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UAPTF Report released

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 Well the much awaited UAPTF (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force) report has finally been release. I posted the link below. Conclusions? They concluded that there is no conclusion. They aren't ours, as in the US Military. They aren't Russian, Chinese or any other foreign countries. If they were Russian or Chinese, the entire world would have already been talking in Russian or Chinese. They call it "Hyper-sonic" travel. Something that we don't know yet. Perhaps it is "Spectre" from James Bond genre, lol!  :roll: :-D Some Evil Mastermind. It would make a great movie.

Was this expected by many us? Yes. Still disappointing though! I always said that "disclosure" has been occurring for years. The ones that seem to need to "know", do. It can't be blocked at that level of consciousness. The collective knows all! It certainly has did a number on the UFO community though. It has caused a lot of "in-fighting lately!  :-o

So, what's their next step going to be? I see that this is going force the powers that be to search beyond/outside the "box". Take a few of those billions that they are always flinging here and there and put it into some "NPR" research. The report they had was all based only on 144 cases that they, the military, had reported and witnessed in the last few years. 143 of them are still unidentified. One of them was a found to be a "balloon". They did view these things through our highest technical Radars and other equipment. So they viewed them in basically ever way possible that knew to. These was no talk of Roswell, Abductions, Crop Circles or any other phenomena that is related to the subject of ET's. They ignored all past history on the ET topic. It's time that they start doing research on these as well. We already know that we have had research programs in the past devoted to the UFO research. That is evident from Project Blue book and others programs like it. We also have researched Remote viewing, as seen in the "Stargate Project" of years ago. They could "outsource" their research to avoid any public harassment or embarrassment. They have a history of outsourcing things.

Remote viewing uses co-ordinates as a focus. They don't necessarily attack the "NPR" side of things. Myself, I use "Doorways" as my focus targets. Years ago I asked my Doctor, (who is very open minded), if there were any Research Groups around our area that were focused on Lucid Dreaming or OBEs. He said he didn't know of any. I asked because I would be a willing participant as long as #!, they were serious about their research, #2, they would share their results with the Community and lastly #3, their intention were good. If they could meet those, I'm in. I know that that there was a lady years ago form a University in Minnesota here that studied OBES due to NDES. A neighborhood friend of ours drank like a fish. That caught up with him and he died not once but twice on the operating table. The first time due to Live failure. The second time, due to the transplant not taking properly. Both times he had incredible OBES due to his NDEs. In one of them he lived a 2x4 in a home. Yes a board in the wall. He watched the daily living of a husband and wife. During the nights though, he went to the bar and sat with a number of Woman who seemed to gossip quite a bit. Randy was not the kind of person that believed in any of this. He was a very hardened individual. He finally died for good of a heart attach five years later. During his time between his NDEs and his real death, he spent his time righting his wrongs. Once he had finally achieved that, he transitioned for good.

On the abduction topic. I still am torn with this. What lead me to find the Astral Pulse was a 3 day experience I had back in I think it was 2011. Every night, something new occurred. All the things were experienced via Sleep Paralysis. But the last day was the one that really got my attention. Why? Because I was left with "physical" signs/effects, that seemed to be evidence to me. One being, my right eye was completely swollen shut, with a indented rectangular shape in it. The second effect being very strong inner vibrations that didn't subside at all for abut 3 weeks. This led me to a Doctor visit. By the time I saw my Doctor, my eye swelling had gone away. I still had the vibrations though. After some Medical tests, there was no irregularities found. My Doctor actually said that he thought it was was related to "frequency". That is a very open minded Doctor!  :-D This is why I am still baffled.

I wonder if a lot of the Abduction experiences aren't just "False Awakenings". It takes a trained eye to see you are in a false awakening. You have to catch/become aware of the very small reality fluctuations in those experiences. They can be very subtle as well! But then again not. We can travel to other dimensions via a shift in consciousness. But we don't have the ability to take our "physical" body with us. Not yet that is. I feel that other "Beings" have achieved the ability to do this. We just aren't quite there yet. We can learn though.
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla


Hopefully, the greed and exploitation of certain of mankind can no longer suppress that which is truth. -Richard E. Byrd


