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Hello to all the Astral Pulse community, I would like to share an experience with you
(I'm a native spanish speaker so I apologize if I have grammatical mistakes... I hope to do well!)
I would like to put the situation in context, this happened 10 years ago, at that time I learned, and also was practicing and inducing voluntarily lucid dreams and through them an Out-of-body- experience.

One night when I was not planning on doing my practices, I went to sleep normally, when suddenly I had a spontaneously Obe, I became aware and I found myself outside my physical body, a few meters above it, but this time I was not alone...! Six Beings that I didn't perceive as humans, were around my body, two on each side and another two at my feet. Their bodies were big masses of golden light energy, without human shape and elongated, could say that they measured about two meters, their bodies were made up of thousands of tiny light particles that rotated at full speed, and it is as if the movement of these particles generated the powerful light of their bodies. Also hundreds of  energy  "cords" of golden light came out from their bodies, which were directly connected to my astral body and in those "cords"  was movement.

When I observed this whole situation I could remember that this has been happening all my life since I was a little girl and I said... they simply came to do "their regular maintenance", just the rutine. But suddenly, I realized that this was not normal at all! And I really wanted to know what was going on and I took a closer look... While they were doing whatever they were doing on me, they discussed a lot with each other, I could only absorb concepts from that intense communication, since it was not verbal, naturally. They were discussing my future and what they had planned for me, it was like a "board of directors discussing one of their projects". And based on my response to the new modifications that they would act in a certain way. That's when I got anxious... Modifications? Projects? What is all about? Who were these Beings that are executing plans with my life and taking careful note of all of it? And why?
When I tried to move I was totally paralyzed! My astral body was immobile... I began to get more and more desperate, almost screaming internally, I exerted a lot of strength, and then I was able to free myself and float freely around the room (or maybe they decided to released me).
I did not feel afraid, because their energy was very warm and created an environment where I felt safe and comfortable. So I asked who they were and what was going on, but I didn't receive any answer. Therefore I decided that I wanted to go explore, as I was out of my body... And when I was about to leave the room suddenly one of them went close to me, and through those energy "cords" which I was still connected, "put me to sleep"... Immediately everything turned white and bright, and that was the end.

Well, now I know that we are accompanied on our path in the development of consciousness, that we are not alone and there are many Beings who are close to us, helpping in our progress. At that point I was a little sad that I hadn't been able to establish communication, but if you ask me, I actually felt that they only came "just to work", not having "a meeting".
And also I have to admit, that my reaction was not the best, the fact of "trying to run away" from the situation instead of waiting a little longer and try again for a new answer... I don't think I have "score so much points in my favor" anxiety won me over!

Who I think these Beings are actually... I cannot make personal conjectures! I almost never allow myself to do so, because I always try to have mind and objetive vision.
That was the only time I got to see "behind scenes", at first this whole situation disturbed me a bit, but currently I quite like the possibility of having a "work team". But the only person who can discover that, it's me. And I still have a long way to go, too much I would say! Hopefully in the future a new meeting can be possible..!

So during 6 years I stopped inducing my practices, because in my progress I was not able to control my emotions at all, but I still had spontaneous experiences from time to time.
Now, after many years I decided to back at it again, with a new perspective, a healthy life and more control of myself, and I hope to get "in shape" again and soon so I can continue moving forward from where I left off.

I would like to know if any of you have experienced something similar and find out what its going on (I do not mean to encounters with supra-physical beings, but to find oneself as in the middle of an "astral surgery" so to speak).

Thank you very much for allowing me to share this experience with you.
A fraternal hug,
.~Exploring the Wonders of Consciousness~.


Hello Tak_09,

I enjoyed your first thread very much! I think you have described wonderful experiences in some of the higher dimensions, including Kepple's F4. Very cool!

Thank you for sharing this! These experiences show the many different ways of engaging the Multiverse. So good!

Over the years, I have become aware that we all have guides, and maybe even different groups of guides, assisting us in our journey. Some are likely of similar alignment to our specific being; others may be alien to our current conformation. This was a difficult idea to contemplate fifteen years ago but makes much more sense now.

