Help Cat in the astral?

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I'm one who has mini projections. I get so excited I usually return to my body very quickly. About a month ago I was sitting in my recliner and fell asleep. The vibrations came and went quickly. As I rose out of my body I began to float around the room. With in seconds of me floating my cat jumped on my arm and held on for dear life which shocked me and sent me back into my body. Has anyone had these experiences with pets.
  Maybe a week later I was asleep on the couch I woke up in sleep paralysis my cat was sitting on my chest staring into my eyes. My girlfriend who doesn't know anything about sleep paralysis or astral projection just described the same situation happening to her yesterday. She woke up, couldn't move and the cat was on her chest staring at her. Now she thinks the cat is the devil.

How can I explain to her what happened? Does anyone know whats going on?

David Warner

have her check out my web site and its FAQs... I could understand the interpretation as the cat being the devil due to this event, being scarry as it is.. but is far from actual truth and fact.

it is like anything in life.. you experience something for the first time, don't know how to handle it which easily can be interpreted as evil. you seek advice from others better understand what happened vs. scratching it off and dismissing as "devil".

thank you,


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I think that animals can sense when you're projecting. Maybe they're attracted by the energy involved...

David Warner

yes, they can sense it.. i have done tests with my three scottish terrier dogs and have had good success.. this information is also available on my web site.


InvisibleLight - Book Release 12.12.2012