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Hello, Moon Shadow!  I have experienced some of the same things as you except they happen while I am trying to exit.  I have only tried to AP consciously on several occasions myself but strange things always start happening.  

Once when I was seventeen I was lying in bed trying to AP and I heard the sound of feet scraping against the carpet.  I tried to ignore it but it got more persistant.  It continued for fifteen minutes even after I decided to stop.  The only time I had a successful AP( without help from others or with memory recall) was last January which was a great experience(I think I wandered off after I realized I was out and lost memory recall).

Two weeks ago I decided to try again.  The first three days were fine but I heard a male voice say my name both inside my head and near my ear.  Then, I'd feel a presence and it would say something I did not understand but it was sexual in nature(weird, I know).  Once my concentration was broken when a thumping started on my wall.  It was frustrating.  

After a couple days of this I began feeling tired, depressed and achy.  I asked others about it and they mentioned energy depletion.  I am beginning to wonder if something, a neg or other entity/spirit, is around me.  I have always had feelings of both good and bad spirits around me(I have a strange background that I try to avoid talking about but I've shared some things on this site).

I think it is great that you feel a good spirit around you.  

Could the footsteps you hear be your own?  The reason why I ask this is because you stated that you heard them when you're about to rejoin your body again.  As for the fluttering noises, it could be your energy IMO but I'm not sure.  

I hope I shed some light on your questions.  This is a great place to post them.  I wish I could answer more definitively but I'm sure someone more experienced will post soon.

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Moon Shadow

 Hello everybody. I'm new here, and this is my first time posting a message. Most of my life I've had strange things happen to me, including OBE's. Someone once told me that they thought I'm a
"sensitive." Once again I've been hearing noises while out of body,
like wind or fluttering noises. I've also heard crashing noises,
and footsteps near my bed. It usually happens right before I join
back together with my body. It's kind of unnnerving when that happens to me, because I don't know exactly what those noises are. I can only guess what they are. Does anyone else hear noises like that? What do you think they might be? I also sense a good presense by my bed at night, and can see energy moving in my room when I have a night light on. And I can see auras at different times, including my own. I also hear words in my head at times, which are people's names that I never heard or thought of before. Does this happen to anyone else here? I believe in guardian angels, and I hope mine is with me all the time. I am a disabled person, and walk with a cane. Most people I know are always too busy, so I am alone a lot. I'm glad that when I feel like I'm alone that I'm really not....if you know what I mean.~~Moon Shadow