Regarding Non-Physical beings performing astral surgery on us...Over the last fifteen years, I have realized that I had been experiencing such events. I do not remember much, but what I have remembered has also unlocked very deep and subliminal memories that I have had experiences regularly throughout my life, since childhood. Over my 62 years, I have increasingly become aware that "astral work" has been performed on me many times. Like you, I realized that much of this work was "maintenance".

Several years ago, one of the Moderators here, Nameless, shared a link to an article by Soren Drier (whom I think, sadly, may have passed during the Covid debacle), which described a variation of what you have described. This was the astral surgical team- a group of 3 or 4 very short, pudgy men dressed in almost comical white World War 1 surgical garb and gear, using brown satchels which included seemingly wooden mallets and wedges and vices, quite ancient ideas of surgical tools...but they would show up in the near etheric/astral dimension and perform healing operations on people. Reading this article, a series of very indistinct memories occurred to me and I realized that these guys or some others had worked on me several times over my lifetime. They were very business-like and serious about their work, which was strange considering their almost comical appearance.

In your case Tak, it was likely that a very different class of entities had appeared to work on you. I cannot speak specifically to that, except to say that the experience is very believable. There appears to be very many different entities at work here.

I was abducted by ET's as a child around the age of 5, then again at age 34. At age 54, in 2015, I had an out-patient minor surgery to remove a mole on my upper-right eyelid that had bothered me for twenty-some years. The surgery was very simple and I drove home with a pirate eyepatch. At 11PM that night, I walked into my kitchen to get a drink, walked back into my living room and realized the television had gone into stand-by mode...looking closer at the clock display, I realized it was now 2AM...I had lost 3 hours just that quickly. Asking the opinion of a knowledgeable friend here on the Pulse, he said, "Obviously, you had something removed which they wanted replaced immediately!"...and I think he is likely right about that. Who they are and how many they are, I just do not know.

I haven't shared this before, but 3 or 4 years ago, i barely awoke one morning to a beautiful woman; A translucent golden light being sitting on the edge of my bed, whispering reassuring words to me. As I came more aware and turned to talk with her, she motioned me to return to sleep. That is my only remembered light being experience.

My last week at the Monroe Institute, for a week-long Starlines 2 course...the first night, I didn't wake up but became Non-Physically aware in the middle of the night feeling something like a gentle red laser beam tracing a plum-sized circle around the back of my head. Damping down my initial concern, I realized somebody? was working on me in the Non-Physical. The circles gradually heated up to the point of being uncomfortable...at a certain point, I thought it was actually burning my hair and skin! I let that go for awhile until it reached a point of near painful and then I put out a mental message saying that is enough...and the activity subsided and ended. After the first session the following morning, I spoke of my experience.

A young woman, who turned out to be a remarkable psychic, shook her head and said, "This explains a lot. I wasn't going to say anything unless you said something first, because i really wasn't sure. I was talking with my guides in this session when this other group of guides interrupted us and insisted, I tell you that last night, they were working on opening your 8th chakra. And they wanted me to communicate that to you." She also asked why my guides didn't just communicate that directly with me and I responded by informing her that, apparently, I had a former agreement to limit their communication with me as part of my life here on Earth. Later in the day, during dinner, I sat near this woman and asked her if anything else had been communicated. She laughed and said she was not going to say anything, unless I asked. My guides had apparently communicated to her a sequence of finger-taps, like a security code, to be tapped onto the back of my head. So, later that evening, she did this...and I am very grateful for her participation in this...a great confirmation of guides and cross-communication. Even as a very seasoned and experienced psychic, comfortable within her own talents...this was apparently something new for not just me, but her!


Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
                                                          -O. Wilde


 The phenomenon of being "worked on" by some mysterious source has been widely known amongst "Experiencers" and talked about many times throughout the years on this Forum. I too have had this occur many times throughout my life. I wrote about an experience of this nature just a few weeks ago in this thread here:

The replies I received from other members here just goes to show how "familiar" this phenomenon really is. I guess we need a bit of "fine tuning" every once in a while!  :-)
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla


Thank you very much for your answers!
EscapeVelocity, just WOW!  Thank you very much for sharing all these experiences, they are awesome events, you have informed me a lot!
Also I have been interested in the UFO subject all my life, I was lucky to have observed  UFOs sightings quite a few times and I know it wont to be the last time. If you have shared those abduction experiences in the forum I would like to read them.
How incredible it must be to participate in the Monroe Institute, valuable learning, that place must be impressive!

