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Dream like a movie

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A friend I don't know in the physical world and I were in a futuristic city on the run for some kind of posse.
At a moment we were closed in and we only could escape into a prison building. The building had prison cells with electric cell doors.
We had to be careful where to position otherwise they would lock us by closing the doors.
We were armed and shot a few followers and guards.

In some mysterious way there was a passage behind us leading to another reality, we managed to escape and ended in the kitchen of my childhood house.
My friend was still harassed with poltergeist activity by an entity we knew was part of the posse that followed us. His name is Alex. He didn't want to let us go.
I called a medium, this was a woman that in real life is my masseusse. I asked to come right away because we were in trouble. It was not clear if
she would come and if so when.
Then we were in the old bedroom of my parents. Three things happens:
1. I threw a handful of pebbles to my friend pretending it was the entity chasing him. I barely managed to let him believe that this was de case.
2. Some form of energy directed my hands to the pebbles and let me threw the pebbles to him. We both knew it was the entity.
3. Pebbles were thrown at him automatically as a poltergeist activity, my hands were not involved.

I said to Alex the entity: 'all nice and everything, but you are wasting as much time as we do with this nonsense, so who wins anyway?'
Finally I was able to see Alex, an enraged bewildered man. he had a button on his eyelid and ear. I knew that when I pressed
the buttons the problem would be solved. I pressed the button on the eyelid. Noooo! he yelled, but I continued and press the
button by his ear. It sounds weird but I granted him some kind of mercy by letting him work as a blind and deaf waiter?
Oh well, in dreams everything is possible.

Last stage was something millions of people already dreamed.
The scenery changed from my parental house to an imaginary office.
I had to pee and everyone could look at me, I didn't care and peed.
Then I washed my hands, but to grap some paper towels I had to disturb a standup meeting. They all looked at me.
I said sorry, just drying my hands!
Then I awake.

My first spontaneously thought was that this dream was about ego and conformity, maybe some other thoughts?
It was quite exciting anyways!




Interesting dream, Erik! These adventurous ones are very exciting! there is a lot of symbolism in dreams, our physical brain interprets them according to the individual's beliefs. symbolism is not the same for everyone. for example if I am afraid of snakes, these in my dreams may represent challenges, but if someone that loves snakes that would mean something good in their dreams. So, you are the only person who can interpret your dream.
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow


Hi Lightbeam,

Thanks for your reply. I think you're right.
By the way I think it has to do with my attitude towards society nowadays (quite negative) with an explanation of the cause from my childhood.