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 Here is a great video for all new people that are experiencing Sleep Paralysis for the first.

She is completely new to this practice and describing her scenario the way she perceives it.

Sometime it helps us by just knowing there are other people out there experiencing it for the first time as well.

You can follow her progress each week if you like too.



 Last night I experienced the "Ultimate" SP scenario.

I went and had a short nap first, from 8pm until about 10pm.

I then listened to a Coast to Coast AM show from 12-4 am. During the time around 1:30 until about 3, I caught myself Phasing in and out.

The speaker was talking about Edgar Caycee, Astronomy and Astral Travel and I was having fun flying in the multiverse as he was talking about it. It was kind of like a "Guided Tour" of sorts.

OK, back to my SP experience.

I went to bed at around 4:30 am. I used my this nightly affirmation as I do every night:  "By my act of will, I RELEASE my focus over my physical body. PLEASE, TAKE ME to your desired destination. SHOW ME what I need TO SEE. TEACH ME what I need TO LEARN. I AWAKEN in my Dreams, KNOWING I am Dreaming. Because of this KNOWING, I INTERACT with them and have complete memory RECALL of them.

I then flip-flopped around for about 45 minutes, while mind awake/body asleep kicked in. The flip-flopping was pretty textbook to the Lucidology 101 video (if you have seen that).

I then started a Mantra saying: I KNOW I am Dreaming. I did this as I tried to fall asleep. Unfortunately that kept my mind too alert. So, I changed it up for some "Beach time" playing Frisbee. I threw the Frisbee into the darkness and just like that my Beach scene appeared.

I think I clicked out for a moment, but when I came to, I was feeling kind of strange.

Vibrations were kicking in strong now, I felt light headed and also had a high pitch starting in my ears.

I knew this was a classic SP episode, so I allowed it to progress.

Then I started feeling pressure on my ankles. It was like something had grasped them. This definitely got my attention now, but I still allowed it to progress. Now I could feel I was being pulled upwards, but from my ankles. Pretty soon I found myself suspended upside down from my ankles, just kind of hanging from the ceiling. I still allowed it to continue.

The next thing I know was a rotation was starting to occur. I was being "cork screwed" through the ceiling.

I decided I had seen enough for now, lol. So, I immediately jump started my Beach scene by throwing a Frisbee. The beach was there in a seconds time. I then saw that a dog was catching the Frisbee and giving it back to a beautiful woman, who in turn threw it back to me. We must have did this for awhile because the Frisbee was getting pretty mangled by the dog biting it.

Unfortunately I got too deep into the scene and clicked out completely.

When I awoke it was 7:30 am. I sat there contemplating what had happened for about an hour. At 8:30 am I took my Journal and wrote down everything I am saying here.

This SP scenario meant a lot to me. When I was younger and into my teens, early 20s and even the last 2 years, I have awoken with something touching my ankles.

When I was just a kid, I would immediately throw the blankets over my head in terror. Actually that basically was my response even into my early 20s.

In the last couple of years I have tried to understand it, but never could find what was occurring.

As soon as my ankles were grabbed, I normally immediately awoke.

I will tell you one thing though. I can definitely understand how people could misinterpret this as some kind a Alien Abduction scenario.

Who knows, it could still be, lol!  :wink:

Oh, by the way, it is now 10:00 am and I still haven't been back to sleep yet. This was too incredible an experience to just ignore.

This would have to be the most fascinating thing that has happened to me yet in this entire field of study.

The sensation of being pulled to my ceiling by my ankles, then rotated as I was being "cork screwed" through my ceiling was "out of this World"!


(goddamimmit this page just froze for 15 minutes!!!)

Awesome sauce.

It sounds like some sort of birth memory... you know like they say that the tunnel sensation during NDEs or some OOBEs is an allegory to being born? it's like you were reliving that bit where they lift you up by your ankles and slap you to make you cry... obviously you didn't remember this. HAHA "remember that time when you were swimming through a thick liquid with millions of your potential brothers and sisters towards that giant globe that you felt compelled to head-butt till you broke through?"  :lol:

Wow... sorry for the total side track... but I know for certain this happened to you. mental. WOW... we all did this... each and every one of us. WE MADE IT!!!! YAAAAAY!!!! we all conquered the others and got inside the egg. Makes you wonder why some of us waste this opportunity... or try to get away from the reality that we so wanted to enter.