Lumaza I have read your post, every day I learn more and more through the experiences of all of you! I wonder what all that was, hope you discover someday.

Ten years ago when I started my practice, I never wanted to read too much on the subject because I was afraid that the experiences of others could interfere with my objective view of things, but later I realized that I needed information.
I always suspected that this group of Beings had the role of "personal work team", but one can never be absolutely sure of anything. Now I feel calmer with all this you tell me, since I had never read anything about it. I've been wondering for years what this whole "etherical surgery" situation would be like.
Definitely if this happens again I will not interrupt their work (or so I hope, if curiosity is not stronger than me) but in 10 years it has not consciously manifested itself again.

On the other hand, it is not the first time that I have had that kind of experience, in one of my first spontaneous astral journeys 16 years ago I met my "Lead Guide" for first time. At that time I did not know of the existence of these Beings, and I had read little about it, they were just spontaneous experiences that were happening to me.
When I returned from a short astral exploration, I saw him next to my physical body, he manifested himself as an enormous mass of white light, about than three meters I would say and very very luminous, he had no human form and radiated the highest feelings that I was completely overflowed, to the point of feeling that I was so fused with those warm feelings that I began to feel as if I were disintegrating, as if I was removing many layers, "like an onion" until I even started to lose the "sense of myself" and going deeper and deeper...I didn't know how far all this was going to go and what was really happening there, the experience seemed so strong that I had to return to my physical body (What a presentation!)

From there he began to manifest in my lucid dreams but decided to take the archetypal form of an old man with a beard, like the wise philosophers from an ancient time. We have had a few encounters, but I am actually telling this because on one occasion I also received help. It was a stage in my life which I was having very strong anxiety problems, to the point that I thought about asking for professional help and maybe taking some pills (I have never taken or take medications like this) but I could no longer control it, it was getting out of hand.

One night I had a spontaneous lucid dream and he appears there, with the form of the old wise man, he was waiting for me and he makes me go into a room, I asked him what all this was about, but I did not understand his words, it was as if he spoke in another language, I couldn't even understand concepts, so I got carried away... It was a room made of stones and copper metals, and on its walls were hundreds of all kinds of symbols, such as runes and hieroglyphics embedded. I had to get on a platform to wait and suddenly all the walls in that room start to spin very fast! And all those hundreds symbols on the walls were moving from one side to the other, just like all the structures on the wall. Suddenly everything was going very fast and I started to see colors, shapes, it became almost a psychedelic experience! While my Guide was trying to solve the problem of interpreting those codes, but having a hard time, it seemed like something difficult to do, like solving a riddle.
From the platform I yelled at him that we had very little time left! And he was rushing more and more to work with those codes in motion. In the end everything returned to its place and with a proud smile he made me leave the room through another door, where I merged with the most beautiful landscape...
The next day when I woke up I WAS NEW, not only the anxiety disappeared completely, but also I had the feeling of having returned from a long vacation at the beach, I was completely renewed. It is really unusual that this serious problem has been resolved overnight, simply extraordinary (obviously I could never tell anyone about something like that). I asked for "professional help" and I definitely received it! That's the power of Intention.

In this case, the experience was much more human and interactive, compared to the one I commented on in this post. I'm just telling this to illustrate another way we can get help, and I'm more than sure your experiences are overflow with these kinds of examples.

I also want to tell you that every day I enter this forum that I just discovered to read all the posts with great enthusiasm, I am learning so much from all of you! Finding answers that I was looking for a long time. And above all, it fills me with satisfaction to know that there are so many people in the world interested in these issues and the development of consciousness.
.~Exploring the Wonders of Consciousness~.


Hi Tak, what a pleasure to read of your encounters with the non-physical. Beautifully descriptive and well thought out, thank you. I've also shared many of my own experiences here as have we all. I can assure you encounters with "The Astral Surgical Team" are truly food for thought as they can be so diverse. Sometimes beautiful beyond compare and sometimes downright terrifying. I've gone around with them a few times and have seriously learned that it's so much more beneficial if you can relax and trust. I had an encounter with them early this afternoon which I will post to my Everything thread shortly, if I don't get sidetracked.

