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I'd like to elaborate on my friend's post. I'm interested in this topic as well but I have'nt had any experiences with astral wildlife.  I myself am interested in hearing about any experiences people have had regarding this topic.  So any and all posts would be more than appreciated. Again I find this topic in particular highly interesting.


Dear Monicat777,

I have not seen worms or spiders yet most often I see earthly looking wildlife (in full colour)...sometimes I think I am seeing real animals that are like me in the dream state and we just happen to 'bump' into each other.  I usually see the face of the animal, almost never the whole animal.  I have also seen animals that do not seem to be of this world.  Some are surprised, startled and others quite pleased that you can see them.  I remember seeing one cute furry little critter that had super big brown eyes and big fury pointed ears that seem particularly pleased I saw it.  I doubt it is a mental problem because I hold a very demanding engineering position so...if I was loose upstairs I would have been gone 6 years ago.  I say this only because of your comment "I am not crazy". If you write "I am not crazy" then I am assuming you must have questioned your own sanity a few times and might feel better knowing that this happens to very normal everyday people who if you spoke to them you would never know they also have these experiences.

If you are able to function in normal life without it affecting you then you are fine.  However, if it is constantly invading into your waking moments there are a lot of things that you can do.  What I suggest works for me but I can not say for sure if it will be right for you.  I find grounding myself through prayer and meditation most helpful. I pray for and to mother earth.  Please do not be alarmed at the response you get.  If you have a very focussed prayer you will feel mother earth respond in thanks for the love you are sending her.  You will suddenly start to feel like you are incredible heavy like lead.  It feels strange at first but do not be scared.  Mother earth has tremendous healing powers.  Grounding helps ones spirit to stay in its body.  Once you have felt this feeling from Mother earth you just have to remember how it felt when you start opening up and start having OBE's.  I am sure there are a wide variety of ways of handling your problem.  This is just one suggestion.

When you have these experiences do you feel drained?  Are you leaking energy from your aura a lot?  I ask this because when one feels tired it is frequently easier to have an OBE.  Perhaps prayers to help you stop leaks in your aura would help. Only you can pin point the source  cause of your OBE.  

Hope I have been of a little help.

All the best,


My friend here would like to address some interesting things she has encountered....I also listen to art bell and I have been having obe's since i was 6 months old and I am 24 now. I have been through poltergeist to anything you can dream of but in the last 5 years I have been through what you call wildlife on art bell. now I have tried to look up what I see I never can find it. These are not negative they remind me of underwater wildlife. alien like. I have seen etheric huge spiders to long tapeworm things that poke me usually to my head or eyes. electricity flows through me hard when they appear. the tapeworm looking things change shape to look like tornados to spring like your bed spring and they straighten out. understand I have been having complete obe controll for a long time I have encountered many things to aliens to ghosts to demons. and underworld creatures and deities. I am not crazy but I cant type all the things that happen to me. I would like to know if any body else expierienced similar things. and info is apreciated. I also expierince this on a daily level. not in my controll and i want to block some of it out. PLEASE.  thankyou