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Visiting friends in a lucid dream

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I went to sleep last night and found myself going in and out of dream images that I made come to life. I was instantly in that moment or dream and made eye contact with some old friends in this crystal clear dream world, even though it only lasted like 10 seconds a time. Usually I will be able to induce clear and vivid images before sleep, but rarely enter  a very lucid dream temporarily or the past or whatever it was. Sometimes before sleep it seems to be easier to induce states like these and it is in states like these I can listen to vivid clear music in my head by just thinking of a song or just make one up instantly and I can also see vivid images or in this case enter a vivid dream or moment.


Welcome to phasing Sammie. What you are doing will be available instantly anytime you choose.
Try changing the words in the songs you hear, you'll be very surprised at what the results are lol.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.