Again, thank you for sharing and Welcome to the forum.
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


Thank you very much Nameless for your warm welcome, I have already read some of your posts, and they have left me reflecting seriously! I'll be aware of your new post.

How impressive is all this and after so many years I come to find out...I had never read about any of this in APs books, your answers have clarified the picture for me.

If we are gonna spin thin, in fact my first memory of all in the non-physical has to do directly with this kind of situation, but It was a more "sensorial experience" and now I can connect dots.
At the age of six I went to sleep as always, suddenly I become fully conscious and I find myself completely paralyzed on a kind of hard surface (this reminded me of what Lumaza described of feeling something like that on his back) everything was very dark and I couldn't see well, and around me there were "people" who were doing something to me that I didn't understand, and they talked a lot among themselves while they worked (same as the experience I described on this post) but I didn't understand what the conversation was about.
Then I realized that these "people" were not people, I don't know how but I felt It, that they were not human, but I did not understand what they could be either, since at that age I only knew that plants, animals and people existed as living beings, but I knew they didn't fit into any of those categories.
I got really nervous and was so, so confused! I also didn't understand how I got into that situation. I wasn't afraid but the only thing I wanted to understand is what kinds of beings these were and what they were doing to me, I wanted to see them but I only saw blurred shapes.
I tried very hard to get out of that paralysis and I think I succeeded a bit, but in this case they communicated, they told me that I had to calm down because they had to finish what they were doing and that it was very, very important that I stay calm.
They didn't force me into anything, they just persuaded me to calm down and somehow I understood and just decided to rest.
Then I began to lucidly dream and appeared in the most beautiful landscape that I could ever imagine, forests, lakes and mountains, a true paradise, I flew arround and felt an incomparable ecstasy...Then I decided to come back and woke up.
And this is how this whole journey through the realms of consciousness began.

I always thought my first lucid dream had started off a bit strange, but I never wanted to think about it too much, since I am a person who prefers not give free rein to speculation. Therefore I decided only kept in mind with the paradise in the forest.

Now I think is very likely that it was this "astral surgical team" who was behind all that, since the experience is very similar, the only difference is I not having been able to see them.
In the case of this post, I saw everything in great detail and I wonder if it was some kind of "glitch" and how was I able to be aware of all this, sometimes it surprises me a lot.

If someday it happens to me consciously again, I will try to stay calm, sharpen my senses and focus on as many details as possible.
.~Exploring the Wonders of Consciousness~.


Hiya, Tak

Yes this is not an easy experience to stay calm though. I say this as a quite regular experiencer of the phenomena. I experience it predominately in etheric space, so it is all very "physically" experienced. I refer to my experiences as EBEs, etheric body examinations. I have written extensively on the subject. If you care to, you can read an overview of the basic layout of my experiences and how they patterned out ( beginning from a repeating dream I have had since childhood ) here : The Extraterrestrial Reality. I can cut/paste the body of the log here, for those who do not like to click links, but the log itself includes a PDF of a conversation I had with Tom Campbell back in 2012 on this subject. It could be helpful. I was trying to decide how I would ultimately frame this whole thing. What is really interesting to me, - now - is how many times, and in how many different locations ( all forum boards ) this very subject is rearing its head this past week. Something must be going on in the collective psyche. Anyway, here is the body of the log:

*  *  *

The Extraterrestrial Reality

Spheres within spheres within spheres....

Dreams within dreams within dreams—where does one end and another begin?


As a child and young adult I always remembered my dreams.. I remembered them, likely because waking up from them was such a process. They did not fade easily and my tendency for a period of time each morning was to walk in two worlds— it generally taking 20 minutes or so, once getting up for the day for the 'additional' environment to fade. This of course would leave me with a surprisingly clear awareness of the additional environment. What is curious, is that throughout the entire length of my childhood it was the same. It was the same dream, playing out every night from different sets of points. —Was my dreaming taking me into another lifetime?

