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I have a problem which I hope someone can help me with. I know I am going out-of-body at night but I am totally unaware of it.

Sometimes when I am asleep and I am waking up, in the last few milliseconds I am aware of coming back into my body. Ages ago, I learned that any dreams of nasty monsters or people chasing you, were only the awareness you have from the physical body's perspective, of the astral body returning to the physical. I never get those nasty monster/people dreams any longer now that I know what they are.

However, I am just not aware of anything, from going to sleep... to those few milliseconds before waking up (and that's not happening very often). I really need to do something to get myself aware or conscious of all that time spent out-of-body. I am wasting good opportunities.

In meditation, I dont seem to be able to focus long enough to stay conscious. Usually I say my mantra for a few minutes and then I blank out completely. Maybe I am just too lazy but the next thing I am conscious of is becoming aware that I am back and the meditation session is over.

I have tried affirmations but up until now, they have not worked to make me more conscious.

So, what do you think is happening here and what can I do to take my consciousness with me out-of-body?


Hi ocpaul20, are you doing any techniques? This forum has many types of techniques. Check out the pinged topics, pick a technique and practice it for at least 4-6 weeks every day to start seeing results on awareness level.
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OK, thanks for the suggestions. I'll pick a technique and do that.

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Write down your experiences when you wake up. You will start remembering more
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When your conscious mind is awake its at the surface but when you start to relax the conscious mind lowers and as it lowers the subconscious mind rises up word same as a sea saw and as the conscious mind goes even further down the subconscious goes higher up but when they meet on the equal plan then you've reached the Theta State or the Lucid Dream State.  At that level the mind is aware and awake but the body is asleep. Now as the conscious mind drops down further and further and the subconscious comes up then as the consciousness go's lower your awareness goes away that that's why you have on recall.