How do you read someone's thoughts in the non-physical?

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I'm reading Kurt Lelands book "Otherwhere", and he shares some of his stories in the non-physical.  In one story he was going to visit a shadow world as he calls it, and the guide was able to read his thoughts.  I guess communication in the non-physical is actually in the form of telepathy. 

So does that mean even when we dream that we're talking to someone like we do in the physical that it's actually happening telepathically?

And how does reading someone's thoughts work in the non-physical?  I'm assuming you can't read everybody's thoughts at the same time because that would be too overwhelming.  So I'm assuming you would have to focus upon making a connection with the person somehow in order to read their thoughts?  Has anybody here ever experienced reading someone else's thoughts in the non-physical?  How do you do that? 


I'm still working on this question myself and can only offer ideas from my current perspective. In my dreams and less-lucid experiences, physical conversation still seems to be occurring. Since these events are occurring within the NP, then it may be a belief-overlay that makes me mistakenly think verbal conversation is happening. In my more lucid and 'higher level' experiences, telepathy is more noticeably present. Over the last several years, my experiences appear to be transitioning more to the telepathic side.

It definitely feels like a learning and development phase for me. I think that it is a natural development process which is really cool.

A big moment for me was in my Fieldtrip experience where the telepathy was clear and relatively easy; in retrospect that may have been because I was in a higher level energy body, the Causal body as Leland refers to it; this was confirmed for me just recently. My resulting discussion about it with Szaxx resulted in this approximate description of the process: The telepathic communication comes across instantly and in the form of a 'packet of information', like a PDF.file or a download, a 'knowing'; think of a cartoon thought balloon for the simplest comparison. It can be a complete sentence, a paragraph or a book; and it can contain emotional or 'feel' content as well. You receive it and translate it in an instant. In that first instant, you realize that you have this translation ability; it's not perfect but you also know it can be developed. That is a BIG moment when you realize that you possess a completely new sense and ability.

Sending a thought is done in roughly the opposite fashion: You form the thought, include any appropriate emotional quality, add a touch of Intent and mentally 'send' it. It's an infinitely easier process if the recipient is a Guide, Instructor or higher intelligence as while you're forming the thought...well, they've probably already 'read' you by then anyway, Lol. I did this in my Back to School experience, searching someone's mind for information, unsuccessfully I thought, but upon reflection I did get the information I was seeking, so if it actually worked, then I can also say that it is an incredibly subtle process at times.

It is like learning any new skill, a bit awkward at first, but with more exposure I think that I am getting the hang of it.

Reading multiple people simultaneously in the NP doesn't bother me now; I've done it a few times. It seems like a daunting prospect but it's really another example of how beneficial it is to drop the Physical mindset and perspective. If you open yourself to these things, some of them come to you much easier than initially expected and the potential is frankly mind-blowing.

Telepathy in PR has some issues that I still haven't resolved...back to one thing at a time...Lol.

Great question!
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You don't really 'read' a persons thoughts. From my experience there really is no form of consciously trying to read someone. You just do it. Like if someone across the room wants to say hi to you they just do; although there is no speech you still hear them as clearly or more so than if they had actually spoken.

Think of it this way - If someone wants to talk with you, they do. So you are not exactly reading them. What you are doing is picking up what they project or if you prefer slang, you're picking up what they're putting down. Then you respond in kind. If you want to say hi, you just think it to that person and they get it same as you.

In a crowd you actually can sense everyone's thoughts especially if they are all in agreement. But what you get is more like a general feeling. To get specifics you have to aim for specific people.

Honestly it is no different than walking into a big party here in the physical. Yes, it's noisy, But with a bit of effort the noise recedes to the background. Now if you stand still for a moment you will begin to discern individual conversations and may even be able to pick out a word or two from different small groups. This is all in the physical. You DON'T actually know what everyone is saying specifically but you can easily determine which conversations you want to join or who you want to say hi to.

Telepathy works almost exactly the same way only you don't need to verbally say anything. Telepathy is just an enhanced version of spoken communication as you can really feel everything that goes into a thought.

I haven't read the books by Leland yet but he is on my reading list. Everything I stated above is from my own experience so if it resonates with anyone else then I'm happy for that.
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It sounds like we don't have much control over it.  It either happens or it doesn't.  You can't just decide you want to know what someone is thinking and then tune into their thoughts? 

EscapeVelocity, you mentioned that receiving information telepathically can come as a download, like a packet of information.  I think I've experienced this a couple of times while in my physical body.  If you've heard of Abraham Hicks, they talk about being tuned in, tapped in, turned on - or in the Vortex as Abraham calls it.  Or in other words, you're high up on the emotional scale, feeling really good.  And in moments like that I have had inspired ideas come to me.  One time I even got the idea for two books that I could write at some point.  Including ideas for the different chapters.  It just all came flooding into my mind at once.