In this other world I kept to the woods, living in and amongst the trees.. There were three distinct heights of beings (sound familiar?), the first who were very tall, and two shorter varieties. As a child I never saw the tall ones, we were always on the run from them -myself, of the mid height group and the little ones. Our world was a warring world. The tall ones held power. I don't know why or how this came to be but it had been this way for a very long time. A small number of us kept hidden away – always on the move – always being hunted. This being the exception, my existence here was quite pleasant. Within it I feel very much as I do here in the Earth-life.

Recurring Dream Change

As I am entering my 20's a new dream begins rising up which is utterly terrifying.

In it I am being chased.. I am trying to run but my legs are beginning to feel very heavy, harder and harder to pick up and move one in front of the other; my feet feel as if they are being magnetically sealed to the floor. In these experiences I always create a body of water—a river, pool, even something as small as a puddle in the middle of the street. I dive in and swim down deep, at a certain depth turning myself upward to see the watery outlines of figures shooting down at me. I watch as the bullets penetrate the water, their velocity [sometimes] slowing the nearer they get to me. I dodge them a time or two successfully and inevitably get hit.

A sickening feeling begins swirling through my center as I feel myself being suctioned, or funneled somewhere. Inside myself I am screaming. Through the years [I am now approaching my 50th] I learned to project my scream through to my physical body and wake myself up. It works only sometimes. Even when it does, once I close my eyes and go in again I am generally right back where I was. This experience arises periodically at times, and a lot at other times. Currently it is surfacing again a lot. I have been calling it to me on purpose so I can look around in there. See beyond what I have been able. Currently I've not gotten very far.

Activated to Awaken

In the summer of 2009 something new begins occurring.. I am waking in the night to the sensation of electrical currents running through my physical body. I am barely able to hold this awareness —it takes happening a few times in the course of a week before I remember it having happened upon waking one morning. Within the conscious recollection, which is acting much like an open doorway experiences entirely new to me begin rushing in. Every night, an hour or so before bedtime an energy arrives, creating all manner of new sensations through my body. I am sometimes feeling to be slightly up off the ground, sometimes as though in 2 or more places in my room. A sound emanates from the center of my head; there are tones, and periodic series of tones.

When I lay down the energy begins working through my body, I am held awake for this (not let to sleep).. Some of what I feel is not pleasant so I get up and move through various yoga poses to help the energy flow more smoothly. Then gaze out my window and wonder. Often for hours before I can close my eyes and sink in —sometimes clearly being communicated with in the process and once at a certain depth in there brought into full conscious awareness again. At this depth I still feel to be in my physical room, and even though alone here feel hands on me. Feel parts of my body, often my crown and feet being touched, lifted and stretched. Then—something altogether familiar: I feel myself quite literally being sucked from my body.

I can hear myself in my mind saying "Oh god oh god it's happening again"... Through the feeling of sheer terror I tell myself to stay awake. I am rising up through the air (as though a tractor beam has caught onto me), belly down toward a corner of the ceiling of my room. For a moment I realize I am just out of my body, but, also, I feel them – I am not alone. My heart is racing wildly. Nearing panic I feel a warm release through my whole body and phase out of consciousness. In what seems to me the very next moment I phase right back in. I am no longer in my room. I am on a table laying face up. There are others around me. I can hear myself in my mind again "Oh god, it's really happening, I'm really here, I'm conscious this time, I'm still conscious".

I am telling myself to not open my eyes -yet at the same time trying to receive visual impressions from my surroundings. It is not working, though, panic is flooding through me. I hear and see an intense, bright white light moving from above the crown of my head slowly down through my feet. It is like I am being scanned. Through the panic I purposely say the word "healing" and phase directly back into my room. I am on the floor curled up on my side. My eyes are closed. I can't tell if I am still out of body. I feel wide awake and in my room but I can still hear all the sounds from where I just was. I can still feel the energy. I can still feel them.

Slowly opening my eyes I feel safe yet both calm and afraid. Closing them again the space is still warbling. In my mind I know there is more coming. The vibrations roll over me.

I phase back out of consciousness.