Quote from: V4NZ on September 06, 2013, 05:28:06

yep it has EVERYTHING to do with AP.
give things time and a few hundred experiences then you will see for yourself.

SP, it puts more than perspective into precursor. (pun  cryptically deliberated).
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


Is it still considered SP when you see something freaky in your room at night, be completely awake, sit up physically in middle of a bed or something and still see the 'hallucination' carry on for however long?

The reason I ask this is that I AP'ed one night, went to the location I wanted to. I ran into someone powerful and I guess they tried following me back or something.

And I know I was completely awake, as my mom came into my room not too long after the thing vanished (looked more like a ripple predator-cloak bubble thing) because she needed help in the living room and thus I had to leave my room straight away.


The ironic thing is that EVERYTHING in your life has to do with Projection.
Because even this physical reality experience is a projection of consciousness.

People need to stop separating "projection" as something separate that they do from this physical reality. 
I know it's a silly concept right now, but one day we'll learn this... physical and non-physical have no separate dividing line.
All is consciousness... you can't separate consciousness into neat little categories.  We only TRY to do this as humans because without categories and definitions we can't relay these ideas to one another and quite frankly, it makes us feel better when we can define things.

But there just isn't any dividing line.


Hi,I first had a sp weeks ago using a beat on utube was amazing
I seen a blue portal swaying up towards the ceiling ,then is the morning
i had a dream seeing myself standing at the doorway and a picture of my wife like i was flying above her,she had a dream off me flying above her too.I still logically didnt believe i had done it after that.I then had a couple of small outs nothing special till the last one i went to friends house and was talking to her weird thing was she had no eyes then i heard a loud bull noise and went back in my body.I said to myself i wasnt going to be afraid so i went out again very easy and  the hallway was a light up all in gold then the sound came again so i got scared and tried to wake myself up again which i did,can anyone shed some light on my sp ,will i get better ,what things can i try,i deff feel more aware from the last one,less fearful.tks j

Frozen Spirit

SP has always fascinated me.  I started having sleep paralysis when I was 17.  I was having it nearly every night and to be perfectly honest, it scared the excrement out of me.  I didn't know what was happening.  I knew I wasn't dreaming, simply because of the state of lucidity of the experience.  It in no way whatsoever feels dream like.   It happened the same way every time.

I would "wake up" and not be able to move.  I would hear these loud whooshing or sucking sounds, almost what I could imagine you would hear inside of a tornado.  And then the most horrifying part was the hallucination.  I would always feel like something was there, waiting for me.  I remember one time in particular, this thing walked from the corner of my room to my bed and crawled onto my chest and said "My name is Natalie and we are going play every night."  The thing then smiled and showed its jagged bloody teeth and let out this bone-chilling, terrifying mix of screaming and manical laughing.  That scared the hell out of me, because I literally could feel its breath on my face and could smell that rotten stench.  That by far was the most terrifying hallucination of my life. 

This kind of SP happened on and off for about a year and then when I started my first year of college I decided to see a doctor because I was losing a lot of sleep and was frankly sick of it happening.  My doctor ended up giving me a referrak to mental health.  My next doctor attributed the sleep paralysis to stress and mild depression.  She put me on Zoloft and Valium to manage the depression and stress.  She also wanted me to have a sleep study done, but unfortunately my insurance wouldn't cover it.  To be perfectly honest, the medication stopped my SP almost immediately.  I continued with drugs for a while, but they made me feel very lethargic during the day.  So the day I stopped taking my medication, I had my first episode of SP in a long time.  I later talked to my Dr. about this and she stated it would have taken at least a week for the drugs to filter out of my system, so most likely the medication I was on was only having a placebo effect on my SP and my brain realizing I wasnt taking those drugs, decided to stop playing nice. 

