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The psi pog articles have been very interesting.

It still seems like I am thinking about trying to do telekinesis. My paper pinwheel is set up and in a clear container to keep air currents in the room away. It looked to me like it shook a little, but this was when I became distracted and mentally unfocussed. I was no longer thinking about moving the pinwheel. Then, the moment I caught motion, it would reverse direction and land about exactly where it began. Naturally, it has to be my eyes playing tricks on me. Even so, maybe the trick is to use some sort of mental device to keep the mind from thinking too much about moving the object. I am almost out of guesses and now my eyes are tricking me.


I'm there with you Tom, recently I decided to try also.  Of all the literature I have read says this:

1. Try not to think of anything at all but just gaze at it.  I know this sounds lame but they swear by it.  

2. A suggestion given by another individual is to focus your point of conscious at the object (psi wheel).  I haven't tried this yet and who knows what to do after you are focused.

3. It seems that a lot of people have problems with moving the wheel with the glass over it, even the experienced.

4.  Recently I tried concentrating on my third eye while looking at the wheel.  It was so incredible.  After around ten minutes of doing this, not thinking of anything of course, I started to get that strange energy tingling in my forhead.    The wheel started to show streaks of electric blue crawling on it, no kidding!  It didn't move but sure was interesting.  Maybe it was some kind of auric energy, who knows.  Give it a try.

Anyway good luck and I hope these techniques help.  I usually don't recommend other sites but take a peak at; they have some wonderful literature on the subject.  It's on the first page under articles.  Take a look at the media also if you haven't been there yet.



Now this is getting interesting.
I read your post Kifyre and i suddenly remembered that i had an experience several years ago that (for me at least) confirms what you said.
One day my sister was playing with our cat, and suddenly it started hissing and sounding really angry. It then tried to bite her hand before running wild through the room, it calmed down after about half a minute.
I came over and asked what she did, she showed me how she held her hand right before the cat went nuts.
I tried it and the cat reacted immediately, became agressive and started running back and forth while watching my hand!
While doing this I held my hand with the thumb and middle finger making a circle, and the rest of the fingers streched out as far as they could go.

I am really surprised that I managed to forget such a thing since i'm the kind of person that experiments with interesting things like these until i completely understand them.
Oh well, now I remember so i'll try this with any animals I meet and observe their behaviour.

If anyone wants to try this, please post any results and observations.


Tom, the line represents the path of force. The string should go all the way through to the opposite side of the object. For instance, before they exit  the gun, the path of the bullets would be highlighted in the same way. Just for the sake of expample, you could alter that path in order to sway the bullet. Dimming the path should slow things down, and brightening it will speed them up.

In the astral, you may see elementals, or beings represented as packets of information. They will look smiilar to little suns, and swim about like sperm. The tail is analogous to the line of force, or the path that they are following. It's like if you had a bead on a string and wanted to move it. A  jerk on the string will fling the bead toward whatever the string is tied to.


Recently I have been trying to move small objects. First, I select one to use. Whatever happens to be nearby, like a paperclip or a pen. Then I choose a direction for it to move and suspend disbelief. (thoughts like i can't do it, or here comes another failure). Then a more general slowing down of thoughts. Finally, pushing energy into the object to try to move it. It gets to the point where I can often see a line of energy going into the object. What am I doing wrong? It isn't that I don't really think it can be done. It must be that my procedure is missing something or mistaken somehow.