I think they are taking ever so small steps to condition the human mind and get them used to the idea that this is something that is coming. Because believe it or not there are millions and millions of people who either do not believe in ETs or are afraid and do not want to accept this as real. I have many acquaintances very religious that will flip out if the government admits that there are ETs and even reveal their intentions. Think about the religious system, there will be panic and chaos, confusion why the Bible does not acknowledge ETs but they exist, so they will start questioning the rest of the Bible if true.
What would I do, if I was the top government official that decides when and how to reveal to the masses. Honestly observing the state of mind at this time of the majority of people, I would do it very gradually. Like getting in a pool with very cold water. You need to dip your toes, keep your feet in for a while, let your body adjust t the temperature, then get a little deeper, stay at that level for a while, until your hole body adjusts.
And after all, the ETs are the advanced ones, not us. If they ask our govt to keep a secret, they will have no choice. I am inclined to believe that the ETs are giving directions on the whole secrecy thing and when/how to be revealed. I believe that there are not just crashed UFOs and dead aliens being studied, but actually they are already in some form of contact. They do not wish to meddle in our affairs, but have made their presence known to the officials. And if I was an advanced civilization, I would do that exact thing, contact with the officials, but controlling what can they reveal. That's just my opinion given the current state of the Earth, that's what I would do if I was the advanced ETs.
But who knows if this is how things really are.
Those of us who know and are ready to accept this information without panicking are millions of course, but the other part I think still dominates and will cause trouble with their behavior.

Abductions! I have been meaning to start a topic on that, because it bothers me most of them are negative experiences and I wonder if the ETs are terrorizing in such manner humans. But when I listen to the stories, 99% mention that it was in the middle of the night, they couldn't move, and when the woke up they had X,Y,Z physical sensations. That's clearly to me AP and SP, but most people do not know what that is and we all know how real APs are, so they also perceived the events as physical events. But to me they were clearly non-physical. We also know that sudden change in frequency can cause the physical cells to react to these strong energy thought influencers. Then if many people hear the same story of abductions this will become the common expectation and this is what their subconsciousness will create during SP/AP. IN addition, how many movies portray the ETs as friendly? Not many, most portray invasions and most people expect hostile activities. That also preconditions the subconscious mind to interpret alien NP interaction as negative and scary.  I am not dismissing actual physical abductions, after all I was visited by one, but never taken anywhere, but it was physical, I was not in bed and after the ET disappeared I was still playing with my toys on the floor and ran outside to look for my parents.
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
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Well if this isn't a topic MADE for me I don't know what is ( lol ). I will be back.


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My own opinion on this UAPTF thing over the last two years is that it was designed to serve as a concurrent government distraction event to the Pandemic Fraud. The timing is suspect and the background fraud is just too much.

Harry Reid, Democrat leader of the Senate (at the time) and notoriously corrupt and despicable person, supposedly started all this with a $22 million dollar funding of Bigelowe Aerospace, a donor of course to Harry Reid, who set Lu Elizondo onto this trail. He turns up these "leaked" Navy videos of notably the "tic-tac" and "gimbal" UFO screen shots which are interesting but limited. Also three Navy pilots give video testimony to their sightings. Now this is all interesting except that the video is highly classified and the Navy would have shut down any publication or at least fought it in a US court; and the ex-Navy pilots are still under military Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) which threaten them with lengthy terms of incarceration should they violate Classified and Top Secret Disclosure laws.

That is unless the Government wanted this information part of a narrative, part of an agenda. It makes no sense otherwise. And it happens to serve a serendipitous purpose right now, as a distraction to the Pandemic Agenda.

Friday, the "disclosure day" was nothing more than again the US Government shrugging it's shoulders and saying 'we're not sure what it all is, but we will spend a few $billion and keep looking'...Lol. They have been saying this since closing down Project Blue Book in the late '60's if I'm not mistaken...and they have no problem spending more of our money. They are protected and insulated.

There is no disclosure coming; the only thing coming is attempts at more control over the population whether through pandemic or climate change or the possible threat of alien invasion. In military tactics, these are known as the world's case these feints can take decades to develop, up to the point they actually penetrate your common sense and stab/jab you. And if they are smart, they attack you on multiple fronts at the same time.

