Eye Problem While AP

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Hey LadyLea

Maybe putting a little eye pillow or something light but weighted on your eyes might help? When you know you cannotphysically open your eyes, the problem might ZAP! away!


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I have not tried to AP in five days due to energy depletion and this problem I never thought to ask about.  I feel frustrated while trying to perform a real time AP.  I get to the point where I can feel my etheric body lifting out of the physical one and I see my surroundings with my eyes closed.  As the image becomes clearer I cannot seem to keep my eyelids from opening at that point.  I can see myself as I am lifting out but then it is like I realize what is happening and my eyes open in astonishment at what I am doing.  Sometimes I think I just want to tape them shut!  Has this happened to anyone else?  

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