Cannot enter vibratory state anymore?

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Hello everyone. I just wanted to share a strange thing that has been happening for a couple of months now-- I should say NOT happening for a few months now. I can no longer enter the vibrational state... no matter how relaxed I become, there are sometimes slight small weak vibrations but only for a few seconds. It is worth noting that about 7 months ago, I could enter it almost anytime I tried. I do not think this will prevent me from APing or experiencing any wild experience but I just wanted to know if this occurred to anyone else? Or is it something to worry about? Thank you in advance for any insight you may provide!


I'm no expert, but have sometimes felt like these things occur on someone elses time. My experience is that, even when I did try to pursue this with discipline, that I'd have dry spells. I've read here that sometimes this is encouragement to try a different technique. I also wonder about activity level in relation to our position in time/space and whether energy that affects our local universe has any effect on our abilities.


The vibrations raise our awareness and help us reach a certain frequency. Once there we no longer seem to need them to exit/ap. Your instincts are on point there.

A lack of vibrations will not prevent you doing whatever comes natural to you. You have already raised your physical energy level. At this point when/if you do have weak vibrations you can experiment with them and maybe learn something about your own abilities.

Your question is very well placed and valid. Seems you are doing just fine.

Most of us will find that we do indeed have helpers and they push us along. As a matter of course it seems it is this push that brings many people to the pulse. You are also correct that sometimes it seems to be an incentive to try something different. I thoroughly believe the earth's energy affects us as we affect her and all our surroundings. There is also mass consciousness.
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Both Nameless and tides2dust make good points as to possibilities. I could wonder at several or more reasons why the vibrations diminish, from both my own experience and what I have read in much online reading. This is a question not entertained by any books I'm aware of, but it has been often reported and questioned now that we've had internet coms for so long...good questions are finally coming forward.

Similar to many others that I have read, was that my experience of the vibrations manifested strongly in my teenage years when I tried to 'raise' them; they became sporadic, yet calmer during my 20's and 30's; became still more gentle in my 40's and have basically disappeared since then. Sometimes i could make use of them to manifest an OBE, other times not.

I think that it is an indication that our individual and base 'frequency/vibration' has likely moved higher, as the relevancy of the vibrational stage appears to fade for us. My own 'vibes' just seemed to fade in intensity as the years passed. I first thought I was losing my ability, but now I think that my frequency had shifted upward to a point where the vibrations were simply not as noticeable...which may be your situation's a simple and natural progression.

Another related idea is that the 'vibrational stage' is closely associated to the classic, etheric idea of an OBE and the activation of the etheric body. The theory follows that as our 'resident frequency' moves higher, we eventually activate the next higher Non-Physical energy body which is the Astral, then the Mental...and the Etheric is somewhat left behind; thus the activation 'signal' of vibrations is also diminished and finally left behind. Moving into these states of awareness involves the concept of Phasing which results in near instantaneous transitions without the vibrations and floating out of body sensations...and this is the progression most people seem to follow, and it happens almost naturally, which is where you may be transitioning through right now.

Then there is the question of our Higher Self pushing us along, or also the interaction of outside 'helpers'...they are there, so just be open to it all. Go with the Flow. Like Nameless said: one of those ways to push us is to consider new techniques...for almost all of us it seems that once we get one technique working, it suddenly quits working and we have to try something new. What I call mysteriously-frustrating and's one of the most confounding seemingly universal concepts I've yet come across...

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I haven't felt the "vibrations" in probably over 10 years now.
Don't worry about them.  :)


Ha ha!! . . a fabulous topic of potential discussion.

To add one more thing :

Vibrations = the Shift

There are many reasons for aiming to investigate and explore the shift and shifting phenomena, notably relative to the body and experience phenomena.

As one who has held this particular focal point of interest and exploration I will share a few of these reasons here :

1.  You are having a top/down awakening process and wish to investigate it in more detail
2.  You are therefore experiencing and interested in parallel processing data, exploring what I call 'synchronous states' ( being fully conscious in more than one place )
3.  You are a participant in a program that exemplifies ascension of the physical body and may be actualizing it in the current lifetime
4.  The body system and system cells are recognized and interacted with as individual consciousness in their own right
5.  The blueprint and design of body systems is something you are involved with in additional fields and this aspect of you connects with you in this lifetime ( ie: you may be one of the designers
6.  You find yourself 'touring' your body, it's independent areas, systems and system cells regularly in OBEs
7.  The body being inclusive of the brain,-- brainwaves, brainwave frequencies and sound sonics have captured your attention

The list is endless!, I could go on and on.

So if any of this sounds to match up with you, absolutely re-synch with sound and direct vibratory experience.

If not - then yeah, move on the next best greatest thing in terms of how you make the shift.

And more importantly,
how you are going to make it back from your experiences with the data!