A few things I've come to learn after 60 years stuck on this planet are that the supposed leaders in our governments are not intelligent or smart people, but they are clever. Nasty clever. They are clever at using the tools of government to leverage power and control over the majority of us, the middle class, which represent the greatest threat to them and their Socialism/Totalitarianism. Also they are indifferent to suffering, which makes them evil. Finally there is the 'bureaucrat class'; you can decide for yourself who to trust from the pronouncements of the UN, the WHO, Fauci and the others...all I ask is, look at what they say and what are the results?

The greatest threat to any country and it's elite class is from a growing middle class and the possible breakout outliers within it that may threaten the monetary/military/social controls already put in place by the elites. The breakout players must be quickly recognized, co-opted or crushed. The growth of the middle class must be restricted and pushed downward. It's no more difficult than that.

Is the current UFO flap just another distraction or will they wrap it into an alien warning against global warming and a demand for a New World Order? Personally I don't think the various alien intelligences want to subvert the 'teaching model' that is the Earth Learning System, so I don't think any disclosure is happening anytime soon. They aren't directing their teaching to the general population; that would just discredit the present learning system. Maybe they are actually reaching out to the 1% of us, teaching us concepts the rest of Humanity is not quite ready for...I agree that it is happening, but I don't honestly think that it is for the wider population. Where that line of separation is, I'm not sure...but I'm afraid the public/television stuff is just more humans messing with humans...sadly.
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Well I didn't figure our or any government would actually have anything new to say on the subject. After the release and preliminary report I reckon I was right. There are so many 'human' agendas that wading through them is a grand way to suffer migraines the rest of your life. How the heck would any of us wade through the various possible agendas of ETs?

Disclosure / brain washing / distraction <--- yes all of that so pick your poison as they say.

Yes, a growing ever more intelligent Middle Class is most definitely a problem. To sit at the top of any pyramid you NEED a large, ignorant, confused population working their butts off to stay afloat so they don't have time to question what 'they' are doing.

It's getting very hard these days for those at the top to come up with those distractions. Any government Task Force is just juju for let's waste resources so the little guys will think we are doing something.

I am only interested in one thing and that is this; Are you for Humanity or Against Humanity? If your intent truly lies on the side of doing what is best then you will quite naturally work cooperatively with the rest of humanity without deceit. Deceit is a dead give away.

I can't help but agree with the more practical posts of Lumaza, LightBeam and EscapeVelocity on the more technical points and their thoughts on this. But one thing is quite clear, none of us can say we know exactly what the government is trying to accomplish and the answer for that is quite simple. They are not all working to the same goal. Many agendas.

As for me I did something a while back. I did a deep meditation/prayer and commanded that ONLY those Beings/ETs/Angels and so fourth with pure and good intent towards myself and HUMANITY be allowed to communicate with me.
You would not believe the amount of junk that got removed or the number of ""spirit guides/ETs/Other that no longer appear in my np experiences.  I found that very telling as to true intent on their part.

This does not mean that my experiences have suddenly all turned rosey and pink. It only means that now those experiences are so much more trustworthy and I can now focus on what really matters.

The battles and influences we fight are not flesh and blood. We, the non-physical travelers are warriors of another kind helping to shape the influences pressed upon those unaware. The vile nasty darkness that influences humanity is the focus of what we should be doing. What we do seems to be only available to a small percentage of the human population. Guess what? What we do is out of balance. ALL of humanity has these same abilities but those abilities are hampered/confused/twisted to keep that realization from the populace at large.

What I see is a very and massive dark cloud separating US from ABOVE. We must destroy/disperse that dark cloud of influence. The vast majority of humanity are children in adult bodies. Stunted from birth. A few of us while stunted have been able to receive this call to arms. All we can do is put our best foot forward and call on the LORD.

Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


 Great replies all!  :-)

Lightbeam, I too believe "something is coming" and that seems to be forcing their hand right now. I do await your thread on "Abductions". Like I said, I am still torn on this and would like to hear other's views on this subject. I too often hear many stories of Abductions, via Coast to Coast AM. Jimmy Church's Fade to Black and other radio shows, from either the Guests or callers and many times I see that they seem to be describing either a "Sleep Paralysis scenario" or even a "False Awakening". We here on this Forum know just how "real" both of NPR experiences can be. But I also believe that many of the ET's that frequent our Earth reality here are "interdimensional" in nature.
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla