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Many times when I AP I ask to have the ability to heal people instantaneously here in the physical. I think this is my greatest desire and it reflects in my experiences. The other night I realized I am in the non-physical, I levitated above a beautiful garden with such vibrant color flowers and trees. I started flying slowly, observing the gorgeous grounds from above. Then I saw a fallen person. I hovered above them, stretched my hand and sent healing energy. I saw visually the energy coming out of my hand. It was a transparent yet visible shockwave that reached the person. They seemed to be healed instantly, got up and looked at me, waving. I continued flying and then saw a fallen eagle. I did not know if it was dead, but I stretched my hand, sent a healing wave and the eagle got up and looked at me. I was very happy with this healing power. I said, God, I would like this power to transfer to the physical, please show me a sign. Well, there was no sign, I woke up. But still enjoyed the flying and interaction with the person and the eagle. Who knows, maybe this person and the eagle have physical vehicles that felt the healing to some degree on that side.
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