I never started taking my medication again until 2 years later for an entirely different reason.  Up until this point, my sleep paralysis slowly started happening less and less, until it just stopped happening.   During my 3rd year of college, I hit a very dark place in my life.  I became very addicted to Oxycodone and Alcohol.  I had experimented with a lot of other dangerous drugs as well.  One night, after getting my supply, I took my normal 6 pills, but soon after started to feel really weird.  I thought maybe I got screwed over by my dealer and identified the pills online.  Turns out these were Oxycontin which were 40mg a piece instead of my normal 5 mg.  I ended up taking about 8 times my normal dose that I would take to get high.  I ended up freaking out and forcing my self to throw up what I could, but almost a hour had passed.  I ended up passing out on my bathroom floor.  Sometime between when I passed out and when I woke up in the hospital I had an odd experience.  I remember being on the bathroom floor and not being able to move or make a sound.  It felt like my eyes were closed, but I could see clear as day and could hear the normal sounds of whooshing I hear during sleep paralysis.  There were EMT's around me taking vitals while asking my roommate and RA questions about me.  Then in the corner of the bathroom I see are dark sillouette and hear "You're mine now".  Then I see a sky blue type of light with what looked like a transparent white baby deer come down through the ceiling, the sillouette makes some kind of hiss and turns into some kind of black smoke ball and flew off.  The deer just stayed there in that blue light until at some point I blacked back out.  A very, very real feeling hallucination all-over.  The next thing I remember is being the hospital.  After that, I got clean, with a few hiccups here and there.  But, havent done drugs recreationally in over 4 years. 

I have had SP epusodes occasionally, but I no longer find them terrifying.  I find I just need to ride them out.  To this day,  I still do not know what triggers them, but would like to find out one day.


I have been slashed with claws, strangled by aliens (the little guy E.T. himself), held down by demons telling me to just wait because I had it coming.

In the moment, I am always terrified beyond belief but I can now almost instantly recognize that I am in the SP state and I can usually end it before the scary crap comes and even then, I laugh it off and go right back to sleep.

I think Bedeekin has provided enough of the available medical research and historical data to show a very probable reason why we do go into SP. The problem lies in why some people find themselves consciously awake in this state and why others have no idea that the condition even exists.

The easiest remedy is not sleep on my back. No problem for me.
It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.
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I remember one vivid one that happened a few months ago. I was in the middle of the sort of creepy dream where I outright told this guy in it that I wanted to have sex with him. He wanted me to reconfirm this, so I told him again.

The dream then went away and I was in my room, on my back. I felt this huge thing wrapped around me, under my my arms , across my back and cross my chest. It felt less like thick strand of rope and more like an Anaconda.

I even took my hand, which I think was my astral double and ran my hand across it. The thick thing felt like slight pins and needles asleep thing. It was as if someone took all the pins and needles feeling from an arm or foot that has fallen asleep and decides to give it life outside the body! I turn my head and look at the wall, which was really just fifteen inches away from my face. I can see the shadow cast by the thing on me. It does look like a snake thing, all coiled up! The head of it is raised above my back like a cobra and it's mouth is open and very big! It hisses, the sound sounding like electricity! It lowers it's head. I can feel it, thrown over my back like a large sheet. It feels like a low current of electricity is flowing through me and I wake up to the day, like I blacked out.

That was one of my colorful SP episodes. Others have had people show up, jam their hand to my chest ala Wraith from SGA and cause freaky electric stuff. Etc.   


Everytime I experience sleep paralysis I wake up so scared and almost hyperventilating and my whole body is vibrating from the inside out.


Quote from: katiebug on April 16, 2014, 16:17:00
Everytime I experience sleep paralysis I wake up so scared and almost hyperventilating and my whole body is vibrating from the inside out.
Hi Katie, you just need to relax and try to stay calm.  It is only a scary state when you don't know what's going on, but you can definitely minimize the fear factor by remaining calm and know that nothing is going to hurt you.  :-)


But I wonder why people still turn in their sleep?And why when I wake suddenly at night I am not paralized?
Who am I is not important...My message is...


Quote from: Simo on May 14, 2014, 19:47:25
But I wonder why people still turn in their sleep?And why when I wake suddenly at night I am not paralized?
Most people turn in their sleep because they have become aware that whatever position they are in is not comfortable to them anymore.

The answer to your second question is because you have returned to full waking awareness.

You could call SP a "in between" state. Not quite there anymore, but not fully back either.


What we call "sleep paralysis" is actually a malfunction of a normal feature of the body.

You're not ever supposed to consciously experience the paralysis that your body is put in while you sleep.

Even when you wake suddenly, the paralysis has already worn off.  The function that controls this has worked successfully.

