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sick subconscious

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Hey, Arie.

There is probably a lot of ideas about the subconcious and what it is/is not. Two things come to mind with what you mention, though. One negs, or negative people can use your sub to influence you, or implant things ("fake" core images for example). Dreams can be used the same way. And maybe they are not dreams, but the memories of the astral.

I think the sub is just a state of mind that allows access to both our higher selves, and all of the spiritual states, whether up or down. It is a seperate part of your mind, but not your higher self alone. It is also the real you, sort of, in that it has nothing to hide from itself. Most people do not/will not admit aspects of themselves they are not comfortable with.

If it was me, I would start looking for issues of being manipulted in some form. Convince yourself to take control in the dreams, and put a stop to what is going on. Some good "soul searching" would be a good idea, also. Look for things that you know are not you, and things that are questionable. Try and chase them down.

Best of luck


Interesting....I never thought about negs influencing my dreams.   Thanks for the input.  :-)

"I hear and I forget... I see and I remember... I do and I understand."


I've been having some sick dreams our subconscious mind really that disgusting......I mean Geez.  I thought our subconscious mind was supposed to be beautiful and our source to the divine blah blah blah.  What do you guys think?

"I hear and I forget... I see and I remember... I do and I understand."