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So, it's around 6:00 pm and I'm tired so I begin to take a nap. But I notice a deep sensation of seemingly indication that I'm going to fall asleep. I start to embrace these feelings as I have experienced them before but soon after the sleepy trance feeling becomes deeper. I'm initially startled and think this is a good ap or dreaming opportunity and continue to embrace the trance. Now I start feeling intense oscillating in my ears. And I seem to flicker between my room to my house (I'm attending college). Once in my house I try to move and it instantly puts me back to my origin. Once that happened I figured the trance feeling was broken and here I am typing this. Was this indicative of dreaming, astral projection, or something else? Also what can I do better next time for efficiency and longevity? 


Update: It happened again today, except this time it was at around 3:00 p.m. and rather than a loud ringing sound, it felt like the top part of my body was sinking, contrary to the position i was in which my body was propped up by a pillow. Once it started i soon found myself in a room. Not sure about the realness of it but once i tried to do stuff it felt more and more like an average until it stopped and i found my self in the presence of my room again.

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Sounds like ap but maybe you're teleporting!  :-D
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This reads as fairly normal, given the description; for some the first few outings are very brief "snapshots" literally, of just a second or 3, then you're back in the Physical. And, as in this case, one can "appear" back at home rather than the current PR environment. This may have to do with a subconscious safety mechanism that has you AP to a known, safe location before attempting to move elsewhere. I have read similar descriptions many times.

The next step is to think about how stable was your mental state during the experience? Over-excitement will kick you out very quickly and frankly, this is hard to avoid the first several times. So you must pay close attention to your mindset in these experiences. A calm, detached, observing kind of attitude needs to be learned- that will serve to help extend the experience. Also, if you have what feels like hands, then reach out and grab hold of an object: a wall, a door, a railing, a chair...this action can help to "ground" you in the scene. Also, some mental commands work for some people- reminding yourself that you are OOB; asking for increased clarity, asking to see more. If you feel like you are in some human-like form, some find that spinning in place for a few whirls can stabilize them quite well.

Everyone is slightly different in how effective these techniques can be, and what works in one experience may not work as effectively the next time, so it teaches us to stay open to possibilities and a new kind of flexible mindset.
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This takes me back decades lol. I found many an adventure start this way, it leads to a fully conscious projection and the recall is normally perfect. You may gain more if you read up on grounding if you're not sure what to do. This and as EV says, a calm mindset is required.
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