If you experience sleep paralysis, it's because that function didn't work properly for whatever reason.

Good question though!


 Here is a fantastic 10 part video on Sleep Paralysis. It is for the "science minded" and others as well.

The Researcher's name is David J. Hufford and he does a great job of breaking down SP from all sorts of views. Whether it's via cultural beliefs, religious beliefs, psychologists etc.. He explains it all. He then goes on to showing you how to "break" the SP state. Lastly he explains Lab results and findings with it.

This entire video was excellent and is a must for anyone that wishes to understand the mysterious and incredible state of Sleep Paralysis.



QuoteIf we are fearful of the experience or panic our body releases adrenaline which stimulates the heart, pumping blood around the body causing violent and overwhelming vibrational buzzing.

Thats not my experience. Iam very calm in SP, the vibrations dont react to panic or fear, they get only stronger when i begin to move in SP (!)


I've once experienced SP - was totally unrelated to me trying to AP or anything like that. Woke up with a shadow figure next to me, I went into a panic but couldn't move and then it reached down and touched me on the forehead - which felt very cold. Next thing I know, some time had passed but I had no recollection of what had occured but the figure had gone.

That was about 20 years ago. About 4 years ago I had regressive hypnosis to try and find out what happened in that missing time period. Didn't find it out but the hypnotherapist managed to have a length conversation with the entity (through me) which was very interesting and I'm so glad I asked for it to be recorded!

Product of an overactive imagination and a malfunction of the brain or a bonafide entity - I've no idea but it's very interesting.


loved this post especially the references to all the cultural names around the world for the hag/incubus succubus sensations 


 Every time I have a "spontaneous" OBE from the state of sleep paralysis, I feel my legs being touched, then lifted, then I shoot out of my feet. I was curious how many other people experience the same thing.

Last night I had the same thing happen. But this time it only led to the 3D "grainy" darkness. Well, that's all that I was actually consciously aware of until I lost consciousness. Usually I see a full blown scenario after I have a spontaneous OBE.

When you have a spontaneous or have had a spontaneous OBE, how were you "helped" out of your body? I am curious to whether there might be a shared experience here. If there is, then that leads to even more questions about what might be "really" happening here.

"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla


Quote from: Bedeekin on November 06, 2012, 22:01:53
In this article I will replace every term associated with 'Astral' with 'nonphysical Reality, abbreviated to NPR or NP.

How can I stop the fear?

The way to fully put an end to the fear is to stop the SP process entirely. To play the 'get out of jail free' card either wiggle your toes, fingers or simply jerk your whole body physically. It takes a bit of willpower but is highly effective.

I am having problems with breaking the paralasis, sometimes i feel like i can't even breathe. I tried different techniques to break it and nothing really helped. I did some research on this topic and physical movement is mentioned as the most effective technique for breaking the paralasis. But i just can't make myself make any movement from small as moving my finger to big like moving my arm or torso. Do you have any advice on how to start moving any part of my body?


Quote from: AstralPhreak on November 16, 2015, 00:41:44
Do you have any advice on how to start moving any part of my body?
Bedeekin hasn't posted on the Astral Pulse Forum here for a couple of years now. But he is greatly missed.  :-(

So, I will attempt to answer this from my own experiences and point of view.

Put/direct your entire focus on wiggling your toes and your "impulse" will take over and move them. I would say if that doesn't work, then see where the SP leads, as in project. If you can't stop it, I would take that as a sign that you should see it through. Meaning there must be a good reason behind it.
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla


Astralphreak, I agree with the advice Lumaza is giving you. The fact that you display such good emotional control in SP provides you a wonderful opportunity to apply a variety of exit techniques. Calm, conscious control of the SP state is probably the fair equivalent of being in the MABA Mind Awake, Body Asleep state or Focus 10 of the Monroe model; the ability to remain in this state and think about your options is pretty much ideal.

Not getting caught out by any SP phenomenae at this point is also a good sign of your control within these types of situations; a likely indicator of a good mindset which will serve you well in later experiences.

Recognize the confidence this should give you and go with the flow, trust your instincts in these experiences.
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
                                                          -O. Wilde


Thank you guys for the advices. Fortunately i didn't have a chance to try my focus power these days, because i was sleeping preety good actually since i learned i can release my body from that state. So thank you again! :-)