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...and I died humiliated, but apparently I deserved it  :|

Heh, kind of exciting actually, but I finally met someone in the NP (Jennifer) and this was a wild projection for me.  It was actually pretty long too, felt like 2 hours and I was worried (rightfully so) that I wouldn't be able to remember everything, but the actual time was closer to 45 minutes; I wbtb at 4 and got up at 5.

Anywhoo.. The setting is a party of some kind and then we are in the old west at a shooting range and lots of talking, but what stood out to me the most and what I recall clearly is a conversation about who I used to be.  She was explaining to me and then I kind of saw through my (Indian me) eyes what she was explaining my last moments of life I think.  I am in a hospital, 1960's (i think it was 68', but that detail is fuzzy to me now   :-() and I'm surrounded by family and neighbors.  Apparently, my wife found out about my mistress and on my death bed told everyone what I had been doing and shamed me in front of everyone!

I then went back to normal me and was amazed to find this out and then more talking and looking around marveling at this experience and even the place I am in, a very nice very white house which seems to be in some future setting.  So awesome, just thought I would share it with everyone, oh and for the record in this life, I just have one wife and no mistresses  :-P