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Very recent on David Icke's (yeah, that one  :roll: :wink: ...) brandnew crowdfunded internet TV station:

"Hidden Science: Lucid Dreaming"

I found it quite interesting to hear and see 3 experts (book authors, seminar tutors) I did not know before on the topic. I resonate most with what the 2nd guest (a kind of Young-John-Cleese-Lookalike, if you ask me) had to say.

(the channel can be watched live here: )


 Thank you for sharing this with us Volgerle!  :-)

I have been reading up on Dream Yoga for a long time and use the techniques I have read about often. I account this knowledge towards the success I am finding with my nightly NPR Adventures.

Robert Moss has also had a great influence on me as well.