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Ever since my first time dipping into vibrational state few months ago (I assume it indeed was a vibrational state due to "symptoms" being very close to ones being described by other people who have reached it previously) it was quite obvious for me that I have a fear of projecting/losing control/something wrong happening - which effectively denies me from going towards an actual projection. It's not quite a conscious/mental fear, as I cannot find a single rational reason of why would I be afraid - it's almost like something instinctual, something unconscious, which I cannot find a way to "be friends" with.

Previously I thought that perhaps it will go away with practice - like, one day I will somehow project, will experience that which I was afraid to face, and it's going to be alright. But lately - after having several more "dipping into vibrational state" experiences it became quite clear for me that I'm stuck; it's almost like coming to wall and hitting it with my head, and expect that next time I do this, the wall will somehow break.

Therefore I'm not even sure what exactly am I asking - some magical tips, some techniques, your own experiences related to fear or just some encouragement. Anything would be well appreciated. Thank you in advance.


I can totally relate to what you are saying. I've felt that irrational fear before. What I know now is that some fear is very deep rooted so accept that and allow yourself to just be afraid.

Before your next attempt try talking it out with yourself. Doing this out loud I have found really helps because you are not the only one listening. Be honest like "I have this fear, I don't know where it comes from but I am trying to understand and am asking those above for help in over coming this fear. I am open to other approaches as well."

Now when you make your attempt if the fear holds you back try this. Just let it go and go to sleep. When I have done this I have been awakened later in the night fully projected having passed the vibrations. Sometimes nothing happens but that's okay too.
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 I recently heard a interview on a radio show that was based on "Stephen Hawkin's" recent transition. They talked about consciousness, the physical body and the brain. Some very interesting things were said, that stuck with me. One being that as long the physical body is awake and aware, the brain will do everything in it's power to protect it and keep your awareness solely focused on it or in it. He talked about us being "glued" to our physical body awareness.
They then used Astral Projection as a example and the gentleman, I can't remember his name, said that so many people fail with "NP awareness', simply because the "brain" won't let go and will create any barrier necessary to avoid any kind of NP awareness events. He then brought up the fact that in extreme situations or some locked on powerful focus, like intense sports, the consciousness can override the brain, but that's rare. He said that the only way you can is to bypass the brain and that that comes through "trance"/meditation, as Baro-san here always says "self hypnosis". I find it also comes by re-wiring the way the brain thinks and reacts. Change your mindset, you change your reality.

I hear so many people here that say they want to be successful in this practice. They just don't realize that they are being blocked by their own brain. Trance neutralizes that block. But to learn how to get deep in trance and remove that block takes "patience" and unfortunately I don't see a lot of that being shown today.

How does the brain block you? Here's a number of ways> http://www.astralpulse.com/forums/welcome_to_out_of_body_experiences/exit_symptomssignposts-t46206.0.html
The "exploding head" sensation is one that really challenges you. Tom Campbell once said something along the lines, "that you need to have the mindset that if this is it and I don't return, so be it". That's pretty extreme, but I find it to be the truth as well.

When I awaken in SP (Sleep Paralysis), I go into observer mode. I see whatever it is that my "brain" wants to throw at me and I stay the course. I don't try to physically exit the body at all. Once the brain has used up all it's tricks, there is nothing left but to "let go".

This makes sense why we can become consciously aware in our Dreams so easy. There is no "body awareness".  The brain isn't necessarily alerted to any "danger".
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SOLID Lumaza!

Please everyone, read what he just posted.
Take it in, analyze it, then read it again!! 
It's paramount for your success.  :)