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Sudden Issues Exiting Body?

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I'm not sure if it's blocked chakras, or because I moved to a new house, maybe I had so many out of body experiences my spirit is like "Uh. No, I think I'll stay in my fleshy house, I'm lazy and out of energy." Wow. Me and my soul have a lot in common ..


But everytime I try to leave my body I experience an intense pull that keeps me stuck to my body. Or, if I manage to sit halfway out I'm pulled back in, and by then so drained of energy I lay there until I wake up. It's like I'm bound with elastic bands or I'm fighting a super vacuum. Strange because I never had issues existing before...

Can people just stop being able to astral project, or is this usual?
Anyone experience something similar or have any idea what can help me to exit?

:) Ty.


A short while back, this too was happening to me. I was unable to make conscious exits and I did start to get concerned. I decided to stop consciously trying and waited to see If I would gain my awareness while dreaming. I did and this let me know that I could still project and the next time I tried, I had no problem.

I had to change my thinking because each "failure" was reinforcing the wrong attitude.

It may also help if you don't view it as a literal exit. This means you don't think of it as leaving your body so you have nothing to get stuck in. :-)
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 Astralzombie said it well.    Sometimes when we try to do things we are unable to do it.   In time it can become easier.   Try saying to yourself I can do it it is easy, particularly when you are trying to leave your body.   It happened to me a long time ago.