Etheric Body Examinations: Being on the Table

A recurring experience common to my OBEs is one of 'being on the table'.. Scientists, doctors and helper-types are present; they are examining me. Although all this data is present and available, primary in this experience are the fully tangible, very physically felt examination sensations; which regularly are into the female reproductive organs, nose and back of the brain. Through the years in which I have been consciously shifting into the dimensions, roughly once a month or so I will find myself, during a night full of shifts alert within the event of one of these exams. Uncountable times I have woken to the sensation of vigorously attempting to pull something from my nose. ——A surprisingly low number of OBErs report this type of experience.

Reports are so low that I have spoken with only one other experiencer of this— Tom Campbell. A thoroughly well traveled and accomplished OBEr. A highly respected, to the point of almost 'revered' elder in the consciousness exploration community. Who, as an aside, also acknowledges experiencing an awakened Kundalini. Tom's model of reality and metaphors are science oriented. He relates to his own experience(s) as having been a test, which upon "passing" stopped. There is clear and present fear within my own experiences, so I do also accept this being a fear test. The question—is if it is only a test. A simulated test with no level of reality to it whatsoever. When I screw up my courage will the exam environment just fade away?

Or....will a whole new dimension of my being open up to me. In all honesty this is what I myself am screwing my courage up for. Perhaps, in a sense these are even one and the same thing. Yet to make a distinction, Tom feels the event of running into other-dimensional free-will experiencers is rare. I, too, have the feeling that it is rare—yet at the same time feel this is exactly what I am experiencing: dimensions beyond the Earth-human dimension. Specifically, the extra-terrestrial dimensions and occupants of these levels of reality who are in direct relationship with me here in this one. This is the feeling that comes through to me. I suspect being on the table is also one of multiple ways I interpret the Kundalini working through my physical system.

The Extra-Terrestrial Reality

Connecting with ETs [extra-dimensionals] and extra-dimensional craft is common within the event of my out-of-body experiences. A very high percentage of them include various types, and levels of experience on this theme. Central to the experience is a direct connection with Non-Physical Matter Reality; non-manifest, non-visual reality. Direct communication with and from this is what seems to open me into multiple layers/dimensions of manifest, visual reality.

In these my Earth-life person is integrating—merging and blending—connecting and coming into contact with occupants of these levels of reality. I have, in this form boarded multiple craft and met with many different types of beings. At this level ( in this form ) I am acclimating to my experience with them. Alterations to the body system result naturally from the contact and gradually allow a more conscious connection —the Earth-life form is respected, it's state of health often looked into.

Some of the beings I have met with leave more of an impression than some others. The first of these, in the order in which they came through is of a humanoid race, uniformed and manning a small, single person craft near our 3D Earth-life boundary. A defining characteristic of this one is a large bony prominence at the fore and upper head. This one is very clearly another of me, another of my soul family. I see myself when I see him.

Another is a golden hued being, extremely tall and intimidating to me. He is very gentle, he allows me to acclimate to him gradually, skillfully, in a compassionate and caring manner. In his presence I can barely lift my head. In our last meeting I was able to let him come closer to me and feel out into his presence —still cowering in it, however, but progress is being made. I am not the only of our society acclimating to his level of presence. There are others here with me in this experience.

The beings most imbued in my awareness are blue-lavender-y hued.. They are themselves more light blue, it is their environment which is lavender, but this gives them the appearance of also talking on a bit of this color. There is one of this race who sometimes calls out to me with a sound, a musical sound ( an instrument and song ). It's song is intoxicating and translates in my mind as "be with me, be with me...". This one is male but I have never seen him directly.

What I am often getting to see is a bit of his environment [world], scout craft and the female scouts who must return me —who are generally somewhat displeased at this caller, saying, firmly, things like 'you are always bringing them here' and 'she cannot stay'. These beings are very beautiful, long, lean bodies, lovely strides, large round, bulbous heads. My current feeling is that they are Sirian.


Through my experiences a vision is beginning to unfold.. Sirian/Orion origins are coming into clearer view which suggest in me a concept some in our society call "Starseeded". —Yes, spheres within spheres within spheres—dreams within dreams within dreams. There is one level of the dream — the visual level of reality — in which extra-dimensional members of neighboring star systems have sent representatives of their societies to the Earth-life. To help raise it up in order to meet it's ultimate potential. I am one such representative.

