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Hello BDHugh,
  I started at an early age. I read this book on I think Sylvan Muldoon. Says he would sit in a chair with a box hanging from the ceiling. The box contained one playing card. He would project up and read the card. I tried it one night with the lights on and saw the correct card exactly as it lay in the box. I was so excited I ran out of the room and told my mom what had happened! She just said," oh, that's nice". My best friend in school used to try it with me but he could not experience it. And lost interest in my weekly updates I would share with him. Now I'm 37, my wife is uninterested but understands what it is.
I've found talking about it too much to people who aren't open to such things, kind of brings you a negative feeling about what you are doing. If you possibly can, keep a log book on your experiences. Not only is it a useful tool to remember things by, when my kids ask me about projecting, I'll break out the log book and let them read it. They get a kick out of it!
Astral Projection is a natural process, everyone does it to a certain degree every night. It is not part of any occult...
Just sharing my experiences.  


haha interesting,

I obe since I was 6 years old. I am now 24. I have only told twice where I went off to. First time I told I got narrow minded reactions or fire and brimstone kind of actions. They looked as if I was the child of the devil.

I think my dad is coming around though. He knows I run a site on OBE and when the loud breathing starts he just lets go if he hears it. He knows it is no use. I recently had a laugh with him when I told that I get a warning when people start making plans to enter the room while I am out of my body. Just before I just slam back in my body. He started laughing: That is why I never caught you!!!

I mostly scan the net for forums like these. I run my own. I  make contact with alot of people who have the same talent. I can't be bothered telling an outsider so easily about it since what Nightflier101 says is true: U get such a negative feeling about what you are doing when u talk to people who are not open to it.

I find writers like Robert Bruce, Skip Atwater, Bruce Moen and more very brave people who just come in the open with it. And are not scared for narrowminded reactions. But then it is not only a talent but also an interest. So most of the people who buy their books have the talent themselves or they are interested in out of body experiences.  Which makes it a community all by itself. *lol this is supposed to put me over my fear*

About the Bible. You can go ahead and believe in ANYTHING you want. Free will you know is universal not attached to church. Like Love is a universal thing.

Just keep going man I am sure you will do great.



Thanks both nightflier101, and manfred for your responses. For now I will put aside the work of Astral Dynamics and soon begin the work of IIH. I was explained on another mailing list that there was a difference between astral projection and astral wandering in hermetics. Unfortuntely, it sounds if it will take many years to make it to that step in astral wandering. But I guess there is no time like the present!


lol my answer to that is:

Take your time man...after all there is no time. When you die there is still plenty to explore ;)

I am being ironical. No thanks for helping you out man. That is why we are all here not? Looking for people who can relate to our probz and all that.

Have a great time.




How does everyone explain to their family members their interest in the occult? I'm 18, senior year in highschool, from Dallas, Texas, bought Astral Dynamics back in June 2001, and just recently bought Initiation into Hermetics. My dad has noticed my interest in it a few months back and thinks 'I am having my head messed with' . My family comes from a protestant background, and about nine or ten years ago we stopped going to church. Since my interest in OBE's, he recently told me that he sees it as his fault that I missed out on church and the lessons it teaches. The truth is, is that I never really belived in the whole Bible (I've even told him this and he gets a little upset and excited). How do I  explain things so that they understand that I need to find out truth for my own?

Also, great show on Art Bell, Robert! By the way do you see any holes in Initiation to Hermetics, or anyting of Franz Bardon's work? I remember Romero talked good about it, as well as others in that it begins with a good 'foundation'. Could you ask Romero to come back and explain more of the 'Fraternitas Hermeticas'? As soon as I get my college education, and career settled, I'd be interested in the exterior congregation group or whatever its called.