near the bottom of the sand deep in the water. Here I am talking with her then all the sudden I got sucked in some how and momentarily passed out then I awakened mind wise because my body was asleep or perceptually so anyways. I registered I had clicked out because the lights were over. So I just looked into the mild darkness and was seeing all kinds of hypnogogic images! I couldn't believe a machine is able to override your brainwaves to create such things.

Finally I got up and went to talk with my wife apparently she left the living room and I asked her what happened. She told me you were explaining what you were seeing to me and all those images then all of the sudden you got quiet and I left the living room to go to office and do some work. A person with PTSD such as myself to be able to experience this amazing short term relaxation was worth more to me than $600 and I didn't even use the rest of the programs yet! I am not sure what to expect at the moment but I bet I am in for a treat!

Another thing I did read some areas where they mention how tight fitted the goggles are if your talking about on the bridge of your nose I agree and I found a simpler solution. After my last session I placed a Curad bandage over the bridge of my nose thus placing the pad of the bandage over the bone area of the bridge it made it extremely comfortable to use now.

The chassis of the machine is very sleek and very shiny when you look at what you get my wife said that's it for $600! But she doesn't know that much about why it cost what it does. All I know she is in for a treat when she experiences the "Beach" program. I may have to take off the goggles for her after 30 minutes. So from just one example even while talking consciously to my wife wearing the goggles and experiencing the lights behind closed eyelids it still overrode to knock me out until the program was done. My wife told me it was about 15 minutes before she heard nothing from me while using it.

I use the Bose headphones they are perfect for this unit! My friend from Ohio also got his unit two days ago and he told me he went under and he heard himself snoring and he wanted to move his hands to shut off the program but he couldn't he was trapped! I guess what I am saying you all heard and experienced yourselves over and over again but being new I have to get it off my chest and talk to someone out there other than my blog that discuss the Laxman with my readers. One thing Lionheart was saying you can't fight it just go with it but to me it was not so easy done as said and of course everyone of us have differ temperaments. Because of my Trauma status I did somewhat fight it at first because I was afraid that maybe this trauma would be introduced back to me and I would live it over again that I couldn't handle.

I am still not out of the woods though I have the "Theta" and "Delta" programs to deal with even deeper areas of my mind to access I guess I will have to just light step into the cold water to get used to it. I am only hoping any military with diagnosed PTSD is reading this I know whoever they are I will say to them get this machine please! No Psychologist in the world unless he uses this device or the lucia can perform what this can do to a trauma victim such as myself and who experiences this everyday of the year for 3 years in a row! If anything it will save your sanity and that would be it's weight in gold! Of course on the lighter side I hope to get my "Vibrations" kicked on with the program do astral projection, every time the vibrations hit I pop out instantly by my will only! I thought to myself this is not that hard as people say it is! But the hard part for me was I couldn't always reach these meditative levels by myself so I am pretty excited and hopefully if the "Vibrations" meditative program can put me under to that area once the vibrations kick in from my chakra's out I will go and will go indeed!


i too have a Laxman light and sound machine so i will be trying it with lionheart file thank let see what will happen if i astral or not but i just got to keep on trying...


 Warrior, the Laxman is not a "magic pill". It creates a good deep NP focus. What you do when you find yourself in this deep focus is up to you.

For now ALLOW yourself to immerse in the lights and sounds. Just enjoy them. Don't try to do proactively do anything. Just ALLOW what's going to happen to happen!  :-)


Quote from: Lionheart on June 12, 2014, 01:25:58
Warrior, the Laxman is not a "magic pill". It creates a good deep NP focus. What you do when you find yourself in this deep focus is up to you.

For now ALLOW yourself to immerse in the lights and sounds. Just enjoy them. Don't try to do proactively do anything. Just ALLOW what's going to happen to happen!  :-)

you are Great for create that sesson i thank you for a wonderful experience with it.
every one should try your sesson! it like wow i like it a lot.


hi there.
i am new on this forum. i have just ordered my laxman unit and waiting for it.
i would really like to try the L3 Lionheart track and i have sent some messages to him but i see he is away from this forum for more than a month.
could someone help me in getting that track?

i think it could help me a lot.


I've had my Laxman for a little while now and I love it!  Just a word of caution, I wouldn't use it daily as it will give you a bit of eye strain, but nothing too painful. 

A few week ago I was using my Laxman while meditating and I fell asleep :roll: and went in a AP/LD environment but I still have my Laxman on and the mandalas are showing up in my experience  :lol:  I spend a lot of time trying to figure out why I'm seeing these shapes all over the place in my field of vision until I realized my body was sleeping!  Once I came to that realization though, they went away and the experience continued on.

Lately I have been using my Laxman with guided mediation mp3s on manual sessions and I like the results I get from doing it like this.  It works out so well that I am editing out the induction part as they don't seem to be needed since the device throws you into a relaxed state so easily. 

If there was only a way I could wear this to sleep and have it come on an hour before I woke up!  That would be a guaranteed non-physical experience every night! 


Quote from: Lionheart on January 01, 2012, 17:17:48
Hello, has anybody here ever tried a Light and Sound Machine? I had a Phase Session yesterday where I noticed I was actually using one. I did some brief research on the topic and found that the Laxman is the 'Rolls Royce" of L/S Machines. I am curious whether it might make the Astral experience deeper and easier to maintain focus and memory. Here is a website pertaining to this I find the fact that you can enter your own programs in this to be a great selling point. I would love to here your constructive views on this unit and opinions.

Edit: February 20th/2014 has been closed for over 2 years now.  Neurotronics (the maker of the Laxman) does have another distributor in the USA : It is Marks General Services (Mark Adamak) from Wisconsin (

This is really intersting Lionheart, thanks for posting. I was looking into to buying a l/d mask a while ago. It was called Aurora by iWinks. I can get out of body pretty easily and I still don't know why I can lol. It's probably from meditation. A while ago I seen my uncle in a OBE. It was my first time ever seeing someone else. My aunt just reticently past and it was the first night I spent over there in a while. I usually spend every weekend over there lol. This last time I heard someone whispering in my ear and had 2 OBEs. I'm going over there again to see if I can have more. I am really considering on purchasing a l/d mask to monitor my rem stages. I wake up during rem which isn't good so I've been told. Any advice?