I am Starseeded.

*  *  *

Please keep in mind this was written more than a decade ago, and that I was a mere few years into my "awakening" process. For the most part I tried to stay solely with the facts, although as you can see here I was being drawn to a quite specific potential conclusion. I would like to share with you that I have consciously experienced the EBEs ( via the OBE ) many dozens of times, it is on the verge of traumatic nearly every time. I am not certain any of us are truly meant to retain this information, but I do understand being riveted at it. As I myself have been, if not for any other reason than to transmute the fear. Which I must say, is in every way natural. I will keep my eye on this thread and am here to talk if ever you need to.



Hello Tak!

I just read your message and thought I'd reply to some of what you wrote here, since you kindly sent me the link to this post of yours. So an interesting update I can give is that a couple months ago I spoke to a psychic and asked exactly what these experiences are - especially because for me, they've always been extremely painful. She told me that the entities doing it are part of my spiritual support team (SST), and that they were trying to do a reboot/reset. I'm not sure of what/for what, tho. Eventually I will speak with her again to find out more. She also told me something that another psychic & shaman had told me: that the SST entities that were doing this to me are extraterrestrials (apparently some folks have ETs as part of their SST) and that I'm one of them. That is, I'm an incarnated extraterrestrial. This was fascinating to me because I wasn't trying to get any of that confirmed by the second psychic, but her guides gave her all that additional information and clearly wanted her to communicate it to me. Maybe they knew I needed the validation of what the first person had told me. I don't think that means that every entity that does these "surgeries" is an ET specifically, there are probably many different types of beings that come in to work on us like that. You described yours a lot different from what I see, and people have all sorts of different things on their SSTs. I think the take-away, at least for me, is that I don't need to keep struggling away whenever that happens!


Quote from: GrumpyRabbit on November 07, 2023, 19:17:42Hello Tak!

I just read your message and thought I'd reply to some of what you wrote here, since you kindly sent me the link to this post of yours. So an interesting update I can give is that a couple months ago I spoke to a psychic and asked exactly what these experiences are - especially because for me, they've always been extremely painful. She told me that the entities doing it are part of my spiritual support team (SST), and that they were trying to do a reboot/reset. I'm not sure of what/for what, tho. Eventually I will speak with her again to find out more. She also told me something that another psychic & shaman had told me: that the SST entities that were doing this to me are extraterrestrials (apparently some folks have ETs as part of their SST) and that I'm one of them. That is, I'm an incarnated extraterrestrial. This was fascinating to me because I wasn't trying to get any of that confirmed by the second psychic, but her guides gave her all that additional information and clearly wanted her to communicate it to me. Maybe they knew I needed the validation of what the first person had told me. I don't think that means that every entity that does these "surgeries" is an ET specifically, there are probably many different types of beings that come in to work on us like that. You described yours a lot different from what I see, and people have all sorts of different things on their SSTs. I think the take-away, at least for me, is that I don't need to keep struggling away whenever that happens!

Thank you Grumpy Rabbit for taking the time to read my threads and respond (holy patience) I really value your responses and as I told you in the PM I read your entire Journal and you don't know how much your experience over time helped me and above all the feedbacks you received from our most advanced members here. Very interesting about the extraterrestrial guides, and everything that the psychics told you about it, I imagine that it has given you hours and hours of reflection, this Multiverse is wonderful, I can only feel bliss.

Yes, I was struck by the number of times you consciously went through that in your Journal, and about the pain. I think certain adjustments are necessary to continue moving forward, nothing to worry about! Just part of the process. Not long ago I received one, but it was from the Void, I saw myself in my energy body as I always see myself, just white light, around me beings, but only blurred silhouettes in the blackness, I was paralyzed and I felt very, very "sedated." I was alarmed by that, but someone took my hand and told me everything would be okay. I felt cared for, decided to rest and I lost awareness.

Thanks again Grumpy! I hope to soon see your Journal full of incredible adventures to delight in  :-D
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The late brother of my ex-husband said he had similar experiences.

My own experiences have been on the physical plane; I've made friends with kind earthbound entities (ghosts) who have done things like help me deeply meditate and massaged me where I was having extreme pain.
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