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Ive been having OBEs now on and off for a few years and commonly I see "dark smoke entities". Thats probably the best way to describe them.

They have an energy field because I can feel them as they move around. Its like if you close your eyes and move an electrostatically charged balloon around your head.

Last night I was trying to OBE and again I ended up waking out of my body and a dark smoke cloud landed on my chest. When I first started seeing these guys I was afraid. Now they dont bother me.
I was a bit annoyed because I was hoping for more than running into these guys again. I reacted by saying "What? You!" because i recognised it. Focusing on it, it changed from the usual black cloud into a human form. It was jet black slender human physique but the legs remained smokey black. It was like looking at a guy covered in black shiny oil with black smoke for legs. It scrambled away from me and started desperately trying to dig a hole to get away from me.

They usually try to get away from me once i see them, like my attention on them causes them distress. Each time I meet one of these entities its like I wake up with an understanding of what they represent. I associate them with different fears that I have, that I didnt really know that i had. Once I have identified them they lose power over me and often the next day I feel as though I have shed some baggage.

My belief that i have formed from observing them is that they represent a hidden fear that I didnt know existed, or perhaps you didnt see it as a fear. Once you identify what they represent you can get rid of them. I only just started googling about them because I dont want other people experiences to give me pre-concieved ideas that might bias my opinion of my own experiences.

Another time one landed very close to my face. It had tiny red eyes amidst a black cloud. It buzzed away once I realised I could see it. Ive also heard them talking.

Anyway im interested in hearing if others have had similar experiences.


From my own experience, this reads like subconscious hypnogogia that has increased to the degree of possibly becoming a repeating thoughtform. It's not real per se, but it might as well be since it has become a consistently recurring theme and has to be dealt with in some manner. I think you are right in that it involves dealing with personal subconscious fears and similar issues; we all have them, and this is an easy playground where they can show up and distract us. It sounds like you are dealing with them appropriately.

For me, these issues almost always show themselves differently, each time; I haven't seen the consistency you have, so possibly, something else may be occurring, but I don't think it is an issue to be too concerned about.

If this is all happening while you are still "in body" or within close proximity to your physical body, then the random chaos of hypnogogic "noise" is all I would attribute it to. It is admittedly a freaky phenomenon, but just a local effect. It sounds like you already have it handled pretty well. And you are exactly right about pre-conceived ideas and front-loading.
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