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the first was less then a month...

ok...it was whan night when i put myself to sleep after trying to project...i let myself very slow to pass into sleep...so i was present here, in my dream and in my thoughs...somewhere i got up and realyze that i was kind of dreaming but not full aware...so i tryed to project again...
then the thing started...

i was floting somewhere over my body (i have strong reasons to believe that this was a LD) and something took me and started to hit me more like takeing my body and hit the walls...i got freaked out...really scared and tryed to call some astral help, tryed to relax but i was to freaked out...then i ran into the livingroom where my grandmother was there crying and screamind at me the she does not know anything, she saw nothing...then i realiezed that "it was not real"...and succed to wake up.

(i live with my grandmother) She appeard in a similar experince sleeping next to me...???...she was not in "real" plane...and she was not sleeping in the livingroom that night.

i have some other experinces similar with this...when "someone" "is fulling around with me"...(old, not many)

well last night i woke up again...i Knew that i was kind of in a lucid dream, again in the exact place (my bed) like in the past experinces, so if i woke up in it i though that is a good moment to project myself...well it proved that was not a good ideea...that thing, or whatever (never saw it, allways is behind me or i just can't see it) grab me and tried to hit with me again, this time i was really panicated, so *ing scared that i was remembered how it was when i slept with my grandma' and i was so scared that i really wanted to sleep with someone and i have 19...tryed to wakeup but everytime i was awakeing in the same "dream"...after sevral atempts i succed...In my feets lighted the room checked if i was dreaming and wanted to go outside to walk all night, afraid to go back to sleep...but i went cause i was to tired...did not stop here but i felt asleep (deep sleep)

sorry for my english...

anyone any ideas???


These types of nightmares were my first introduction to lucid dreaming.  I'd do this all night and someone would always be in the room tormenting me.  One thing i realized is that when this happened i always "woke up" to the obe.  Another thing I realized is im always very weak during these times and its hard for me to go outside, which is what i always try to do and once outside the "person" is gone.

I now believe that there is not really a person there at all.  Robert bruce has written about the effects of being too close to your physical body once you project.  This accounts for the weakness.  The person most likely is a thought form.  In other words youre out of body without really knowing it..so your physical body senses a presence.  Your fear kicks in.. etc etc.  What ive learned to do when this happens is leave the room where my body is.  My strength returns and the mysterious person is never there anymore so i can do my business.


thank you goingslow
i'll keep this in mind next time...and i'll try to do so if i'm not run out by fear....

i could say that everytime that this happens i'm kind of out...

i'm stucked in my head area...cause is like the center of me beeing...and this sux


just my two cents worth...

It is one of two things...

1. Yourself

2. An actual Astral Being

If it is number 1 (yourself) it could be a representation of your thoughts and fears...in that case you have some soul searching to do (as do we all).

If it is number 2(someone else) then just remeber thought is action...while out and being attacked imagine yourself surrounded by an force field (as corney as that sounds) that nothing can penitrate.

The attacker will eventually get bored and leave  :lol: