First possible OBE -- input greatly appreciated!

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Originally posted by MageSense
So around 3 AM I began to meditate.  I've been specifically trying to 'activate' my third eye in the past few days, though certain events (particularly this morning's) have led me to believe that it is probably already open

MS....may I ask what you are doing to "activate" it?  The reason why I bring this up is because for me, I can definitely FEEL when it is open.  There is a throbbing, pulsating feeling on my forehead, in between my eyes.  It almost feels like someone is trying to push a finger out of my skin from the inside out!

Anyway, I didn't know if you were concentrating on certain things to make the 3rd eye chakra "Active", or if you were blindly hoping that it would just awaken.

Anyway, great post, and welcome to the forum.  =)
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Jeff Mash


Ah, I should've elaborated on the third eye activation thing.  

In response to your question, Jeff, I had, for the past few days, been concentrating on activationg my third eye.  I had one experience a day or two ago that would lead me to believe that it is open.

But, a question: is the activation something that occurs within a quick time, or is it something that happens over a period of several minutes?

Becasue, for me, the experience in question was very short.  I was following specific activation techniques, and suddenly I seemed to thrust my consciousness into the area between my brows.  I believe I was also experiencing REM at the same time, as shortly after I thrust myself into the area, my eyes began to rapidly move and I felt sensations in that area.

Also, a few weeks ago I had this one 'satori' experience with may have already partially opened it (if that is possible).  I'll elaborate on that one in a bit (though it involved some 'spiritual shrooms', I believed they helped nudge me in the right direction...I can expound if anyone is interested or willing to help me sort out this barrage of events).

And again, if anyone can give me some insight on my possible OBE or what have you, feel free to share you ideas.

Thanks for the welcoming Jeff...



Well first off, from reading your OBE account, it sounds to me like a genuine OBE.  However, I am of the school of thought that no one can tell someone else if they had an OBE or not.  When you have one, you will just KNOW.  There is no second guessing about it.

From reading your description, it sounds like you were convinced that it WAS indeed an OBE, UNTIL you returned to the body and things seemed blurrred.

I have no idea why that would make you second guess the experience.  A lot of times, the return to the physical can be hazy, for a couple of reasons:

1) It could be hazy because you're losing control of the experience, which is why you are returning to the physical body to begin with.

2) The return could be hazy because you're merging two bodies back into one, and as Robert Bruce would say, downloading your shadow memories if the projection experience back into your conscious mind, which continued to reside in the physical body while you were "out."

So how do you KNOW that you had an OBE if the return seems fuzzy? Here are some signs I look for:

1) When I am projecting, I KNOW beyond a reasonable doubt that I am having an OBE.

2) I also KNOW that I have a physical body back in bed, and that I am not with that body at that moment.

3) I possess my full, conscious mind and I'm in control of all my actions.  I can reason and use intuition the same way I do in the physical. Nothing seems to be on automatic pilot mode, and I can do or say whatever I want.  In many lucid dream scenarios, this isn't the case.

Hope that helps.
Keep smiling,

Jeff Mash